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The forgotten history of the blinking cursor

Here’s what vintage typesetting, defense software, and the Apple Lisa have to do with a ubiquitous computing feature.


“Aharon said it was healing:” How psychedelic therapy was undermined by abuse


Spielberg’s raptor

How Jurassic Park led to (and then ruined) the director’s chance to have a dinosaur named after him.


In wildfire country, PTSD is dominating burned-out communities

“It's like nothing could go back to normal.”


Why testicles have tastebuds


Am I the Asshole? Why Reddit's favorite question is more popular than ever


The oral history of Idiocracy, Mike Judge's time travel triumph

“At a certain point, it went from a good vibe to thinking that this movie was cursed from the beginning.”


How Xbox, Sony, and AbleGamers built a more accessible future for video games

From Xbox's Kinect to Sony's 'Last of Us Part II,' haphazard beginnings paved the way for innovations that make video games more welcoming to every player.


The perilous business of fanfiction

Tumblr’s latest pivot reveals the complex and sometimes controversial finances that drive the world of fan fiction.


20 years ago, Adult Swim changed animation forever. Here's how.

Mind and Body

Wildland firefighters are burning out

“When the fire goes out, it's not all over.”

Part Three

How Asian American internet trailblazers gave new life to Shang-Chi

The final story in a series on Shang-Chi’s origins, rise, fall, and rebirth.

Year in Review

The 20 most "WTF" science discoveries of 2021

Scientific revelations that will make you wonder, “WTF?” This series will count down the 20 strangest or most interesting scientific stories through December 2021.


15 years ago, Mel Gibson made an apocalyptic thriller with racist undertones

Given the director's questionable legacy, how does Apocalypto hold up?

It's not always the main characters who are the real heroes. Scene Stealers is an end-of-year salute to the eccentric, to the bizarre, to the unforgettable supporting characters on TV who undeniably steal the show.
Open World 🎮

Geoff Keighley predicts 2022 in gaming

The producer talks plans for the December 9 ceremony, why 2022 is a pivotal year for next-gen, and navigating a scandal-plagued year for the game industry.

Inverse Game Reviews

Halo Infinite is the masterpiece you've dreamt of for 20 years

Inverse Score: 10/10. (Our first-ever perfect score!)


Don’t blame zoomers for the Halo Infinite battle pass backlash

Don’t be so quick to point fingers.

Inverse Twofer

Can G4 reinvent gaming culture all over again?

“I would like the industry to get its shit together.”

Gamers of Color

Black veterans deserve better than Call of Duty

We just want to live, and we’d love to be taken seriously.


Bobby Kotick's necessary resignation is bigger than Activision Blizzard

Amidst employee walkouts, the board of directors has backed Kotick.

Cult of Nintendo

Legend of Zelda Game & Watch reveals Nintendo's most powerful weapon


Halo Infinite preview hints at the franchise's best campaign in a decade

The game’s first four missions are a delight.

Open World

Elden Ring already delivered one of 2022's best gaming moments

It’s a big world out there.


The Halo Infinite battle pass stinks, but here are 3 ways to improve it

This excellent game deserves better.

Glitched Out

GTA Trilogy on Switch: Trippy glitches plague the experience, gamers say

Look at this long-fingered nightmare.

Inverse Game Reviews

Shin Megami Tensei V doesn't need to be Persona to kick your butt

Inverse Score: 8/10

Game Delays

Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 delays expose a bigger Blizzard problem

The flurry of problems at Blizzard exposes the need for real change.

Cloud Gaming

Microsoft-Sega deal: Don't expect an acquisition soon

The beginning of a beautiful friendship?


4 Marvel heroes who could star in Naughty Dog writer Amy Hennig's next game

Shang-Chi? The Fantastic Four? The Defenders?

GTA Leak

GTA 6 release date rumor: Why "development hell" may be overblown

Is GTA 6 actually wasted?


Look: Scientists just discovered a gigantic planet that shouldn't exist

The odd planet challenges scientists’ ideas about planet formation.


A massive, odd planet was just discovered orbiting around two bright stars in the southern sky. It’s so weird that it’s challenging scientists’ ideas about how planets form and evolve.

Drive forward

Toyota bZ4X price, release date, range, and specs for the 2023 EV crossover

After decades of hybrids, this oddly named crossover will be Toyota's first foray into the EV world.


Nissan Ariya price, release date, range, interior, and specs for the 2023 EV crossover

Nissan was one of the first in the EV game with the Leaf, and it hopes the Ariya will take EVs to everyday Americans.


Cyberquad: Tesla’s latest electric vehicle could attract a surprising new market

The Cyberquad for Kids is an electric vehicle on the small scale.


Tesla Cyberquad: Release date, specs, and details for Elon Musk's ATV

Tesla plans to release its first all-electric all-terrain vehicle.


Subaru Solterra price, release date, range, and specs for the 2022 EV crossover

Subaru is launching its first electric vehicle with the Solterra, and it promises to deliver the capability and handling that Subaru owners expect and love.


Corvette Z06 2023 price, specs, release date, horsepower, top speed, engine, and more

Chevy is giving the Corvette C8 the Z06 treatment, turning it into a track monster. Here's everything you need to know.


Tesla Semi: Price, release date, specs for Elon Musk’s industry EV

Tesla plans to launch its first all-electric truck, the Semi. The new electric vehicle will continue CEO Elon Musk's goal of shifting the world to clean energy.


Cars will soon be essential for powering your home. Here’s why.

Electric cars could help to power millions of households in the coming years, simply by harnessing their battery power.


Hyundai Ioniq 7: SEVEN concept reveals futuristic design and one clever feature

Is this our first look at the SUV in Hyundai’s Ioniq EV lineup?


Rivian: As stock soars, a new move could help it take on Tesla

Rivian could be on the move.

Car Review

Can the Volvo C40 Recharge finally make an old prediction come true?

Whisper it with me: “Yes.”

zoom zoom

The 8 fastest electric cars you can buy now, ranked by top speed and 0-60

Though speed limits in the US max out at 85 mph, but these EVs are way faster.

Baja Mode!

See why the new F-150 Raptor is a desert-shredding monster

We took the third-generation F-150 Raptor to the Dumont Dunes in the Mojave Desert to test it out.


What Elon Musk's love of science fiction reveals about Tesla and SpaceX

Harvard professor Jill Lepore reveals a fascinating backstory.

Drift King

One ride in a 1400-horsepower electric Mustang told me everything I need to know

I rode in a super-fast electric race car and I'm excited about the future of racing.


Tesla Semi: Pepsi CEO confirms date of delivery for 100-truck order

It could launch sooner than expected.

Mind + Body
Leg Day Observer

Is coffee before workouts good or bad? The benefits of caffeine, explained


Sleep science: 6 connections show how gut health influences slumber

Getting good shut-eye has more to do with your gut than you realize.


The torment of misophoniacs

Wake Up Call

Going to bed after this specific time damages metabolic health — study

In a study published last week in Diabetologia, both disturbed sleep patterns and going to sleep after midnight were correlated to a less-than-optimal postprandial response.

Same drug, different purpose

A drug for erectile dysfunction could effectively treat a deadly brain disease

And it’s already FDA approved.

flava flav

Grape-seed study reveals antioxidant compound may boost longevity

A new discovery, published in the journal 'Nature Metabolism,' suggests a key component of grape seeds called PCC1 can increase the health and lifespan of mice.

Mind and Body

One factor is sabotaging your decision-making. Here’s how to fix it.

Uncertain outcomes aren’t created equally.

Mind and Body

Why misremembering is actually good for the brain

Memory errors may actually indicate a way in which the human cognitive system is “optimal” or “rational.”

Sunday Scaries

To feel younger, aging study suggests one intervention might help

Subjective age is an important predictor of later-life health outcomes.

The Inverse Interview

How George MacKay turned himself into a wolf to make 2021's wildest movie

Mind and Body

Why are some people happier than others? What DNA reveals

There’s a surprising reason to it.

gut check

Gut study reveals DNA changes in bacteria may alter how the body absorbs fat

In a study published this week in the journal 'Cell Host & Microbe,' scientists analyzed the genetic makeup of the myriad organisms within the gut microbiome.


Why Amish DNA is a “goldmine” for heart disease research

“We are finding genetic components to everything.”


Why are scientists worried about omicron? 5 vital facts about the variant

There’s a lot we don’t know.

Mind and Body

Six ways processed foods wreak havoc on the body

Chicken nuggets taste so good... why do they have to be so bad?

That's Metal

Is too much seafood bad for you? New study challenges mercury link

Pass the oysters.