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Creature comforts

Back to the office: 4 ways to overcome separation anxiety from home

We're not only emotionally attached to people and pets – we're also attached to places, especially safe ones.

Your brain on alcohol

Even moderate drinking proves to have damaging effects on the brain — study

Researchers looked at 300 moderate drinkers between the ages of 39 and 45 to understand the effects of alcohol on the brain.

Inverse Asks

Experts explain the two most common and confusing questions about Covid-19

Over 1,000 people say these two coronavirus subjects are the most perplexing to the public.

“Big Food”

Health experts agree: There's a deadly cost to eating ultra-processed foods

The advice is simple: avoid, avoid, avoid.


False positive? An epidemiologist's guide to Covid test terminology

What exactly do all these terms really mean?

Mask debate

Philosophy and psychology agree: yelling at anti-maskers won’t work

For starters, focus on the facts rather than resorting to blame.

Mask vs. face shield

Does a face shield protect against Covid-19?

Scientists put them to the test.

Get moving

Exercise as therapy unexpectedly benefits this group of people — study

Here's what happened after participants exercised two to three times a week for 12 weeks.