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Star Wars

Mandalorian Theory May Reveal Star Wars’ Newest Villain

ByDais Johnston

An old Clone Wars character may have a startling new role.


Here’s When and How To Watch Microsoft’s June 2023 Xbox Showcase

ByJoseph Yaden

Along with a fully dedicated Starfield presentation.


'Captain America 4's New Title Could Tease a Shocking Villain Reinvention

ByLyvie Scott

Our new Captain America is stepping into a brave new world.


Webb Telescope Finds Bright, Massive Stars in Hundreds of the Oldest Galaxies Ever Seen

ByKiona Smith

The age of darkness is over. The Epoch of Reionization has come.


Volvo’s Smallest Electric SUV is Also its Fastest-Accelerating EV Yet

ByJackson Chen

The EX30 goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds.


'Ahsoka' Release Date is Bad News for Another Disney+ Series

ByDais Johnston

Brace for overlap.


'Good Omens' Season 2 Trailer Reveals How Story Continues After Apocalypse

ByDais Johnston

The action continues with a very Jon-Hamm-heavy storyline -- and other familiar faces.

The Inverse Interview

How James DeMonaco Created the Smartest Horror Franchise of the Century

ByAndy Crump

From gun control to politics, The Purge always has something important to say if you’re willing to listen.


'Across the Spider-Verse' Highlights the MCU’s Biggest Problem

ByAlex Welch

Comic book movies don’t have to choose between style and story.


Strange Phenomenon Predicted by Einstein Reveals Oldest Evidence of Mysterious Space Dust

ByDoris Elín Urrutia

Astronomers paired a telescope with a gravitational distortion to discover the oldest-known instance of a peculiar substance.


The Most Ambitious Star Wars Series Yet Could Bridge 2 Different Time Periods

ByRyan Britt

Time travel is not required.


I Used Apple’s Vision Pro and It’s Absolutely Mind-Blowingly Impressive

ByRaymond Wong

Apple’s $3,500 “spatial computer” makes all other VR headsets look like toys.


This Cutting-Edge Gene Therapy Could Revolutionize Birth Control — But It's Not for Humans

ByElana Spivack

We aren’t the only ones in need of safe sex.


Here’s a First Look at Apple’s Practical-but-Appealing 15-Inch MacBook Air

ByRaymond Wong

It’s an easy win for Apple.


'Street Fighter 6' and 'Honkai Star Rail' Started 2023’s Best Gaming Trend

ByWilla Rowe

Message received.

Star Wars

'Mandalorian' Season 4's Release Date Will Repeat an Annoying Pattern

ByDais Johnston

This is the wait.