15 hours ago
'Ratchet and Clank 2' PS5 release date, story, developer, and more
Just Lunning
Give me more Ratchet and Clank!
16 hours ago
PS5 leaks: New rumor claims Sony's next-gen console reveal is imminent
Danny Paez
The curtain on Sony's next-gen console could soon be pulled back, but is this latest sketchy "leak" accurate?
Be My Valentine
16 hours ago
'Resident Evil 3' gameplay videos confirm 4 vital remake updates
Tomas Franzese
Several major Resident Evil 3 gameplay demos emerged Tuesday, and the series looks more terrifying than ever before.
17 hours ago
'Star Wars: Battlefront 2' Age of Rebellion patch notes include a playable Ewok
Just Lunning
Ewoks? Holy ENDOR!
Hey listen!
18 hours ago
'Breath of the Wild 2' spoilers: New leaks tease a shocking villain choice
Danny Paez
Step aside, Ganon.
18 hours ago
GTA 6: Is anybody entertaining this ridiculous rumor about it? Stop it.
Tomas Franzese
A new leaker claims that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be revealed next month, but — nah.
Time to collect
20 hours ago
'Red Dead Online' update: New Collector perks and XP bonuses galore
Tomas Franzese
This week's Red Dead Online update is scarce on new content but features a lot of bonuses for those playing as a Collector.
Style got easier
2.24.2020 8:34 PM
'Fortnite' locker presets leak: Data-miners discover in-demand new feature
Tomas Franzese
One of the Fortnite community's longest-running requests may finally be coming to fruition during Chapter 2, Season 2.
2.24.2020 8:29 PM
Sony’s PS5 DualShock 5 controller patent includes a creepy Apple Watch feature
Danny Paez
The next-gen controller could come with Apple Watch-grade tech built-in — and something more.
Beat 'em up
2.24.2020 8:06 PM
'Streets of Rage 4' release date will see a massive gameplay change
Tomas Franzese
Streets of Rage 4 is making the biggest change to cooperative play in the Sega Genesis series' history.
2.24.2020 7:43 PM
'Persona 5' vs. 'Persona 5 Royal': Key differences, new confidants, and added gameplay
Just Lunning
Here are all the differences from the game you played three years ago.
2.24.2020 7:32 PM
'Jedi: Fallen Order 2' release date may be sooner than you think, leak says
Tomas Franzese
Jedi: Fallen Order was a success for EA and Respawn and a sequel is reportedly already in development.
2.24.2020 6:44 PM
'Resident Evil 3' remake screenshots leak Nemesis and more gruesome enemies
Danny Paez
The glorious return to the bloody streets of Raccoon City is almost here.
It's Reyn time!
2.24.2020 5:43 PM
Nintendo Direct February 27: Rumors tease 'Xenoblade Chronicles' remake reveal
Tomas Franzese
A new MSRB rating is a strong hint at bigger things to come, maybe even during a Nintendo Direct in February.
Your Stadia could never
2.24.2020 5:23 PM
The 10 best free Xbox games on xCloud for Android, from ‘Halo’ to ‘Subnautica’
Just Lunning
Free games? Yes, please!
Play Anywhere
2.24.2020 4:54 PM
Xbox Series X specs: Backward compatibility and smart delivery have PS5 beat
Tomas Franzese
Both next-gen consoles will feature backward compatibility, but Microsoft seems to have a step up on Sony.
last hurrah
2.22.2020 1:00 PM
Best PS4 games 2020: 11 releases that deserve their hype
Just Lunning
There's room for a few more classics in the library.
Hey listen
2.21.2020 8:55 PM
'Breath of the Wild 2' theory may confirm a bold new direction for the franchise
Danny Paez
Link might have company on his next adventure.
2.21.2020 8:06 PM
'Mortal Kombat 11' Spawn DLC release date, character design, and everything to know
Eric Francisco
Todd McFarlane's coolest anti-hero of all time will join the brutal fighting game very soon.
2.21.2020 7:01 PM
'Smash Ultimate' Fighters Pass 2 DLC: Why the Animal Crossing Direct is a major clue
Danny Paez
Who could join the battle next?