Black holes are known for being cosmically ruthless. These objects of compact mass swallow up surrounding material, and not even light can escape their strong gravitational pull.

But what happens when a black hole is inactive, allowing material to float by in space.

Astronomers have recently observed a rather passive black hole, one that does not affect its surroundings in a distant galaxy cluster. Rather than swallowing up material itself, the black hole's inactivity allowed for surrounding star formation to flourish.

Sports Science

Olympics Flashbacks: How a NASA-designed swimsuit rocked the 2008 games

The science of swimsuit design gave swimming an existential crisis.

Every four years, the world is reminded just how awesome swimming can be. The 2008 Beijing Olympics Games though, were something special.

Overall, 25 world swimming records were shattered, the most in the sport since 1976, when goggles were used for the first time. But there was a problem: According to Speedo, 98 percent of the records shattered were broken while wearing a specially designed swimsuit, Speedo's LZR Racer.

Fauci Dispatch

4 Dr. Anthony Fauci quotes that perfectly sum up this week

Fauci on the sad state of the US coronavirus outbreak, kids and Covid-19, masking etiquette and more.


The 3 biggest map changes in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5

The next time you drop into Verdansk, these are the big changes you can expect to see.


It's a whole new world in Warzone. As of today, Season 5 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and its battle royale spin-off Warzone begins now, and there are three massive changes since the last time you dropped into Verdansk.

Here's all you need to know about the new changes to Warzone that will completely change how you play.


1 surprising factor could be PS5's biggest weakness against Xbox Series X

The PS5 is on its back foot against the Series X with one key detail.


Sony and Microsoft have both recently showcased what exclusive games will anchor the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X during the 2020 holidays. Now, one of the few remaining details left to announce is the price of each console, and it at least one new way, it appears that the Series X will have the advantage.

take cover

Jupiter's bizarre, hellish weather just got a little weirder — study

"Great, it's hailing mush balls again."

If you're planning a trip to Jupiter, you might want to check the weather app. The giant gas planet hosts violent storms that last for hundreds of years, freezing temperatures that dip below 200 degrees Fahrenheit and icy clouds.

Adding to this weather that's right of a comic book, scientists have announced they discovered a new climate phenomenon that takes place on Jupiter, ammonia hail. They even have a name: mush balls.