'Splainin to Do

1 WandaVision Easter egg reveals Agatha’s terrifying plan for Wanda

What exactly does Agatha want with Wanda?

'Splainin to do

'WandaVision': Chthon the Chaos God is coming. Here's what it means.

'Splainin to Do

WandaVision just set up a final showdown more epic than Avengers: Endgame

From Wanda to Vision and all the players beyond, here's everyone in place for the final showdown.

'Splainin to do

One major comic book Easter egg reveals how WandaVision will end

The stage is set for WandaVision to explode in the finale.

'Splainin to do

One WandaVision Easter egg may reveal Episode 9's shocking cameo

Who will it be? One theory could hold the answer.

'Splainin to do

What is the Scarlet Witch? WandaVision's "Chaos Magic" reveal, explained

Wanda's powers and name are her birthright.

'Splainin to do

How many episodes of WandaVision are left? Everything you need to know

The finale is almost here...

'Splainin to do

'WandaVision' Episode 8 post-credits scene sets up a brutal finale

Everything you need to know about that creepy new character...

'Splainin to Do

Who is Mephisto? Everything 'WandaVision' fans should know about the Marvel villain

true vision

WandaVision leaks reveal Vision's heartbreaking fate

Has the real Big Bad been under our noses all this time?

Spoiler alert!

'WandaVision' leaks: Mephisto isn't the secret villain, it's someone scarier


WandaVision Episode 8 leaks reveal a huge time-travel twist

We may finally see a WandaVision flashback that isn't a cutaway gag.


The 7 best silicone rings for men

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I was the doctor on the WHO’s Covid-19 mission to China. Here’s what we found out.

“The long-term physical and psychological effects will be felt for decades to come.”

PASIEKA/Getty Images

As I write, I am in hotel quarantine in Sydney, after returning from Wuhan, China. There, I was the Australian representative on the international World Health Organization’s (WHO) investigation into the origins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Much has been said of the politics surrounding the mission to investigate the viral origins of Covid-19. So it’s easy to forget that behind these investigations are real people.

Food science
Sugar, sugar

40-day experiment reveals what happens to your brain when you give up sugar

“The first few days are a little rough.”


Which plastic bottle size is worst for the environment? Study reveals a surprising answer

This should change how you shop for soda forever.

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Neanderthal gut microbiome debunks 1 big myth about paleo diets

Mind and Body

Scientists debunk a long-held theory about dieting

Forget what you thought you knew.

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5 ways drinking coffee can improve your life

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5 foods that boost brain function

Heating up

Scientists debunk long-held theory about spicy food

Why "Darwinian Gastronomy" can't explain the popularity of spice.

Hit the ground running

Long-distancing running: Optimum performance comes to down to 5 vital factors

It's all about the right foods in the right amounts.

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Is a vegan diet healthier? 5 reasons why health experts still aren't sure

To go vegan or to not...

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Intuitive fasting: Why this "third way" of living could be better

Longevity Hacks

Landmark study reveals 1 factor links gut health and long life

Cheese please

Scientists tackle a curious food mystery — why so many people hate cheese


The 5 best men's winter gloves

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video games

You need to play the best sports game on Xbox Game Pass ASAP

A story? In a sports game?!


3 reasons Destiny 2 can still recover from The Witch Queen's 2022 delay

There's still plenty of reasons to be excited.


4 essential games coming to PlayStation Plus in March 2021

It's a good month for PS Plus subscribers.

25 years

What's next for Pokémon in 2021? Diamond and Pearl remakes, Legends, and more

Happy 25th birthday Pokémon!

Oh Snap!

Everything you need to know about New Pokémon Snap

The wait is almost over.


Everything we know about Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Pokémon get's pokéretro

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Everything we know about Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

The classic Nintendo DS games are getting a modern makeover.

Zelda 35 Week

All 17 Legend of Zelda games, ranked from worst to best

"Hey, listen!"


How hearts became health: 9 video games explain

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Everything we know about Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Intergrade

The new PS5 State of Play featured a major announcement for Final Fantasy fans.


Everything you need to know about PS5's Returnal

A mysterious and intriguing sci-fi shooter on a time loop.


'Deathloop' PS5 release date, trailer, and multiplayer info on Bethesda shooter

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse disrupted the familiar Spider-Man ethos by introducing fans the world over to a multiverse storyline that mashed-up a whole array of different spider-themed heroes -- from Spider-Gwen to Spider-Ham -- into one terrifically engaging Academy Award-winning feature film. Obviously, fans are thirsty to know what will come next.

Two years ago, producer Phil Lord revealed that Japanese Spider-Man will be in the next installment. Talk about an eyebrow-raising detail. But how exactly will the Manga-style character fit into the story? Co-director Peter Ramsey doesn't necessarily have the answer to that question. But he's got thoughts.

Not Sports
Not Sports

A circus act turned extraordinary sport is making its case for the Olympics

“Things are about to get real.”

Mind and Body

Why a 120-year-old game is the future of sports

“If you're able to combine the strength of women and men in your team, then you really have the best opportunity.”

Who let the dogs out

Skijoring: Where human and dog athletes work as one

Not Sports

Inside the gutsy counterculture of the American skibiking scene

Not Sports

The quirky sport of cup stacking is surprisingly intense

How the best make it look like "juggling air."

Not Sports

Dodgeball's transformative journey from gym class to world class

The future of dodgeball might look nothing like its past.

Not Sports

Why Slamball's founder thinks the topsy-turvy sport may finally succeed

Is the world ready for Slamball?

Not Sports

Meet the dog surfers who have reached "a new plateau"

"I think the spirit of surfing opened her up to new experiences."

The Abstract Podcast

From Space Invaders to Floor Is Lava: The evolution of gaming

In this episode, we discuss the many ways gaming continues to reinvent itself.

Not Sports

How parkour's creative culture withstood a decade of controversy

Not Sports

Bodyboarding's chaotic quest to be more than a 'sleeping giant'

"We were actually making surfing look like it was the poor cousin of bodyboarding."

Not Sports

Underwater hockey players explain why it’s so easy to forget to breathe

“It would be nice to have Old Man Rico back.”

"I would love it if Robert Rodriguez was in the mix," Casper Van Dien tells Inverse. "I would love it and I think he would be the perfect guy for it."

The mix in question is the concept of a Starship Troopers TV series. It's been 25 years since the cult science-fiction hit first premiered. The movie, which was adapted from Robert A. Heinlein's 1959 novel not only supplied Van Dien with his breakthrough role of Johnny Rico, it quenched our thirst for seeing hordes of giant bugs get absolutely slaughtered by this team of young heroes. But right beneath all the campy violence was an undercurrent of political and social commentary that, as the actor rightly points out, "would fit so well in today's climate."