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Bad buzz
Hormones may make men and women experience alcohol differently
Ali Pattillo
New research in mice explains the alcohol gender imbalance.
The Abstract Podcast
'Last of Us 2' controversy reveals the emotional side of quarantine gaming culture
Inverse Staff
Episode #9: The psychology of video games
Sunday scaries
Scientists explain why stress can age you on a cellular level
Sarah Sloat
A telomere study exemplifies why mental health is simply health.
The great outdoors
It's a scientific fact: Spending time outside can improve mental health
JoAnna Wendel
Some doctors are even prescribing outdoor time
Mind and Body
Scientific evidence makes one thing clear: You need to go outside today
Deena Shaffer
When the long-awaited warm sunny weather arrived in Toronto over the weekend, hundreds flocked to Trinity Bellwoods Park in the city’s west end.
Pump it up
Psychologists reveal 10 things you can do to boost your mental health
Simon Rosenbaum and Jill Newby
Amid the coronavirus pandemic we are being warned of a “second wave” of mental health problems that threatens to overrun an already weakened mental health service.
Mind and Body
Is it OK to drink coffee while pregnant? We asked 5 scientists
Tessa Ogle
We asked five experts whether it’s OK to drink coffee while pregnant.
Mind and Body
Coffee or cardio: Which is better for your body?
Anisa Morava and Matthew James Fagan
Your alarm goes off and it’s time to start another day. What’s your first step? Perhaps making a cup of coffee? You may want to consider a brisk walk instead.
Mind and Body
One sustainable behavior you need to keep going after the pandemic
Andrea Gaynor
The COVID-19 pandemic produced a run on the things people need to produce their own food at home, including vegetable seedlings, seeds and chooks.
Mind and Body
5 science-based tips to reduce exposure while flying
Kacey Ernst and Paloma Beamer
We don’t know about you, but we’re ready to travel. And that typically means flying.
How the pet adoption boom is reducing Covid-19 stress
L.F. Carver
During a pandemic, people can be stressed and fearful for their lives and the lives of those they love. Research has shown that where there is a bond between human and animal, the presence of a non-human companion — especially a dog — decreases psychological arousal and stress, and creates physiological changes that make us feel better.
Mind and Body
Are you ready to return to "normal"?
Amy Dawel, Eryn Newman and Sonia McCallum
All being well, restrictions will continue to be lifted in the weeks and months to come, allowing us slowly to return to some kind of “normal." This is good news for the economy and employment, and will hopefully help ease the high levels of distress and mental health problems our community has been experiencing during the pandemic.
Mind and Body
Lose weight: How to get in the "fat-burning zone"
Justin Roberts, Ash Willmott and Dan Gordon
When it comes to losing weight, people often want know the best way to shed excess pounds – and there’s no shortage of fad diets or fitness crazes claiming to have the “secret” to fat loss.
Mind and Body
3 activities that lower your risk of cancer, heart disease, and death: study
Richard Patterson and Anthony Laverty
People who cycled to work had the lowest risk of disease and death overall.
Mind and Body
How to escape your screen: 5 proven tips from an expert
Sina Joneidy and Charmele Ayadurai
From churchgoers to nursery school children, video calls, conferences and quizzes have become a lifeline at this time.
Psychologist explains a counterintuitive link between happiness and success
Ali Pattillo
Rational optimism may be the antidote to chronic stress.
Mind and Body
Covid-19 could change the way we feel about touch, neuroscientists explain
Emma Betuel
Coronavirus has ignited a sense of "skin hunger." Scientists explain how the pandemic might reshape how we think about touch in the first place.
Positively Perplexed
Why are antibody tests inaccurate? The biostats, explained.
Emma Betuel
It seems complicated, but let's break it down.
Infectious reads
The 6 best books to read to understand the Covid-19 pandemic
Emma Betuel
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Here's how your body becomes immune to viruses
JoAnna Wendel
Millions of cells, protecting you