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Our mission at Inverse is to get more people excited about worlds beyond: Be they scientific breakthroughs, firsts for human space travel, discovering new planets, searching for alien life, and what space science can show us about preserving our own planet.

If we can get more people to be space nerds like us, we think the world will be better for it. —Nick Lucchesi, editor-in-chief.

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Space out

238-year-old technology could give the best view of space ever

Up, up, and away.

Blast Away

Look: 7 space volcanoes that shaped the solar system as we know it

Spoiler: the biggest ones aren’t on Earth.


Look: 14 most stunning Mars images ever taken

Smile for the orbiter!

Fingers crossed

Starliner: Why a SpaceX rival could finally free NASA from Russian dependence

A software malfunction prevented the Boeing Starliner from docking with the ISS in 2020. NASA and Boeing both hope their second shot at a rendezvous fairs better.

Lil Planet

Did Lil Uzi Vert buy a planet? It's complicated

Space law experts weigh in.


Is Jeff Bezos an astronaut? Expert reveals a new term for space tourism

As space tourism enters a new phase, the question re-emerges of who actually counts as an astronaut.


Who can be an astronaut? Accessible spaceships may be the future

The ESA hopes that accessibility will spark innovation.

This week in science

Physics of solar storms and more: Understand the world in 8 images

searching ...

These 7 worlds could have life beyond Earth

Whether in or beyond our solar system, these are places we might look to find life — like Earth’s or otherwise.


Bonkers black hole discovery proves Einstein theory right 106 years later

The massive gravity of a black hole actually bent X-ray echoes from around its back.

ride or die

Does the Europa Clipper Mission mean the end for the SLS?

Now that NASA has selected the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket to launch the Europa Clipper in 2024, what lies in the future for NASA's own SLS rocket?

to the moon

Is Jupiter's moon Ganymede habitable? Scientists make a vital discovery

Celestial happenings
Look up!

You need to see the Solar System's most dazzling planet shine its brightest

The August skies are going to be gorgeous.

Look up!

You need to see summer 2021’s brightest meteor shower in the night sky

The Met Gala of meteor showers is here.

look up!

Delta Aquariids: How, when, and where to watch this marvelous summer shower

The annual meteor shower peaks on July 29.

Look Up!

Venus and Mars align: How to spot celestial conjunctions

If you miss this alignment, another is just around the corner!

look up!

You need to see the last Supermoon of the year

The Strawberry Supermoon is here to welcome summer time.

look up

You need to watch the "ring of fire" annular solar eclipse

The Moon will get between us and the Sun next week, creating a fiery halo.

look up

You don't want to miss May's Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse

A total lunar eclipse will grace our skies in the early hours of May 26.

look up

You need to see the remains of Halley’s Comet in this sky this week

This year's Eta Aquarid meteor shower will light up the skies on May 4-6.

look up

You need to watch the biggest meteor shower of the spring

The Lyrid meteor shower kicks off the sky watching season.

Go outside

Pink Moon: You need to see the first supermoon of 2021

April’s full Moon is one of three supermoons of the year.

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What causes aurora borealis? The science behind the otherworldly light show

Everything you need to know, including the best time and place to see the Northern Lights.

look up!

Cassiopeia: You need to see the brightest nova in the sky right now

All you need is a good pair of binoculars to see an explosive sky show.

Dope space pics
Say Cheese

In 1976, one piece of “controversial” tech changed every Mars mission since

Without Viking 1, there might have been no Perseverance selfies.

A magnetar is born

Scientists captured the birth of a magnetar for the first time

This is the result of a giant collision between two neutron stars.

bubbling over

With a single image, scientists changed our understanding of the Sun forever

Snap, crackle, and pop.

Dope Space Pics

20 Stunning Space Images of 2020

Spiders in Space

Space spiders build webs in an unusual way

pearl jubilee

11 New Hubble images reveal the cosmos in stunning detail

Happy 30th anniversary, Hubble Space Telescope.


Scientists capture most detailed image of sunspot ever

look up!

5 celestial events that only happen once in a lifetime

Galaxy brain

New radio telescope images show off wild galaxies

Take a break

Escape Earth with these stunning Hubble views

Put on some lo-fi beats, forget everything, and just roam around the universe for a while.


6 spooky space posters for a galactic Halloween


Stunning images reveal stellar nurseries

NASA's Hubble telescope shines a light into the farthest reaches of the universe.