Mind & Body

Practicing mindfulness can help you through the coronavirus pandemic
Kira Jade Cooper
The coronavirus pandemic has altered our ways of living — mindfulness can help us reconnect with our selves and each other.
New WHO guidance suggests Covid-19 can be airborne inside
Emma Betuel
The World Health Organization is considering the idea the coronavirus can travel on small aerosols. Here's how that update may affect how we interact in public.
Blood boost
Blood from fit mice reveals the blueprint for an exercise pill
Emma Betuel
"I think it's sort of signaling to your body, repair yourself or restore yourself."
Last call
You need to watch this eye-opening food doc before it leaves Netflix next week
Ali Pattillo
"Eat to live, don't live to eat."
Sounds from beyond
End-of-life study explains what really happens when you hear your last words
Emma Betuel
"Dying loved ones may hear something if we speak to them."
Mind and Body
The "anti-social stoner" stereotype has a scientific explanation, finds new study
Sarah Sloat
A study released Wednesday in "Nature" has the potential to illuminate why using marijuana prompts some people to withdraw socially.
Not Sports
'Floor is Lava' host Rutledge Wood explains the surprising secret to winning
Emma Betuel
"Let’s be honest, this whole show is bananas."
Mind and Body
5 tips to help you avoid procrastination
JoAnna Wendel
Everyone procrastinates sometimes. Here are some tips to help break the pattern.
Mind and Body
Covid-19 brain: How the virus can wreak havoc on the nervous system
Ali Pattillo
Based on a new study, Covid-19 doesn't seem to attack the brain directly. Instead, it sets off a firestorm of side effects that can jeopardize brain health.
Mind and Body
Not Sports: An Inverse series where the rules are fuzzy and the value is clear
Nick Lucchesi
NOT SPORTS is an occasional series from Inverse about almost-sports, sort-of sports, and strategic competition where the rules are fuzzy but the value is clear.
In the clear
Mouse study reveals how running can prevent a downside of aging
Ali Pattillo
"Exercise is an inexpensive and patient-centric intervention that gives patients and eye doctors another arrow in their quills."
You kneed this
Artificial cartilage is now strong enough to solve old age's biggest problem
Sarah Wells
Researchers have developed a life-like hydrogel cartilage that could help improve elderly mobility by replacing damaged cartilage in joints.
Sunday scaries
Can stress cause fever? The perplexing science of your internal state
Sarah Sloat
Why stress can be linked to a change in body temperature.
Mind and Body
How to build up your resilience
Keith M. Bellizzi
We’re all exhausted and pushed to the limit by months of social distancing, and the recent news that cases are climbing in many states is especially scary.
Mind and Body
Test your immunity knowledge with this 5-question quiz
JoAnna Wendel
Do you know how to keep your immune system strong and what can damage it? Take the quiz to find out.
Mind and Body
Covid-19 has proved out one predictable part of human nature
Adrian Bardon
Americans increasingly exist in highly polarized, informationally insulated ideological communities occupying their own information universes.
Beach Weekend
Covid-19 at the beach: 5 strategies to lower your risk
Emma Betuel
Even if the beach is open, there are extra precautions to take.
Work to live
People with these types of jobs live longer — study
Ali Pattillo
Your work environment can influence how long you live.
Mind and Body
Improve your sleeping habits with these 5 tricks
JoAnna Wendel
Having trouble sleeping? These strategies can help improve the quality of your sleep.
snap crackle pop
4 strategies for avoiding the hidden health risks linked to fireworks
Ali Pattillo
Fireworks inject color and light into the sky, and according to a recent study, they also emit toxic metals into the air that can damage the lungs.