Shows like 'Rick and Morty': 11 lowbrow-brilliant series to stream in quarantine
Corey Plante
Nobody really knows when the rest of 'Rick and Morty' Season 4 will start airing or when the coronavirus will let us all go outside again. If you're a fan of Adult Swim's it series, here are TK other shows you might love for similar reasons.
Dude, I Almost Had You
What's the correct 'Fast & Furious' watch order? Behold our new guide
Eric Francisco
Crack open a Corona (the beer not the deadly virus). It's time to experience the best story of a generation in a whole new way.
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8 shows with hundreds of hours of content for your quarantine stream
Dais Johnston
Been meaning to watch marathon shows like 'One Piece,' 'The Walking Dead,' and 'Supernatural' for years? Now's the time to make a commitment. These lengthy shows won't leave you hanging while you're stuck at home.
GRRM Watch
'Winds of Winter' release date can explain Dany's madness better than ‘GoT’
Mae Abdulbaki
Fire and blood.
Full circle
Star Wars theory: Rise of Skywalker villain connects to this secretive hero
Mae Abdulbaki
She does have a fondness for shady characters.
'Star Trek Discovery' Season 3 release date "coming soon," maybe late April
Jen Glennon
A free trial, you say? Curiouser and curiouser.
Leap of Faith
'Rise of Skywalker's best Easter egg was totally improvised, stunt coordinator reveals
Eric Francisco
Here's how Kylo Ren's viral "Han Solo shrug" came together. Plus a behind-the-scenes look at several other pivotal Rise of Skywalker stunts.
Star Wars
'Clone Wars' just revealed the origin of Han Solo's defining storyline
Ryan Britt
We don't know the whole story of Kessel's spice mines.
Inverse Reviews
'Tales From the Loop' review: Amazon's best sci-fi yet is also its most emotional
Eric Francisco
The new Amazon Prime series isn't anything else like today's peak TV offers. It's a beautiful thing.
Reylo trash
'Rise of Skywalker': This Star Wars game may solve a big Reylo mystery
Mae Abdulbaki
The Force dyad may finally be explained.
Avenge From Home
Marvel Phase 4 schedule: 1 important movie won't be delayed by coronavirus
Jake Kleinman
Covid-19 has thrown the MCU into disarray, but there's one bright spot amid the gloom.
Palps News
Star Wars theory: Palpatine made Snoke by cloning this OG trilogy villain
Dais Johnston
It's not the first time he's returned to the franchise.
Assimilate This
Who sings "Blue Skies" in the 'Picard' finale? The answer may surprise you
Ryan Britt
You haven't heard that version of Data's favorite old song before.
Assimilate This
'Picard' finale succeeds in 1 triumphant way 'Rise of Skywalker' fails
Ryan Britt
You don't need nostalgia and vague twists to make a solid ending.
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'Vivarium' review: A dark reminder that things can always get worse
Jake Kleinman
Inverse Happy Hour
Nick Lucchesi
The Inverse Happy Hour series brings creators and their fans together over a drink to hear live readings and discussion about science, science fiction, and socializing.
inverse happy hour
'Altered Carbon' author Richard K. Morgan reads something special for these weird times
Nick Lucchesi
Morgan joins the Inverse Happy Hour to share something powerful with you.
Inverse Codex
Joe Exotic TV show release, trailer, cast for Kate McKinnon adaptation
Dais Johnston
You haven't seen the last of Tiger King personality Carole Baskin.
Shows like 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina': 11 spooky thrillers to stream in quarantine
Mae Abdulbaki
Check out these 11 otherworldly TV shows that blend comedy with drama, including 'Umbrella Academy,' 'Supernatural,' 'Good Omens,' 'Riverdale' and more.
Unlimited Power
Star Wars prequels theory reveals a shocking villain worse than Palpatine
Jake Kleinman
Was Emperor Palpatine the true villain of Revenge of the Sith? The truth may not be as simple as Dark vs. Light.