Smells like teen spirit
13 hours ago
Teenagers are a mystery, but machine learning could help crack the code
Sarah Wells
Your poor impulse control might not be totally your fault.
Security fail
2.20.2020 10:59 PM
You had one job: Defense agency that handles secure communications hacked
Thor Benson
The hack may have revealed social security numbers and more of thousands.
Scaled Up
2.20.2020 10:01 PM
When a private flight startup hit turbulence, here's how it recovered
Stephen J. Bronner
Stratos CEO Joel Thomas reveals his strategy for scaling up his company after turbulence.
Grow wheat every day
2.20.2020 9:30 PM
Climate change threatens crops. A.I. could help save them.
Thor Benson
A new kind of A.I. could help us increase agricultural yields.
Tesla out
2.20.2020 8:18 PM
Tesla leads movement away from scarce resource found in electric car batteries
Thor Benson
We need to more efficiently use certain materials if we're going to keep up with the growing popularity of electric cars.
A Solar Cleansing
2.20.2020 6:48 PM
A new kind of solar panel has a poisonous problem
Sarah Wells
Engineers are saying goodbye to toxic energy in 2020.
Reboot Camp
2.20.2020 5:45 PM
The 10 weirdest pieces of tech the military is testing right now
Thor Benson
The military is always testing out new technology to eliminate enemies and keep soldiers safe, and some of these technologies are pretty odd.
2.20.2020 3:00 PM
Tesla Cybertruck vs. Roadster: watch the two EVs face off in fan render
Mike Brown
Tesla's supercar goes head-to-head with its pickup truck. Who wins?
2.20.2020 12:54 PM
SpaceX Starship: Elon Musk explains how entertainment will work
Mike Brown
The giant rocket, set for a trip to Mars, will have its work cut out.
2.20.2020 11:08 AM
Musk Reads: Free Tesla Model S and X range boost coming
Mike Brown
Cybertruck is outpacing the Model 3, the Solar Roof is going global, and a stock move sparks new Gigafactory talk.
Robot with butterfly wings
2.19.2020 9:53 PM
Video shows ultra-fast robot wings that are powered by sunlight
Thor Benson
Researchers have developed robotic wings that are powered by the Sun that imitate butterfly wings.
From red to green
2.19.2020 7:01 PM
New report shows solar jobs leaving coal in the dust—especially in the South
Thor Benson
The solar industry is simply glowing.
2.19.2020 6:06 PM
An experimental rocket could make NASA and SpaceX look ancient
Mike Brown
A team at the University of Washington have explored a whole new means of sending up rockets.
2.19.2020 1:05 PM
Tesla Cybertruck is outpacing the Model 3 on pre-orders, tracker suggests
Mike Brown
Elon Musk's uniquely-shaped truck is soaring.
Ghost in the shell
2.19.2020 1:00 PM
Driverless cars can't tell the difference between projections and real objects
Thor Benson
This could be a concerning development for those who are working on autonomous vehicles.
2.19.2020 11:09 AM
Musk Reads: Starlink edges closer to going live
Mike Brown
Crew Dragon will send private citizens into space, Starlink completes another launch, and hyperloop gets professional.
Snakes on Mars
2.19.2020 12:01 AM
Video shows robot snakes climbing better than ever before
Sarah Wells
Is nowhere safe?
2.18.2020 10:23 PM
Don't set your goals -- set your goal! Study reveals the power in focus
Stephen J. Bronner and Nick Lucchesi
How do you move a Big Idea off your to-do list and onto your got-done list?
Iran to see it
2.18.2020 9:13 PM
Watch Iran's humanoid robot drill through a wall and take a selfie
Thor Benson
Iran has unveiled its latest version of its humanoid robot.
Invisible energy
2.18.2020 7:47 PM
The air around us contains energy. Researchers figured out how to capture it.
Thor Benson
This is a groundbreaking concept, and it could change the renewable energy scene forever.