The Superhero Issue

The 2021 Inverse Superhero Issue challenges the most dominant idea in our culture today.

New stories are added daily, October 11-22, 2021.

Takeia Marie

Across the Multiverse

Doctor Strange 2 leak reveals how Ghost Rider joins the MCU

Is the spirit of vengeance coming (back) to the MCU?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will mark the culmination of Marvel’s table-setting this year.

With Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff set to play a major role in the sequel, it has the chance to finish what WandaVision started, and the film’s multiversal premise should also allow it to build on the events of the Loki Season 1 finale.

Think fast

Can fasting be good for you? Two studies reveal how it changes the body

Here’s why the eating pattern can result in health benefits.

too hot to handle

Look: NASA photo reveals unusual supernova event

The supernova remanent is located about 19,600 light years away from Earth.

look up!

How to view the best celestial objects during a New Moon

It's the perfect opportunity for a little sky gazing.


Covid-19 vaccine booster shot: Schedule, side-effects, concerns, and effectiveness

Covid-19 booster shots are set to be released to the U.S. public. Here's everything you need to know.

Longevity Hacks

Why one type of massage can help muscles heal faster — study

There’s a curious link between mechanical stimulation, skeletal muscle repair, and immune function.


NASA’s bold new asteroid mission just took off — here’s what happens next

NASA has successfully launched its Lucy mission to explore the history of the Solar System. Here's what comes next.

Mind and Body

How modern society may have ruined biological sleep

Sleep onset was determined not by a set bedtime, but by whether there were things to do.

End Times

Look: Planet orbiting a dead star hints at Earth's future


"No one has ever seen this before": Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is speeding up

Is this just temporary, or will the storm return to its former glory? The Hubble Space Telescope has revealed a major change underway.

Sunday Scaries

New study reveals one overlooked factor that can keep your brain younger

“This is a very good news story.”

Mind and Body

Does your back hurt? How one surprising lifestyle tweak can reduce pain

Fight back.


Why NASA’s wild new asteroid mission is one of its weirdest endeavors yet

NASA's Lucy spacecraft is on a 12-year mission that could actually last forever.

The Superhero Issue

The real science of Poison Ivy reveals an even deadlier real-life villain

This misanthrope is more relevant than ever.


Ancient black holes: New research reveals a surprising truth

Is there anything out there?

Check, Please!

Why is pumpkin spice so popular? Scent scientists explain the hype

Starbuck's pumpkin spice latte (or PSL) is an undeniable favorite. The drink's scent and nostalgia are equally as important as taste — and scientists explain why.

Stop! Hammer time

How excited should you be about the Covid pill? 7 critical questions answered

The Merck drug could become the first antiviral pill for Covid-19.



The Inverse travel series that uncovers hidden history: Italy | England | Tibet | Texas


“I like to call myself Marvel trash.”

Open World 🎮
Game Go Boom!

OK Boomer Shooter: How indie games breathed new life into a dying genre

A new (and old) kind of first-person shooter is emerging.


How Xbox, Sony, and AbleGamers built a more accessible future for video games

From Xbox's Kinect to Sony's 'Last of Us Part II,' haphazard beginnings paved the way for innovations that make video games more welcoming to every player.

Open World

Sable devs reveal the game’s surprising open world RPG influences

When life gives you lemons, make Link’s Lemonade.


Far Cry 6 director says the game isn’t “running away from anything”

“There is no getting around the fact that revolution is political.”

Inverse Game Review

Far Cry 6 review: Ubisoft's controversial franchise finally grows up

Inverse Score: 9/10

Pros and Cons

Nintendo Switch Pro leaks: Analyst reveals one reason to wait for 4K

Kantan Games CEO Serkan Toto addresses new rumors about a Nintendo Switch Pro.

Inverse Game Reviews

Jett: The Far Shore is 2021's dreamiest existential crisis

Inverse score: 9/10

Video Game Preview

'Final Fantasy Origin' preview: Square Enix fixed the first demo's worst problems

'Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin' got a second demo during the Tokyo Game Show, and Inverse had the opportunity to try it out early.

Inverse Recommends

Here's the only Nintendo game you need to play before Metroid Dread

One of the greatest Metroid games ever is basically a prerequisite.


Kweh! Chocobo GP gives Mario Kart a Final Fantasy twist

On your marks, get set, kupo!


Warzone Season 6 trailer reveals an essential change to the Verdansk map

Could Verdansk go out with a bang before the new map drops?

Inverse Codex

Battlefield 2042 open beta start time, end date, game modes, and how to play

Battlefield 2042 has a lot to prove.

Inverse Game Reviews

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is PlayStation's Zelda, but there's a catch

Inverse Score: 8/10


Look: Kirby and the Forgotten Land in 8 cute images

Three-dimensional thinking.

Open World

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is confusing in one critical area

Guardians mostly hits the right notes.


You need to play the weirdest retro sports game on Nintendo Switch ASAP

Take me out to the ballgame.

Man of Tomorrow

Superman didn’t abandon “the American way.” We did.

Superman is still the same Man of Tomorrow. It’s “the American way” that’s changed.

DC Comics

At one point, “truth and justice” was enough.

Prior to the United States’ involvement in World War II, the Superman serial cartoons by Fleischer Studios introduced its title character, the DC Comics superhero, “in a never-ending battle for truth and justice.” The narrator, Jackson Beck, simply ended it there. At the time, it was enough.


Tesla Model X: Impressive photos and videos show major redesign

Looking good.


Tesla Cyberquad: Release date, specs, and details for Elon Musk's ATV

Tesla plans to release its first all-electric all-terrain vehicle.


Tesla: Elon Musk reveals how long it will take all cars to go electric

You’re going to wait a while.

I want that!

9 amazing features that make the Rivian R1T the coolest EV pickup around

Inverse Codex

2022 Toyota Tundra release date, price, specs, payload, MPG, and towing for the hybrid truck

The Tundra could become a new favorite for full-size truck fans.


Tesla Model Y: Elon Musk shares jaw-dropping video of best design feature

The Tesla Model Y may be one of the company's cheapest cars, but it's still an impressively-designed feat of engineering.


This one feature is the best reason to buy the Rivian R1T

The Rivian electric pickup is terrific, and you can read the full review to learn why. But the pièce de résistance is the Camp Kitchen.

Car Review

Rivian R1T review: One type of driver is going to love this electric truck

Americans love big trucks and big SUVs, but carmakers haven't given them electric versions. That all changes with the R1T, an impossibly clever electric truck.


Tesla Full Self-Driving: Safety score explained and how to apply for beta

Tesla's full self-driving beta has taken another step forward. Here's what you need to know.

Sorry, no V8

The Ford F-150 Lightning is the most exciting EV ever made

Let’s take a look at why.

Car Review

The Genesis GV80 is executing one Lexus strategy perfectly

The Genesis GV80 might be best known as the car that saved Tiger Woods, but it might be the best luxury SUV on the market. Here's everything you need to know.

Car Review

One type of driver is going to love the 2021 Cadillac XT5

The luxury crossover market is stuffed with competition, but the Cadillac XT5 is a fair choice for anyone.


Tesla: Elon Musk-shared video reveals Model S Plaid's record-breaking speed

The Tesla Model S Plaid has already set an impressive record on a famous racetrack.

Truck Stuff

Whoa! The new Silverado ZR2 looks like an off-road beast

Chevrolet hasn’t had an answer to the Ford Raptor for a decade, but now it does: the Silverado ZR2 is the company’s new flagship off-road pickup.

Car Review

One type of driver will call the 2021 Volvo XC60 T8 the perfect car

The XC60 is the ideal luxury car for a whole lot of buyers, thanks to its sharp design, excellent safety and tech features, and some of the most comfortable seats you can find.

supercharge me

The 4 EVs with the longest range (and they’re all made by Tesla)

Under pressure


The concept of “brain age” mixes cultural, psychological, and physical health ideas. That swirl, plus one’s genetics, can help us understand why some centenarians we’ve been lucky enough to know (RIP, Grandma Rawe) still retain so much of the sharpness that made them remarkable. It can also explain why other people seem to fade so quickly after retirement.