frickin' laser beams

Airbus will use lasers to improve the worst part of flying

If The Graduate were made today, they’d say there’s a great future in lasers. Airbus seems to think so.

look up

You need to watch the biggest meteor shower of the spring

The Lyrid meteor shower kicks off the sky watching season.

go long

NASA's Pluto mission just hit a major milestone

New Horizons is going where few spacecraft have gone before.

This week in Science

Near-Earth asteroid and more: Understand the world through 9 images

The biggest science stories of April 7–14.

Blast off 🚀

SpaceX Crew-2 launch date, astronauts, and return for the NASA ISS mission

Here’s everything you need to know.


What if our search for aliens goes horribly wrong? Astronomers weigh in


Does Venus have alien biosignatures? Why the biggest debate in astronomy burns so hot

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Pink Moon: You need to see the first supermoon of 2021

April’s full Moon is one of two supermoons of the year.

Around the world

When will Starlink be available globally? SpaceX is about to hit a big goal


The crushed cores of dead stars hold clues to mysterious radio signals

NASA's NICER telescope detected giant radio pulses from the Crab Nebula and found more powerful energy signals than ever anticipated.

three's company

This wild new exoplanet is straight out of science fiction

A triple star system? In this economy?

back and forth

How did Mars lose its water? It may be multiple choice