Becca Caddy

Becca is a journalist and the author of "Screen Time."

The Future of Love

In the Metaverse, the Perfect Date Might Actually Exist — If You Can Find It

First we get legs, then we find love.

Taste of the Holidays

Inside the toxic history of a beloved festive spice

Next time you drink a pumpkin spice latte, think before you sip.

Taste of the Holidays

Why does cheese taste like cheese? Food experts explain how microbes work magic

“Human nature is all about ebbs and flows, and cheese is no different.”

Taste of the Holidays

How do Christmas cakes last for years? Inside the “perfect storm” of preservation

Love or hate them, there’s no denying some fruitcakes are not just old — they are ancient.

Taste of the Holidays

Inside the scientific quest to understand Brussels sprouts

Your feelings about Brussels sprouts may be rooted in your genes.

Taste of the Holidays

105 years ago, a savvy candy company created the most divisive holiday dish ever

How do you like your yams?

Cult Week

How one Ancient Greek thinker revolutionized math — and possibly started a cult

Pythagoras’ influence can be felt in every classroom in the western world.

Reel Science

The best sci-fi thriller on HBO Max reveals a brutal truth about life on Mars

Living on Mars is a dystopian hell in this classic ‘90s movie. Will real life be the same?

The Rules of Time Travel

Scientists rank the 8 best movie time machines of all time

We quizzed physicists and engineers about the best movie and TV time machines.

The Superhero Issue

Superhero cosplay makes you a better person for one science-backed reason

Research suggests we're hardwired to seek out tales of heroic adventures. Studies show just thinking about these characters can influence how we feel and act.


We’re now one step closer to the quantum internet

“This is the first time a network has been constructed from quantum processors.”

Future love

From cheating to pregnancy reveals, wearables know what you're doing intimately

Wearables are tracking you now. They could help relationships in the future.