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Sunday Scaries

Cyclic breathing: Why experts say just 5 minutes a day can reduce stress

Inhale, exhale.

Mind and Body

Scientists recommend 5 minutes of walking to combat your worst habit

Exercise snackies anyone?

Sunday Scaries

The power of “non-negative” thinking

A negative self-schema can be changed through evidence.

Mind and Body

Use these 3 expert-backed tips to combat the remote-work blues

Gig work comes with some upsides, like being one’s own boss or setting one’s own schedule.

Sunday Scaries

Covid-19-related stress caused some young people’s brains to age too fast — study

It’s unclear how long the changes might last.

Mind and Body

One style of social media use makes you feel better than any other — it’s not what you think

Stop doom-scrolling.


Practicing one whimsical activity may stave off brain aging — study

Opinion: Interventions like social ballroom dancing are a promising, noninvasive, and cost-effective path toward staving off dementia.


Is Dry January effective? An expert explains the problem with trendy sobriety

As a substance use researcher and therapist, I’m troubled by some of the trends around Dry January.

Mind and Body

How a fantasy masterpiece led to the discovery of a real brain condition

"My body is as if someone had drawn a vertical line separating the two halves.”

Taste of the Holidays

Inside the toxic history of a beloved festive spice

Next time you drink a pumpkin spice latte, think before you sip.

Mind and Body

Can ayahuasca boost brain health? The side effects may temper the benefits

Few studies have focused on the side-effects of ayahuasca.

Taste of the Holidays

Why does cheese taste like cheese? Food experts explain how microbes work magic

“Human nature is all about ebbs and flows, and cheese is no different.”

Mind and Body

Some people really do feel more hungover than others — genetics could help reveal why

There’s more to it than simply how much we drink.

Taste of the Holidays

How do Christmas cakes last for years? Inside the “perfect storm” of preservation

Love or hate them, there’s no denying some fruitcakes are not just old — they are ancient.

Mind and Body

Are you exhausted or just tired? Experts explain the unique condition and how to combat it

Exhaustion isn’t the same as being tired.

Good Trip

Do genetics determine how you respond to psychedelics? A new study suggests they might

"Some of the differences here are pretty big."