Attack of the Streams

Here's exactly when you can watch Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 2 on Disney+

Grab a blaster, the Clone Wars have begun.

After kicking off last week with "The Bad Batch," Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 returns this Friday with Episode 2, "A Distant Echo." So what time exactly does the new episode release on Disney+?

Here's what you need to know to ensure you're watching the latest episode of Clone Wars as soon as possible — whether or not you've got Jedi reflexes.

Guy Gratton and Paul D Williams

The connection between your next flight and climate change is likely to clear in your head. More airplanes emitting greenhouse gases means more global warming. Simple enough, but there’s an opposite side that you probably hadn’t thought of.

As the local climates at airports around the world have changed in the past few decades, the conditions that pilots have relied on in order to take off safely have changed too. Our new research suggests that higher temperatures and weaker winds are making take-off more difficult. In the long run, this means that airlines are delivering fewer passengers and cargo for the same amount of fuel.

Madeleine Rojahn and Sasha Petrova

Obesity rates are on the rise in Australia and across the world. For years, public health and medical groups have called for schools to ban sales of junk foods as one way to stem the tide.

Selling fatty or sugary food and drinks has been banned in Western Australia’s public schools since 2007. A 2018 study found those children were eating healthier as a result of the ban. But it also found some regional schools were struggling to comply with it.

Matthew Hole

Recent reports from scientists pursuing a new kind of nuclear fusion technology are encouraging, but we are still some distance away from the “holy grail of clean energy”.

The technology developed by Heinrich Hora and his colleagues at the University of NSW uses powerful lasers to fuse together hydrogen and boron atoms, releasing high-energy particles that can be used to generate electricity. As with other kinds of nuclear fusion technology, however, the difficulty is in building a machine that can reliably initiate the reaction and harness the energy it produces.


Everything we know so far about Wonder Woman 1984

It's the '80s all over again in the next big screen adventure starring the famous DC superhero.

Three years after she crossed the trenches of No Man's Land in World War I, Wonder Woman will return to the big screen to face a new era, and a new enemy, in Wonder Woman 1984, from director Patty Jenkins.

Blizzard’s Overwatch development team is exploring wild new game modes in the team-based shooter’s new “Experimental Card,” and one of the biggest new changes is a potentially game-breaking overhaul for Zarya's bubble shield. If it ever makes its way over into other game modes, then she'd become the new must-pick hero.

Chris Fogwill, Chris Turney and Zoë Thomas

Rising global temperatures and warming ocean waters are causing one of the world’s coldest places to melt. While we know that human activity is causing climate change and driving rapid changes in Antarctica, the potential impacts that a warmer world would have on this region remain uncertain.

Our new research might be able to provide some insight into what effect a warmer world would have in Antarctica, by looking at what happened more than 129,000 years ago.