PS5 box art: 4 fan designs far better than the real thing
Tomas Franzese
Fans aren't too keen on the new color scheme.
Game Leaks
'Far Cry 6' leak reveals release date, Smart Delivery, Giancarlo Esposito
Tomas Franzese
Giancarlo Esposito stars in Far Cry 6.
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‘Animal Crossing’ CJ Fishing Tourney July start time, rules, and prizes
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CJ is coming back very soon, so get ready for some peak summer fishing.
Devolver Direct 2020 livestream: Start time, how to watch, what to expect
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Devolver Digital is holding another
You won’t have long to get the best cybercrime game ever for free
Danny Paez
Here's when and how to nab it.
PS5 backward compatibility: Patent hints at Sony's bold new strategy
Danny Paez
Could this be Sony's answer to the Xbox Series X's robust backward compatibility?
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'Call of Duty: Warzone' 200-player lobbies just became the new McRib
Danny Paez
Infinity Ward is marketing its latest update like the famous McDonald's barbecue sandwich.
'Last of Us 3,' 'Uncharted 5,' and 1 more PS5 game Naughty Dog may make next
Tomas Franzese
Naughty Dog job listings hint that development on the studio's next big single-player project after 'The Last of Us Part II' has already begun. Here are 3 games Naughty Dog might do next.
'Paper Mario: Origami King' release date, battle system, partners, and more
Tomas Franzese
Learn more about Paper Mario: The Origami King's release date, gameplay, and partners.
Video game terms that have gone mainstream: An illustrated guide
JoAnna Wendel
An ongoing guide from your friends at Inverse. (Illustrations by JoAnna Wendel)
Mobile leaps
'Crash Bandicoot: On the Run' is a faithful mobile game with lots to love
Tomas Franzese
Tide yourself over until It's About Time's release with this new Crash Bandicoot mobile game.
'Last of Us 2' post-mortem: Picking apart 2020’s most controversial game
Jen Glennon, Corey Plante, Tomas Franzese, Danny Paez and Just Lunning
Here's everything we loved — and didn’t — about Naughty Dog's latest.
blasting off again
'Pokémon GO' Team Rocket event: Balloons, Shadows, and Giovanni explained
Corey Plante
What to know about those pesky Team GO Rocket balloons.
'GTA 6' release date needs to introduce this immersive 'Red Dead' feature
Danny Paez
From the Wild West to Los Santos.
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'Watch Dogs: Legion' leaks: Screenshots hint at wacky drunken gameplay
Tomas Franzese
Watch Dogs: Legion screenshots have been leaked ahead of Ubisoft Forward, teasing the wacky skills of the people players can recruit.
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'Call of Duty: Warzone' Hidden Cargo locations: Where to find all 5 Intel
Tomas Franzese
The locations of Hidden Cargo intel in Verdansk.
Fan theory
‘Last of Us 2’ ending theory: One heartwarming detail changes everything
Danny Paez
Could this one detail change everything?
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‘Last of Us 2’ trading card locations: Find all 48 of Ellie's collectibles
Just Lunning
Gotta find 'em all.
'Smash Ultimate' tier list 8.0: Min Min ranked surprisingly high by a pro
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Just how powerful is the new ARMS fighter?
'FF7 Remake' Part 2 theory may alter a playable character's sketchy role
Tomas Franzese
This fan theory about Cait Sith could solve FF7 Remake's biggest plot hole.