The Rules of Time Travel

An Inverse special issue. New stories added daily, May 5-13, 2022.

The Rules of Time Travel

Back to the Future screenwriter says time travel has become “too convenient”

Co-writer Bob Gale explores Back To The Future’s massive influence on the time-travel genre.

The Rules of Time Travel is an Inverse special issue exploring the evolution of science fiction's most imaginative sub-genre. From Marty McFly to Avengers: Endgame.

“I love a bit of non-linear storytelling.”

The Rules of Time Travel

Scientists rank the 8 best movie time machines of all time

We quizzed physicists and engineers about the best movie and TV time machines.

Coherence’s James Ward Byrkit plots his next indie science-fiction sensation

Following a successful Kickstarter, the filmmaker is making Shatter Belt one episode at a time.

The Rules of Time Travel

5 video games that changed time travel forever

The ultimate power fantasy.

Image credit: Nintendo / Square Enix. Composite by Max Fleishman

The Rules of Time Travel

Outer Range’s “truly epic” finale is more than just time-travel twists

For creator Brian Watkins, his sci-fi western was always just about the people.

The Rules of Time Travel

Lightyear might be the most realistic time-travel movie ever made — here’s why

Pixar’s newest movie is a futuristic throwback that’s equal parts cutting-edge science and nostalgia.

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The Rules of Time Travel

You need to watch the best time-travel epic ever on Netflix ASAP

'Outlander' weaves a sci-fi tapestry made of time-travel, love, and action like no other show. There's no better time than now to watch this epic romance on Netflix.

The Rules of Time Travel

You need to watch the most unique time-travel epic ASAP

This Marvel movie doesn’t need any more recognition, but its handling of time travel is frankly remarkable.

The Rules of Time Travel

You need to watch this genre-warping time-loop anime on HBO Max

Re:Zero subverts the tired rules of fantasy anime

The Rules of Time Travel

You need to watch the most ingenious time-travel thriller on HBO Max ASAP

This little flick proves that big budgets are often just obstacles.

The Rules of Time Travel

You need to watch the most thrilling South Korean time-travel movie on Netflix ASAP

If you’re tired of simple causality loops, this time travel show will up the difficulty — and the drama.

The Rules of Time Travel

You have to watch the most underrated time travel show on Hulu ASAP

The famous 1995 movie is for cinephiles. But the SyFy 12 Monkeys reboot is for science fiction fans.

The Rules of Time Travel

You need to stream the most overlooked time-travel movie ASAP

This 1995 Disney movie would be a generational classic -- if only it were given a chance.

The Rules of Time Travel

How Time Traveler's Wife became TV’s most intimate time-travel show

The team behind The Time Traveler’s Wife share what makes the HBO sci-fi drama so personal.

The Rules of Time Travel

How Chinese and Korean Dramas invented a new time-travel approach

Transmigration dramas put a new spin on time travel.

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Outer Range star Tamara Podemski explains her cliffhanger ending and Season 2 hopes

Tamara Podemski shares new details about Sheriff Joy’s motivations.

Time Lord

The new Doctor Who is a historic first for the sci-fi series

Ncuti Gatwa has been handed the keys to the TARDIS for Season 14 of the long-running series.

Link to the Past

'BotW 2' voice actor accidentally teases a wild spoiler about Link's fate

Cowboys and Time Travel

Outer Range does time travel better than Back to the Future for one brilliant reason

What happens when you don’t have a time machine?

Wild Trekkie Fan Theory

Star Trek: Picard just permanently changed the timeline and there’s no going back

How many different Borg Queens are alive in 2024?

Spacetime Rant

Outer Range is like if Stranger Things was western. Except that it’s so much more

Here's why the Upside Down isn't like Josh Brolin's giant hole in spacetime.


Jodie Whittaker’s 'Doctor Who' replacement will be revealed before her final episode

The era of the 13th Doctor is almost over. Here's what to expect.

Last Call

You need to watch the best indie time-travel thriller before it leaves Netflix this week

This 2017 movie combines real-time travel theory with a classic horror movie formula to make a thrilling cross-genre hit. Here's why you need to watch 'Time Trap' before it leaves Netflix.

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'Russian Doll' Season 2 review: Netflix’s best time travel series returns with a twist

Netflix's mind-bending series jumps its already sky-high bar with a intergenerational sci-fi story.

Last Call

You need to watch the most underrated time travel movie before it leaves Netflix next week

This adorable time travel dramedy uses the sci-fi subgenre in a new and inventive way, slowly building to huge consequences all the while. Watch 'About Time' on Netflix while you still can.

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23 years later, Square Enix's riskiest sequel still has goofy charm to spare

Inverse score: 7/10

The ASAP Awards

You need to watch the most disorienting time travel movie for free online ASAP

A humanizing and disorienting time travel adventure, this classic redefines what it means to be a hero.

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15 years ago, one Disney sci-fi movie changed time travel forever

Keep going forward.

The ASAP Awards

You need to watch the most original time travel movie on Netflix ASAP

Smart time travel with a sharp message, this sci-fi flick is worth watching and ruminating on.

The ASAP Awards

You need to watch the best time-travel thriller on Netflix ASAP

A time-travel movie that works because it tells you to ignore the technicalities and focus on its beating heart.

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The Adam Project review: Or, why I just can’t stand Ryan Reynolds

Netflix's latest sci-fi movie seems crafted to please pretty much everyone. So why did I hate it?