Mind & Body
Mind and Body
Study finds a disturbing relationship between vaping and the oral microbiome
Grace Browne
When mouth microbes are tipped out of balance, health is at risk.
Healthspan hunt
Unhealthy aging could be thwarted in the future by new molecular discovery
Grace Browne
"This could lead to interventions that can be started later in life."
Scientists discover the unique feature that makes your feet fit for walking
Sofia Quaglia
"This new model gives us a whole new way to think about the evolution of human walking and running."
Mind and Body
In the science world, vaping can be a victim of "hot stuff bias"
Jamie Hartmann-Boyce
There’s so much we don’t know about e-cigarettes, but there are some things we do know
Run run run
Marathon training 2020: 6 tips from the American Heart Association
Sofia Quaglia
"Like medicine, it is possible to underdose and overdose on exercise."
Peak performance
Workout hacks: Ultramarathon study reveals what actually boosts performance
Ali Pattillo
"The sports drink is not a panacea."
Mind and Body
If you know someone with an eating disorder, remember this one thing: it's not about food
Michele Patterson Ford
Stress science
Stressed-out people are twice as likely to do this beneficial act — study
Grace Browne
Some stress might actually be a good thing.
Let's talk about sex, baby
One "underreported” issue may be ruining the sex lives of almost half the population
Ali Pattillo
"This is a wake-up call."
What's in a word?
Coronavirus: What a “pandemic status” for COVID-19 means for you
Grace Browne
Here's why an accurate classification of COVID-19 matters.
The cancer lie people believe about sex is creating stigma
Jayne Lucke
A study published this month clears it up.
Mind and Body
“Love is Blind”: This 2013 study explains why the Netflix show is so good
Grace Browne
Attraction science explains why reality show couples fall so fast.
Sunday Scaries
Scientists explain the cognitive techniques to use if you want to feel present
Sarah Sloat
Research indicates practicing to be more present will leave you better off.
shots shots shots
The best alcohol to drink on a diet, according to science
Ali Pattillo
Drinking doesn't have to sabotage your health goals, if you do it right.
Pleased to meat you
U.S. meat eaters should consider this study before their next grocery run
Laura Brown and Kelly Rose
People who indulge in steak may want to take a break.
Best meditation apps of 2020: 7 free or paid ones you need to try
Sofia Quaglia
"Is there an app for that?"
The secret life of your to-do list
Emma Betuel
A seemingly simple productivity tool is far more nuanced than you might think.
Eat then don't
Here’s the skinny on fasting for weight loss – the 5:2 diet
Surinder Baines
The 5:2 diet allows you to eat as usual for five days and to fast for two days.
Yo-yo uh oh
Fruit-fly study reveals the "hidden costs" of intermittent fasting
Ali Pattillo
Yo-yo dieting takes an unexpected toll on health, a new study suggests.
Greek to me
The Mediterranean diet has these 4 mental and physical health benefits — study
Paul O'Toole
It causes microbiome changes linked to improvements in four key areas.