'Tetris' Turns a Video Game Biopic Into a Nail-Biting Thriller

ByLex Briscuso

When the war over Tetris becomes a Cold War movie.


'Only the Good Survive' Breathes Roguish New Life Into the Crime Thriller

ByAndy Crump

It would be a crime to overlook this indie gem.

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Ben Affleck Doesn’t Plan on Joining James Gunn’s DC Universe: "Absolutely Not"

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In 1993, A Fascinatingly Bad Time Travel Movie Dared To Misuse Mark Hamill

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How to Make a Good Reboot

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'Boston Strangler' is a Suffocating True-Crime Slog

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Why 'Creed' (Yes, 'Creed') Is the Best Movie Reboot Ever Made

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The 25 Best Movie Reboots of All Time, Ranked

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