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Space out

A giant laser just revealed a weird new detail about the Earth’s core

With 360 million times more pressure than we experience on the Earth’s surface, things are bound to get strange.

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You need to watch the most masterful sci-fi epic on HBO Max ASAP

This 1972 masterpiece contains multitudes.

This week in science

NASA's DART launch and more: Understand the world through 9 images

Musk Reads

Ex-Tesla employee calls Musk’s company “nightmarish” for women in new lawsuit

Tesla is served, SpaceX presents, Elon Musk kills 69 jokes forever.

extended stay

Human life on the Moon could depend on a substance deadly to animals on Earth

The solid carbon dioxide could be used as fuel for a sustainable human presence on the Moon.


NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Test: Launch time, how to watch, and asteroid impact

The DART mission will test out if we can really deflect a future incoming asteroid.


Are space rockets bad for the Earth? Why the question ignores an important truth

SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, and others are launching more rockets than ever. Is it good for the planet?

let it flow

NASA finds ancient lava flows deep below Mars’ surface

The new finding raises the chances of the planet's past habitability.


Look: NASA Ingenuity flight 15 comes to life in new video

See Ingenuity’s flight brought to life in a new video.


Look: Awe-inspiring video shows the “FedEx of Space” reach orbit

The feat drew the attention of Musk.

gravity free lunch

Nostalgia is the future of space food

The future of space is changing and space food is changing along with it. A scientist explains how emotions will be crucial for the future of space dining.


Mysterious Chernobyl fungus could protect future astronauts

Could the future of spaceflight be mushrooms?


SpaceX HLS: Why NASA is taking a Starship to the Moon

A SpaceX Starship variant will return humans to the moon in 2025.


Amazon Project Kuiper: Launch date, specs, beta, plans for Starlink alternative

Amazon is planning a satellite internet constellation that could rival SpaceX Starlink.


A new telescope may finally find a livable planet around nearby Alpha Centauri

Alpha Centauri could have some habitable planets around it.


SpaceX Starship 2022: How next year will pave way for Mars City and Artemis

Starship, SpaceX's under-construction ship, is coming together. CEO Elon Musk has big plans for the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

Celestial happenings
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December 2021 celestial events: How to see 3 planets in the evening twilight

Jupiter, Saturn and Venus will shine bright on these winter nights.

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You need to watch the fall's most unpredictable meteor shower in November

Some years it rains meteors. Other years it pours.

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You need to watch the longest lunar eclipse of the century this month

November's Full Moon will also be a partial lunar eclipse.

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You need to see the Solar System's weirdest planet shine at its brightest

Uranus will be in opposition over the nights of November 4 and November 5.

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You need to see the brightest planet at its most luminous this month

Venus will shine extra bright at its greatest elongation.

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How to view the best celestial objects during a New Moon

It's the perfect opportunity for a little sky gazing.

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Orionid meteor shower: How to watch the most spectacular light show in October

The meteor shower originates from this very familiar comet.

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A new meteor shower? Why this unique cosmic phenomenon was possible

A unique opportunity presented itself this October.

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You need to see this mysterious planet shine bright in October

Mercury will be at its greatest western elongation on October 25.

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How to see the most elusive meteor shower in the sky

This unique shower lights up in the early evening hours in October.

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You need to see the Solar System’s most elusive planet

Hello, far friend.

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Blue Moon: You need to see one of 2021's rarest Full Moon events this week

They come around only once in a... well, you know.

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Jupiter at opposition: You need to see the biggest planet at its brightest

Move over, Mars.

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You need to see the Solar System's most dazzling planet shine its brightest

The August skies are going to be gorgeous.

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You need to see summer 2021’s brightest meteor shower in the night sky

The Met Gala of meteor showers is here.

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Delta Aquariids: How, when, and where to watch this marvelous summer shower

The annual meteor shower peaks on July 29.

Dope space pics

Hubble captures 3 galaxies caught in a gravitational tug of war

A new image hints at the cosmic fate of the Milky Way.

Say Cheese

In 1976, one piece of “controversial” tech changed every Mars mission since

Without Viking 1, there might have been no Perseverance selfies.

A magnetar is born

Scientists captured the birth of a magnetar for the first time

This is the result of a giant collision between two neutron stars.

bubbling over

With a single image, scientists changed our understanding of the Sun forever

Snap, crackle, and pop.

Dope Space Pics

20 Stunning Space Images of 2020

Spiders in Space

Space spiders build webs in an unusual way

pearl jubilee

11 New Hubble images reveal the cosmos in stunning detail

Happy 30th anniversary, Hubble Space Telescope.


Scientists capture most detailed image of sunspot ever

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5 celestial events that only happen once in a lifetime

Galaxy brain

New radio telescope images show off wild galaxies

Take a break

Escape Earth with these stunning Hubble views

Put on some lo-fi beats, forget everything, and just roam around the universe for a while.


6 spooky space posters for a galactic Halloween


Stunning images reveal stellar nurseries

NASA's Hubble telescope shines a light into the farthest reaches of the universe.


I gave subjective ratings to 7 of Jupiter's 600 moons


Heat stress is causing asteroid Bennu to lash out


5 Reasons why Mercury is underrated