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Car Review

Rivian R1S Review: The best electric SUV yet

Rivian takes its successful electric truck formula and gives it the three-row SUV treatment

Car Review

A single color is reason enough to buy a Jaguar XF

The XF is a lovely luxury limo, but I can’t wait for the inevitable EV powertrain.

Car Review

Range Rover is the rich person’s ride for 1 simple reason

It’s always been comfortable, luxurious, and effortlessly capable. Now it does all of that even better.

Car Review

Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 2022 review: Price, specs, interior, and one glorious feature

Step 1: Look GoodStep 2: Sound GoodStep 3: Profit!

Car Review

One simple thing makes the Nissan Z a perfect sports car

Manual transmissions have been relegated to a bare handful of cars. So what's the enthusiast to do?

Car Review

Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid review: Price, specs, and one annoying thing

As a plug-in EV stepping stone, the Flying Spur Hybrid does the job. But now I just really want a full-electric ultra-luxury sedan.

Car Review

F-150 Lightning Review: Why it’s the most important EV ever made

Ford has taken the best-selling vehicle in the country and created a Built Ford Tough EV version.

Inverse Reviews

The Wilds Season 2 review: Amazon's hidden gem proves it's better than Yellowjackets

Teen drama, survival, and conspiracy: This show has it all.

Car Review

Toyota bZ4X review: Price, range, specs, interior, and one innovative feature

The bZ4X is a solid EV, though it's still an early effort from the world's largest carmaker.

Car Review

2022 Genesis G70 review: Hands-on test reveals why it's an astonishingly good sports sedan

The best bang-for-the-buck sports sedan around.

Car Review

2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup review: It will make you forget all about the Tesla Cybertruck

This epic supertruck makes Elon’s seem like virtual reality.

Car Review

2021 Lexus IS 350 review: One week told me the truth about the “perfect” car

Improved, but not quite enough.

Car Review

2021 Hyundai Elantra review: Is this the best affordable car money can buy?

Affordability comes in a sleek package.

Car Review

2021 Toyota Sienna review: The most pleasurable vehicle for one type of person

Being a hybrid is no longer a major selling point.

Car Review

One drive in the “hands-free” 2022 Lincoln Navigator told me everything I need to know

New for 2022, the flagship Lincoln allows for completely hands-free driving (as long as you keep both eyes on the road).

Car Review

2021 Volkswagen Arteon review: Luxury comes in a surprising package

Prepare to be stunned.

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Gear News

Nissan’s Convertible EV Concept Looks Like It’s Straight Out of Tron

We’re liking what we see from Nissan so far.

Gear News

GM Is Using Netflix To Spread the EV Gospel

In a partnership neither company describes as product placement, GM EVs will be deliberately featured across Netflix's shows and movies.

Gear News

Why Mercedes-Benz’s Self-Driving Milestone is a Big Deal for Autonomous Cars

The German automaker is the first to receive level 3 driving certification in the U.S.


This sleek e-bike may be more than just a Super73 knockoff

Ride1Up nailed the design of its first moped-style e-bike, the Revv 1.

A 'Vetteran

Chevy’s new E-Ray Corvette makes hybrid cars feel sexy

Performance, not practicality, is the name of the game with Chevy's 2024 E-Ray hybrid Corvette.


Mercedes’ limited-edition SL 63 has an F1-inspired gradient paint job

There will only be 100 units made of this collector edition SL 63 4MATIC+.

CES 2023

Hyundai’s crab walking tech will make parallel parking a thing of the past

It may be a couple of years still before we see this on production model Hyundais, though.

CES 2023

Once iconic radio maker RCA is now making e-bikes and e-scooters

Going from appliances and TVs to e-bikes was a brand arc we were not expecting.

CES 2023

VinFast is the latest automaker to get into electric bicycles

VinFast’s four e-bikes may just be concepts for now, but seeing the prototypes at CES 2023 gives us a little more hope.

CES 2023

The 5 biggest EV announcements of CES 2023

Mercedes-Benz, RAM, Sony, and Volkswagen made this year’s CES another big one for electric vehicles.

CES 2023

Peugeot’s EV concept has a steering wheel that makes Tesla’s yoke look boring

Peugeot’s Inception EV concept gives us a look at what its future could look like.

CES 2023

BMW’s wild color-changing car just got a lot more real

A concept car unveiled at CES 2023 can change color thanks to an E Ink exterior.

CES 2023

Sony and Honda’s upcoming EV is called “Afeela” and could arrive in 2026

Sony is continuing its trend of EV hype at CES 2023 by announcing the name of its upcoming auto brand with Sony Honda Mobility.

CES 2023

This transforming moped is CES vaporware at its best

Do we need this foldable moped? Not really. But that doesn't make it any less fun.


The 5 most exciting EVs that could change the game in 2023

From Tesla's Cybertruck to Polestar's first SUV, 2023 is shaping up to be another big year for EVs.

Gift Guides 2022

The 11 best electric bike accessories every cyclist needs

These terrific e-bike add-ons will make riding safer and more comfortable.