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Mind and Body

New 3D brain models crack open mysteries of crucial stage of human development

The new stem-cell models provide our first glimpse of previously unseen neural dynamics.

Pasca Lab, Stanford University

Some say that out of all the objects in the universe, the human brain is the most complex. Much of what makes us uniquely human — our emotions, memories, consciousness — stems from this 3-pound organ, yet the bulk of what we know about the brain comes from studying animals.

In a landmark new study, researchers have recreated the human forebrain using 3D brain organoids — tiny cellular models of the brain — that they say successfully model late stages of brain development for the first time. The model opens a window onto the development of the human forebrain, which plays a key role in the processing of information related to complex cognitive activities, sensory processing, and motor function.

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Last Call

Watch the trilogy that changed sci-fi forever before it leaves Netflix in February

The most important action movie franchise will soon leave the platform — maybe for good this time.

Netflix has a solid collection of science fiction movies and television shows, but that portion of the streaming library is about to take a big hit that not even The One could dodge. Between now and Leap Day 2020, you'll want to devote 6 hours and 43 minutes of your life to experiencing Keanu Reeves at his most powerful.

Let's all heave out a collective "Woah." inspired by Neo, aka Mr. Anderson, from The Matrix, because the iconic sci-fi action film from 1999 will soon get deleted from Netflix — perhaps for forever — along with its two sequels. You can watch them now, but read on for a bit more info on why the sci-fi trilogy that put the Wachowskis on the map still matters in 2020.

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Scientists unravel the mystery behind the brightest supernova ever

Supernova SN 2006gy broke all our records — a new study reveals the moments before the star exploded may have been key to its luminosity.

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Mind and Body

Controversial theory explains the link between Wuhan coronavirus and snakes

A new study sheds light on the possible origins of the mystery virus.

duncan1890 / Getty Images

Wuhan, China, a port city of more than 11 million people, is under lock-down as authorities attempt to limit the spread of a mysterious virus. At the time of writing, more than 600 people have been sickened with it across the globe, and several people have died. Dubbed 2019-nCoV, the virus is thought to be a coronavirus — the same kind of virus as SARS. As authorities deliberate over whether the virus is an international public health emergency, scientists think they now know something that will be critical in the fight against the virus' spread — where it came from in the first place.

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Listen to it

The dead speak! Scientists recreate vocal tracts of ancient Egyptian with 3D printing

You can hear the voice of a 3,000 year old priest here.

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3 bewitching questions 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Season 3 needs to answer

The Season 2 finale left a few loose ends.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2 ended with a major cliffhanger. With the Dark Lord back and revealed to be Sabrina’s father, the teenage witch and her companions tried to stop him from enslaving humanity. However, Nicholas Scratch, tasked with luring Sabrina to her father, decides to assuage his guilt by offering to bind himself to the Dark Lord for an eternity in Hell. Praise Satan! Or Lilith, the new Queen of Hell.

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Smash Bros. Ultimate pros call Byleth "mid-tier" in early reviews

It's not looking good for the Fire Emblem: Three Houses protagonist.

Byleth will be the eighth Fire Emblem character added to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster. The sword-swinging, axe-brandishing protagonist of Three Houses won’t arrive until January 28, but a few of Smash’s best-known personalities have already weighed in on where Byleth ranks on the roster.

Smash Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai demonstrated most of Byleth’s moveset during the January 16 Nintendo Direct. Viewers got a taste of the DLC fighter’s arsenal of melee weapons and formidable range that will require precise spacing to exploit. Though Byleth's range exceeds that of Marth and Roy, pro Smashers noticed the new character has several weaknesses their counterparts don’t.

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Easter eggs

'Clone Wars' Season 7 trailer shows a famous prequels scene from a new angle

The Star Wars cartoon has finally caught up with the end of the prequel trilogy.

The end of the Republic and the end of the Jedi is nigh in the first trailer for the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which obviously means that by the end of Season 7, the show has to catch all the way up with the end of the prequel trilogy. As such, the Season 7 trailer — which confirmed a premiere date of February 21 on Disney+ when it was released Wednesday — includes a few crossover moments with Revenge of the Sith that anyone who's recently rewatched Episode III recently might recognize.

What's more, a huge portion of Clone Wars Season 7 also serves as a flashback to some key moments in Star Wars history that could inform the plot of The Mandalorian Season 2.