Mind & Body

Likely years away, scientists say a Covid-19 vaccine may be a nasal spray
Ali Pattillo
No needles required!
The Abstract Podcast
Shin-kicking, lawn mower racing, and the surprising athleticism of Not Sports
Inverse Staff
In this episode, we talk about the weirdest competitive sports you’ve never heard of.
Leg Day Observer
Protein supplements went mainstream — and why that's a problem
Sam Reiss
How a weird protein orgy got us here.
Fighting the common cold may prepare the body for Covid-19
Ali Pattillo
Researchers trace a source of immune "memory."
Covid-19 is turning skeptical doctors into telehealth believers
Ali Pattillo
Direct-to-consumer telehealth companies aim to provide accessible, speedy, stigma-free care without a physical exam. Some patients and physicians remain skeptical.
Fauci Dispatch
4 Dr. Anthony Fauci quotes that perfectly sum up this week
Emma Betuel
Fauci on the sad state of the US coronavirus outbreak, kids and Covid-19, masking etiquette and more.
Not Sports
The best rock-paper-scissors players know how to win without luck
Emma Betuel
The best rock-paper-scissors players around can sniff out an amateur before they say "shoot."
Mind and Body
The office is dead! Long live the office!
Beth Humberd, Deborah Salon and Scott F. Latham
The future of the office has become an open question after the coronavirus lockdown forced tens of millions of Americans to work from home.
Mind and Body
10 factors linked to increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease
Mark Dallas
Although there’s still no cure, researchers are continuing to develop a better understanding of what increases a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. A recent study that looked at 396 studies has even been able to identify ten risk factors that are shown to increase the likelihood of developing the disease.
Sports Science
Olympics Flashbacks: The science of barefoot running and winning gold
Ali Pattillo
"Humans weren’t 'built' for anything, but we certainly evolved to run barefoot."
Mind and Body
What happens when healthy men occasionally over-eat? Here's what we found.
Aaron Hengist, James Betts and Rob Edinburgh
We looked at a group of 14 healthy men between 22 and 37 years old. In these physically active and healthy people, the body is able to control the sugar and fat in the blood after a big meal by working a bit harder than usual to control metabolism.
Abstract Expression
Abstract art has a powerful effect on the mind
Emma Betuel
The most enjoyable part of abstract art could also be the most useful.
Mind and Body
The truth about body mass index
Sarah Sauchelli Toran and Karen Coulman
BMI is calculated by dividing your weight in kilograms by your height in metres squared.
Mind and Body
One type of art can help you see the bigger picture in life – study
Emma Betuel
"Something as fluid as enjoying art has demonstrable and measurable effects on how our mind works."
The new normal
A trait with a "bad rap" is actually helpful during Covid-19 — study
Sarah Sloat
Recent research explores the "psychological immune system."
Mind and Body
Sniffles, sneezing, and cough? How to tell if it’s a simple allergy and not Covid-19
David King
Although it can sometimes be challenging, there are ways to tell apart respiratory symptoms caused by a virus and those caused by an allergy.
Can you feel the love tonight?
5 variables that can predict a good (or bad) relationship
JoAnna Wendel
Psychologists found that characteristics of a relationship are more important than individual personality traits.
Longevity hacks
Can weightlifting keep you from getting sick? Immunity study explains
Ali Pattillo
Strong muscles may keep the immune system from running out of steam.
Mind and Body
We are pediatricians: Here's what’s known about Covid-19 and kids
Kathryn Moffett-Bradford, Martin Weisse and Shipra Gupta
We are three pediatric infectious disease specialists who live and work in West Virginia. The West Virginia University health system serves 400,000 children and according to our internal data, to date, 2,520 children up to 17 years of age have been tested for the coronavirus. Sixty-seven of them tested positive and one became sick enough to be admitted to the hospital.
Cat people
Why most people infected with a cat-linked brain parasite don't get sick — study
Ali Pattillo
“We now understand how microglia sound the alarm to protect the brain."