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Celestial happenings
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The best time to see Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in the June night sky

Catching all of the planets is a chance that only comes every few years.


Strawberry Moon: You need to see June's bright full supermoon this month

The event peaks on June 14 in the morning, but is visible for several nights before.


May 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse: You need to see the first Blood Moon of the year

The site of a "Blood Moon" will startle some observers, but don't worry — it's just a chance cosmic alignment.


Flower Moon: How to see the full supermoon eclipse this month

Everything you need to know about this exquisite sight.


Eta Aquarids meteor shower: You need to see the bright embers of Halley's Comet this spring

Starting on April 19 and running through May 28 with a peak on May 5, the spring's favorite meteor shower returns.

Several Shaqs in a Trenchcoat

2022 GN1: A bus-sized asteroid will whoosh near Earth tomorrow

The just-discovered asteroid will come within 79,000 miles of Earth.

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Pink Moon 2022: How to see April's bright, brilliant Full Moon

Known by many names, the Full Moon will be one to see.

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You need to see Venus and Jupiter have a close encounter this month

The two planets will be so close in the sky in April you can see them in the same telescopic field of view.


Lyrid 2022: How to watch the spring's first meteor shower

The Lyrids return, bringing streaks of light to spring skies.

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Worm Moon: You need to see the last full Moon of winter this month

The harbinger of spring.


Snow Moon: Watch February's only Full Moon next week

The aptly named Snow Moon will shine bright in the icy skies.

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Wolf Moon: You need to see the first Full Moon of 2022 next week

January's Wolf Moon will shine on the 17th.

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Quadrantids: You need to see the first meteor shower of 2022

The new year will bring one of the best meteor showers for sky gazers.

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Cold Moon: You need to see the last Full Moon of 2021

The Moon will shine at its brightest one last time before the year ends.

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This is your only chance to see newly discovered Comet Leonard

Leonard will visit the Solar System one last time before being flung out to outer space.

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Geminids: You need to watch the fiery fragments of an asteroid fall to Earth

It will be the last major meteor shower of the year.

First world?

30 years ago, astronomers found a planet where it shouldn’t be — and made history

It got weird, fast.


Astrophysicists finally decipher weird beams emanating from Manatee Nebula

A bumpy ride through expanding gas is powering up fast-moving particles in the Manatee Nebula.


Look! Cosmic dust swirling around these baby stars might become a future planetary system

Six different planet-forming disks around young stars shine in a new mosaic.

Show some teeth

Hubble Telescope captures rare sight of a “smiling” space object

Say cheese!

Webb Watch

Focus! NASA drops jaw-dropping new Webb Telescope images

How to Save the Earth

If humans go to Mars, we need an Earth Flag — here’s why

Opinion: We are approaching the point when humans make the leap off Earth and onto other planets. When we get there, how will we represent ourselves?


This newly discovered supermassive black hole "precursor" could be a missing link to the early universe

Astronomers were searching for this elusive object for decades.


Look! A lopsided supernova may be hiding a mysterious void

Cassiopeia A isn't behaving quite like it should.


Look! Astronomers spot a “heretical” massive planet forming where it shouldn’t be

The gas giant is only a few million years old and points to more than one way to form a planet.

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You need to see Venus and Jupiter have a close encounter this month

The two planets will be so close in the sky in April you can see them in the same telescopic field of view.


Look: Stunning new images show details of mysterious deep space radio rings

The ORC is one of the biggest mysteries in radio astronomy — but maybe not for much longer.

galactic gains

Incredible images capture a ridiculously swole galaxy

Galaxy NGC 772 has an overdeveloped arm.


Look: Jaw-dropping Jupiter NASA image reveals two cosmic Easter eggs

Io and Europa photobomb!


Behold! Colossal NASA SLS Moon rocket revealed in full for the first time

NASA rolled out the rocket that will power its Artemis missions, giving the public a glimpse at the sheer scale of the agency's ambitious space launch vehicle.

big catch

The largest molecule ever found in a proto-planet disc could be a precursor to life

This could lead to the emergence of life.


Astronomers spot a supermassive black hole hiding behind a cosmic cloud

There's a cloud of cosmic dust at the centre of galaxy Messier 77.


Behold! NASA captures groundbreaking images of Venus’ surface

A rare glimpse.

“The TRAPPIST-1 system is the top of everyone's list.”

Knicole Colòn, NASA


Webb Watch

Why the Webb Telescope will stare at 3 baby star-making factories to unlock cosmic mysteries

Three strange galaxies are hiding clues about the first stars and dark matter.


Why Jupiter Is One Of the Webb Telescope's First Targets

Webb's science mission starts close to home.


These 5 objects could be Webb's full-color first images

NASA recently dropped some hints, and here’s what we know so far.


Webb Telescope will take aim at one of Hubble's most iconic targets

Webb will stare into the Hubble Deep Field and unearth our universe's infancy.

alien worlds

JWST will unlock the mysteries of these 7 peculiar exoplanets


Reveal! NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope will unmask quasar secrets

The James Webb Space Telescope will see if quasars limit the growth of big galaxies.


Galaxy Cluster Abell 1351 shows off its gravitational lens

It’s nature’s giant telescope.


The James Webb Space Telescope will stare into the Eye of Sauron this summer

Webb will help astronomers “weigh” the supermassive black hole at the galaxy's center.

Webb Watch

A micrometeor just smacked into the Webb Space Telescope — it wasn’t the first

In deep space, no one is coming to Webb’s rescue. And that’s ok.

Webb Watch

We finally know when the Webb Telescope's first color images will arrive — here’s what to expect

“We’re just human, and we cannot predict what the universe is going to tell us.”


These galaxies have no dark matter — and astronomers may finally know why

A galaxy 65 million light years away holds secrets to an ancient traffic jam, which may have kicked out dark matter in the process.


How do astronomers find exoplanets? 5 of the best methods, explained

With 5000+ exoplanets out there, not all detection methods are built the same.


What are redshift and blueshift? How astronomers learn the distance of far-off objects

They can help unearth plants or tell us about the most distant objects in the universe.


Distant quasars reveal a surprising process that capped the first black holes' growth

A new analysis of the early universe shows quasars with growth capped by surrounding matter.


Engage! NASA prepares the Webb Telescope camera that will find new alien worlds

To find planets outside the Solar System, Webb's main imager will stare at starlight.

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