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Longevity Hacks
Longevity hacks

To live longer, scientists recommend eating this ‘5-a-day’ mix

Cheat death with the correct amount of fruits and vegetables.

Live long and prosper

Scientists may have finally figured out how to reverse aging in the brain

Just one more piece of evidence that a bowl of fruit won’t do you any harm.

Longevity hacks

Lab-grown human muscle is teaching us how to live longer

Researchers discover exercise can counteract the toll of chronic inflammation.

Longevity Hacks

Landmark study reveals 1 factor links gut health and long life

Longevity hack

To physically age slower, show some self-control

For healthy aging, self-control appears to be an "active ingredient."

Longevity hacks

Two tweaks to the Mediterranean diet make it especially healthy for men

The green Med diet may be even better than its precursor.

Longevity Hacks

Protein study reveals a powerful effect on fat-burning

Extra protein could give people a "metabolic advantage."

Longevity hacks

To 'grow young', one action matters more than others

The most powerful longevity hack has nothing to do with diet and exercise.

Longevity hacks

Stressed out? Study pinpoints a form of exercise that relieves anxiety

Pushups, lunges, and squats build muscle and boost mood.

longevity hacks

Endurance exercise study illuminates the link between muscles and health

"The result is completely new."

Longevity Hacks

To improve mindfulness, sleep this many minutes extra per night

A new study adds a potentially life-changing benefit to snoozing.

The Abstract Podcast

Breaking bad: How to create positive changes that stick

In this episode, we discuss how to crush bad habits and create new routines that lead to better health.

Leg Day Observer
Leg Day Observer

How to solve the muscle problem that’s coming for us all

Leg Day Observer

Can athletes weight lift too much? Tom Brady’s workouts trigger a debate

Most in the NFL workout with serious weight — except the league's most famous player.

Leg Day Observer

How to keep weight lifting, even when life gets in the way

You can create a workout plan compatible with your schedule.

Leg Day Observer

Intermediate lifters: Why the awkward stage of strength can mean freedom

Knowing even if you're an intermediate weight lifter is half the challenge.

Leg Day Observer

Weight lifting progress: What to do when you're ready to level up

Progress becomes more complicated when you're no longer a beginner — but the next stage is more fun.

Leg Day Observer

A beginner's guide to weight lifting: How to get started and what to expect

The choice is easy and there’s no downside.

Leg day observer

Deload weeks: Why rest can be as important as exercise

Rest doesn't need to be a dirty word.

Leg Day Observer

What a superstar marathoner can teach powerlifters about gear

Gear can be endless.

Leg Day Observer

Vegan powerlifting is the next chapter of a protein-dominated sport

A meat and potatoes discipline can survive without the meat.

Leg Day Observer

What new weightlifters need to know about strength training programs

With much of training built on improving and peaking, some lifters can get left out in the cold.

Leg Day Observer

Why cheating on your diet could be exactly what you need

Holiday eating doesn't have to be a source of anxiety.

Leg Day Observer

Meditation and weightlifting: An odd couple that’s so very right

A close look shows how enmeshed the two practices really are.

Understand Covid-19
Side effects

How Covid-19 changes your skin: 4 unusual signs to look for

As if a fever and loss of smell wasn't enough...

Sunday Scaries

Relieve Zoom stress with 1 easy change to your routine


I was the doctor on the WHO’s Covid-19 mission to China. Here’s what we found out.

“The long-term physical and psychological effects will be felt for decades to come.”

Single shot

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine: Scientific answers to 4 essential questions

What you need to know about effectiveness, availability, and more.


Everything to know about the Covid-19 vaccine: 6 essential truths

Scientists separate fact from fiction.

This week in science

The 8 most incredible science images of the week

DNA Data

Neanderthal DNA may influence your Covid-19 risk — here’s why

Layer up!

One easy strategy will protect you from the spread of Covid-19

With new variants cropping up, it's now more important than ever to use extra safety measures.


Will coronavirus evolve to become less deadly? Scientists predict future variants

What's the likelihood of a post-pandemic future?


How to live in an increasingly vaccinated world

watching you

Our secret weapon against the next pandemic could be hiding in plain sight

Hint: It's in your pocket.

Protect yourself

Is your mask effective against Covid-19? 3 questions to ask

Not all masks are the same.


How pumpkin spice flavor was created in a lab


How to make scientifically perfect ice cream

It's all about balancing the equation.


How yeast makes bread bubbly and delicious


How to make fluffy, delectable meringue using science

A scientific look at the power of eggs.


The Science Behind Crunchy Fried Chicken


How flavor chemists designed the controversial pumpkin spice

A little nutmeg has caused so much drama.


How to create the perfect scoop of ice cream — with science

When one element goes up, the other must come down.


Mastering sourdough with the science of yeast

How to use the magic microorganisms that make bread rise to create a golden brown loaf.


Why science is so important for the decadent pavlova

Pavlovas are a decidedly retro dessert named after a Russian ballerina.


How to get the crunchiest, juiciest fried chicken using science

A food scientist lays out the process of “flash evaporation” to achieve a crispy, dry exterior with a satisfying bite.


Beer + Chicken = Slammable Chicken

Cooking with beer can be easy — if you follow a few basic scientific laws.


How to turn the volume way up on a classic ceviche using science

A culinary scientist talks about the power of cooking with acid in the kitchen.

Side effects

How Covid-19 changes your skin: 4 unusual signs to look for

As if a fever and loss of smell wasn't enough...

Brain training

5 best exercises to boost brain health


Sleep experts reveal 2 huge benefits from midday napping

Go on, give it a try.

Mind and Body

How jobs and gender influence how much alcohol you drink

New research gives a snapshot of specific groups of people who may be more at risk for alcohol abuse.

Longevity hacks

To live longer, scientists recommend eating this ‘5-a-day’ mix

Cheat death with the correct amount of fruits and vegetables.

strong genes

Ancient DNA reveals how we evolved to fight disease

Our genes are home to ghosts of epidemics past.


This ancient brain hack could change your life for the better

It's time to build a 'memory palace.'


2 science-backed ways to politely end a conversation

"Most conversations appear to end when no one wants them to."


Brain scans reveal a crucial difference between younger and older adults

New findings may lead to novel drugs for memory loss.

Sunday Scaries

Relieve Zoom stress with 1 easy change to your routine

Sweet dreams

Health experts agree on 3 easy hacks to improve your sleep

Next time you're counting sheep, try these sleep remedies instead.

Powering up

2 simples changes to your diet that can maximize the Covid-19 vaccine

Nutritionists explain how to make dietary changes before getting vaccinated.