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Alex Garland’s surreal thriller 'Men' is maddening in the best way possible

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The one superhero team-up movie you need to watch before Dr. Strange 2

X-Men (2000) introduced Marvel characters to the big screen that are rumored to reappear in the MCU.

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness plunges the MCU to scary depths

With all-time great performances and the work of Sam Raimi, the MCU proves surprising even after all this time.


Bubble review: Netflix’s new sci-fi anime is incredible in all but one important way

The director of Attack on Titan gives us incredible action scenes, but the plot and characters leave much to be desired.

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Fantastic Beasts 3 review: Secrets of Dumbledore improves slightly on a failed franchise

The latest Wizarding World movie is better, but will it make a difference?

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'The Northman' review: This primal, poetic Viking epic is one for the ages

Robert Eggers' historical fantasy-epic stars a ferocious Alexander Skarsgard as a Viking berserker on a path of vengeance.

The Inverse Review

Sonic 2 is the opposite of The Batman in the best way possible

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is a movie meant for kids, but parents and millennials may not hate it either.

The Inverse Review

Apollo 10 1/2 review: Linklater’s best animated epic since ‘A Scanner Darkly’

Richard Linklater’s earnest, fantastical time-capsule honors NASA’s 1969 moon landing.

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The Bubble review: Judd Apatow’s new Netflix comedy is the worst movie of 2022

Pandemic humor that’s so bad, it’s upsetting.

The Inverse Review

Moonshot HBO Max review: Cole Sprouse’s trip to Mars never takes off

The new sci-fi romantic comedy stars Lana Condor and Cole Sprouse.

The Inverse Review

Everything Everywhere All At Once review: Michelle Yeoh’s multiverse is unlike anything you’ve seen before

A24’s reality-warping sci-fi experiment could have only come from Swiss Army Man duo Daniels.

The Inverse Review

Windfall review: Jesse Plemons shines in a mediocre Netflix thriller

Come for a home invasion thriller; stay for Jesse Plemons chewing the scenery.

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Expired review: Hugo Weaving’s new sci-fi thriller is an uninspired Ex Machina

Sci-fi meets noir in a new indie thriller, starring True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten.


Slash/Back review: Inuit sci-fi thriller for fans of The Thing

Introspection and aliens in the stark tundra of Nunavut.

SXSW 2022

Linoleum review: Jim Gaffigan's indie sci-fi is Donnie Darko with a midlife crisis

Gaffigan tries, and mostly succeeds, at portraying a strange but sweet breakdown.

The Inverse Review

The Adam Project review: Or, why I just can’t stand Ryan Reynolds

Netflix's latest sci-fi movie seems crafted to please pretty much everyone. So why did I hate it?

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Strange New Worlds review: Star Trek delivers the best show for a new generation

In a world of prestige TV, the Star Trek franchise is suddenly playing a very different game.

The Inverse Review

Barry Season 3 takes HBO’s best comedy to incredible new places

It was worth the wait.

The Inverse Review

Tokyo Vice review: Ken Watanabe steals HBO Max’s uneven yakuza thriller

HBO Max’s new crime drama has more than its fair share of highs and lows.

The Inverse Review

Moon Knight review: Marvel bites off way more than it can chew

Oscar Isaac isn’t enough to save this series from an identity crisis.


Atlanta Season 3 review: Donald Glover is more confident and unpredictable than ever

The FX series returns to remind you there is nothing else quite like it.


DMZ HBO Max review: Ava DuVernay's DC debut isn't worth your time

Despite strong performances and lively design, DMZ is too simplistic and unexciting to encourage wading into its territory.

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Upload Season 2 review: Amazon’s sci-fi series returns as an anti-capitalist thriller — with mixed results

Amazon’s lovely sci-fi still charms in Season 2, with bugs in the code.

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Joe vs. Carole review: Tiger King series is as delightfully messy as the real story

Tiger King finally gets the drama treatment.

The Inverse Review

The Boys Presents: Diabolical is a homicidal love letter to animation

Diabolical is here to redefine how genre television works in the quick-paced age of streaming.

The Inverse Review

'Pieces of Her' review: John Wick meets Toni Collette in Netflix’s new thriller series

Netflix's gripping book adaptation gives Toni Collette a meaty, decades-spanning mystery role in 'Pieces of Her,' which premieres March 4 on the streaming platform.

First Impressions

Killing Eve Season 4 makes the same mistake that ruined the Star Wars sequels

Killing Eve’s final season is off to a confusing start.

The Inverse Review

The Dropout review: Elizabeth Holmes drama isn't as good as the true story

An all-star cast makes this overblown show an Emmy contender.


The Afterparty review: You’ve never seen a whodunnit like this

Christopher Miller plays with genre brilliantly in this star-studded murder mystery.

The Inverse Review

Cobra Kai Season 4 fixes a major problem with the Netflix karate series

But did it need fixing in the first place?

Inverse Review

'Silent Sea' review: Netflix’s supposed next 'Squid Game' is anything but

Netflix paints itself into a corner with its latest international drama.

The Inverse Review

'Station Eleven' review: HBO Max's dystopian sci-fi series is 2021's best pandemic thriller

'Station Eleven' is a life-affirming and moving pandemic thriller from one of the writers of 'The Leftovers.' Its first three episodes begin streaming Thursday, December 16 on HBO Max.