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Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina returns for its third season — technically called "Part 3" — on January 24, and based on what we know from the cliffhanger ending to Part 2, we're all going to go to hell when the new season is released very soon.

But when exactly can fans of the dark fantasy series rejoin Sabrina and friends on her magic-filled misadventures? The good news is that it's very soon, but the (potentially) bad news is that if you want to start watching ASAP, you'll have to do so under the cover of darkness.

At what time exactly will Netflix release Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3?

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Killzone 5 could be a PS5 launch title, job listing hints

Sorry Horizon Zero Dawn fans, Guerilla Games may be working on its multiplayer shooter instead.

Guerrilla Games has been silent ever since its critically acclaimed release of Horizon Zero Dawn. The one-of-a-kind game was so well received that producer Angie Smets essentially confirmed a sequel, and the developer has a myriad of job openings that strongly hint HZD 2 is in the works. However, one listing suggests that Guerrilla might be developing a new installment of their oldest IP instead: Killzone.

The Sony-subsidiary is looking for a Game Server Engineer who will work on “systems like matchmaking, tournaments, clans, and leaderboards. This sparked a flood of speculation this week that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 might feature a new multiplayer experience, but it’s very likely that this position would be a part of aKillzone 5 team.

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Higher, further, faster, baby.

'Captain Marvel 2' news reveals how it connects to Marvel's Phase 4

'WandaVision' could set up two Marvel movies, not just one.

It should be no surprise that Marvel already working on a sequel to 2019's billion-dollar hit Captain Marvel. But what is unexpected is just how much the movie will connect to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase Four slate, including the Disney+ series WandaVision.

On Wednesday, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Disney is "officially" working on a sequel to Captain Marvel, currently gunning for a 2022 theatrical release. The film doesn't yet have a title, but we'll just call it Captain Marvel 2 for convenience sake.

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'Duel of the Fates' leaked concept art: 9 mindblowing images from the Star Wars that wasn't

Images from Colin Trevorrow's early version of 'Star Wars: Episode IX' have supposedly leaked.

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Hybrid origami design can hold 14,000 times its own weight

This could change how you build furniture forever.

Erica Brockmeier
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Sony's PlayStation 4 has amassed an incredible roster of exclusives, ranging from revivals of legendary franchises like God of War and modern renditions of iconic superheroes, like Marvel's Spider-Man. But Guerrilla Games' Horizon Zero Dawn was in a league of its own.

The one-of-a-kind sci-fi action game was a triumphant comeback for the Amsterdam-based studio, which had been silent since the 2013 release of Killzone Shadow Fall. Horizon Zero Dawn was a completely original IP that went toe-to-toe with big-name franchises and carved out its own lane of fans. The game's breath-taking environments, monolithic mechanical animals, and captivating plot came together to form a near-perfect RPG experience that could soon receive a sequel for the upcoming PlayStation 5.

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Mind and Body

New 3D brain models crack open mysteries of crucial stage of human development

The new stem-cell models provide our first glimpse of previously unseen neural dynamics.

Pasca Lab, Stanford University

Some say that out of all the objects in the universe, the human brain is the most complex. Much of what makes us uniquely human — our emotions, memories, consciousness — stems from this 3-pound organ, yet the bulk of what we know about the brain comes from studying animals.

In a landmark new study, researchers have recreated the human forebrain using 3D brain organoids — tiny cellular models of the brain — that they say successfully model late stages of brain development for the first time. The model opens a window onto the development of the human forebrain, which plays a key role in the processing of information related to complex cognitive activities, sensory processing, and motor function.

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Last Call

Watch the trilogy that changed sci-fi forever before it leaves Netflix in February

The most important action movie franchise will soon leave the platform — maybe for good this time.

Netflix has a solid collection of science fiction movies and television shows, but that portion of the streaming library is about to take a big hit that not even The One could dodge. Between now and Leap Day 2020, you'll want to devote 6 hours and 43 minutes of your life to experiencing Keanu Reeves at his most powerful.

Let's all heave out a collective "Woah." inspired by Neo, aka Mr. Anderson, from The Matrix, because the iconic sci-fi action film from 1999 will soon get deleted from Netflix — perhaps for forever — along with its two sequels. You can watch them now, but read on for a bit more info on why the sci-fi trilogy that put the Wachowskis on the map still matters in 2020.