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Godzilla vs. Kong review: A colossally dumb spectacle

Ever since Godzilla in 2014, it’s been leading up to this...

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Zack Snyder’s Justice League gives DCEU fans exactly what they want

This four-hour superhero epic is a relentless, unfiltered piece of revisionist history.

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Raya and the Last Dragon is the best post-apocalypse epic since Mad Max: Fury Road

A blend of familiar Disney formula and Southeast Asian-inspired folklore, Raya and the Last Dragon is an instant classic that is light on its feet.

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Cherry is the Russo Brothers' unrelenting post-Avengers crime comedy

Free from the MCU, Anthony and Joe Russo let loose in a madcap thriller that drills into the War on Terror, the opioid crisis, and those lost along the way.

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Space Sweepers review: Working class save outer space in Netflix's Korean sci-fi

The superhero industrial complex better watch its back.

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In The Earth is the best pandemic sci-fi thriller since 28 Days Later

Believe it or not, this movie will make you afraid to go outside.

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Sci-fi love story Bliss isn't ignorant, but it is humorless and mismatched

Director Mike Cahill's ideas outpace his story about a man realizing life isn't real.

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Psycho Goreman is the best hope for sci-fi practical effects since Star Wars

The weirdest new movie of the decade so far might also be the best bet for science fiction in a new decade. Read our review of 'Psycho Goreman.'

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'We Can Be Heroes' review: The superhero sequel we didn't know we needed

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Soul, Pixar's most ambitious movie to date, lacks rhythm

Pixar's Soul has a powerful ending that isn't supported by a meandering, busybody middle.

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'Wonder Woman 1984' review: DC's best movie in a decade

The sequel to 2017's superhero hit champions hope and love in the face of annihilation.

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Archenemy is a gritty superhero movie that puts The Boys to shame

Joe Manganiello stars in this engrossing, original comics-inspired film.

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The most underrated '90s sci-fi show is streaming for free right now

What we talk about when we talk about talking dolphins is seaQuest.

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Solar Opposites Season 2 is the Rick and Morty fix you need right now

The Hulu original finds a voice of its own in its second season.

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'The Irregulars': Netflix mystery thriller is Sherlock Holmes meets Buffy

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'The One' review: Netflix's new sci-fi drama will make you fear true love

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Netflix's Tribes of Europa is Hunger Games meets Game of Thrones

Multiple YA dystopian storylines weave together in Netflix's new German series.

The Inverse Review

Invisible City is Netflix’s international answer to Supernatural

Percy Jackson meets Evil in Netflix's new Brazilian series.

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WandaVision is the most playful (and weird) the MCU has ever been

Equal parts fun and funny, WandaVision is truly unlike anything anyone has seen before.

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Expanse Season 5 is the Amazon space opera's Empire Strikes Back moment

Bigger and badder than ever before.

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Big Mouth Season 4 proves it's better than South Park in 1 crucial way

The two shows have a lot in common — but one huge difference.

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Moonbase 8 is the funniest space sitcom since ALF

The Three Stooges go to NASA is just as funny as its premise suggests.


Rick and Morty’s horniest episode ever is outrageous but redundant

Slut-shaming horny dragons as a bit gets old pretty quickly.

I Have Spoken

Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 1 review: Better than Season 1 in every way

It's good to be back.