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'We Can Be Heroes' review: The superhero sequel we didn't know we needed

The Inverse Review

Soul, Pixar's most ambitious movie to date, lacks rhythm

Pixar's Soul has a powerful ending that isn't supported by a meandering, busybody middle.

The Inverse Review

'Wonder Woman 1984' review: DC's best movie in a decade

The sequel to 2017's superhero hit champions hope and love in the face of annihilation.

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Archenemy is a gritty superhero movie that puts The Boys to shame

Joe Manganiello stars in this engrossing, original comics-inspired film.

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The most underrated Communist sci-fi movie ever is finally streaming this week

You've probably never seen this forgotten space travel movie. It's time to fix that.

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The best action movie of 2020 has a timely political message

Some of the best stuff on Netflix wasn’t made in America. Joining that elite list this week is Mosul.

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You need to watch this twisted new time loop movie ASAP

Released in early November, Koko-Di, Koko-Da puts a fresh spin on this classic sci-fi subgenre.

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Jiu Jitsu could've been a cult classic — if it had more Nic Cage

We weren't allowed in the cage for long enough.


The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special ruins the only good thing from Episode 9

Is it really a surprise that a movie with the words “Star Wars Holiday Special” in the title is subpar?

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Borat 2 is the first great movie of the coronavirus era

It's nice!

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Love and Monsters is the best apocalypse adventure since Zombieland

Welcome to the monsterpocalypse...

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Freaky review: Blumhouse's low-stakes slasher is no Happy Death Day

You're better off just rewatching Freaky Friday on Disney+.

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WandaVision is the most playful (and weird) the MCU has ever been

Equal parts fun and funny, WandaVision is truly unlike anything anyone has seen before.

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Expanse Season 5 is the Amazon space opera's Empire Strikes Back moment

Bigger and badder than ever before.

The Inverse Review

Big Mouth Season 4 proves it's better than South Park in 1 crucial way

The two shows have a lot in common — but one huge difference.

The Inverse Review

Moonbase 8 is the funniest space sitcom since ALF

The Three Stooges go to NASA is just as funny as its premise suggests.


Rick and Morty’s horniest episode ever is outrageous but redundant

Slut-shaming horny dragons as a bit gets old pretty quickly.

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Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 1 review: Better than Season 1 in every way

It's good to be back.

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Blood of Zeus is Netflix's best (American) anime ever

Gorgeous and violent, Blood of Zeus reveals where the emerging scene of American-made anime is headed.

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Truth Seekers is a boring bait-and-switch for Shaun of the Dead fans

Skip this new Amazon show and rewatch your favorite Edgar Wright movie instead.

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Netflix's The Haunting of Bly Manor is a vastly superior sequel to Hill House

The new setting lends itself beautifully to an entirely new type of horror.

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Raised by Wolves is Ridley Scott's best sci-fi since Alien. 3 reasons you need to watch.

There's nothing on TV quite like it.

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Utopia review: Amazon's binge-worthy sci-fi mixes comics and conspiracies

Amazon's newest series from Gillian Flynn is an awful lot of fun, even in its uncomfortable validation of fringe conspiracies.

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The Boys Season 2 is so good it makes everything else look like garbage

Amazon raises the bar for the entire superhero genre yet again.