'Splainin to Do

Where did White Vision go? Marvel's comics reveals what happens to WandaVision villain

Two Visions entered, one flew away. Here's what the comics reveal about what might happen to the Vision next.

Tears in the Rain

1 WandaVision Easter egg makes Vision's ending even more powerful

The Marvel Cinematic Universe series ends with a major Blade Runner shout-out, with huge ramifications for moving foward.

'Splainin to do

Who is Cliff in Marvel? WandaVision Easter egg may change Secret Invasion and the Skrulls

The WandaVision finale may be setting up Nick Fury's new series in more ways than one.

'Splainin to Do

WandaVision post-credits theory reveals Scarlet Witch's Doctor Strange 2 role

Wanda's comics past and WandaVision present leads to inevitable future Madness.

'Splainin to Do

WandaVision is over, and the MCU will never be the same

No more episodes.

X-Plainin' to Do

'WandaVision' Professor X cameo theory: What it means for the MCU

'Splainin to do

WandaVision finale theory reveals how Agatha Harkness opens the multiverse

Time to enter the Nexus.

'Splainin to do

'WandaVision' Episode 9 spoilers: Prepare to be "disappointed"

What is grief...

WandaVision's brilliant exploration of grief still gets 1 thing wrong

'Splainin to Do

WandaVision episode 9 cameo: who will appear in the finale?

From Doctor Strange through Magneto and beyond, here are the big possibilities on the table.

'Splainin to do

WandaVision finale predictions: 1 movie reveals Pietro's multiverse origins

Agatha says Uncle Pietro is "Fietro," but is that the end of the story?

'Splaining to Do

WandaVision Episode 9 release date, premiere time, runtime, trailer, and everything you need to know

Only one more episode to go.

Brain training

5 best exercises to boost brain health



Sleep experts reveal 2 huge benefits from midday napping

Go on, give it a try.

Food science
Longevity hacks

To live longer, scientists recommend eating this ‘5-a-day’ mix

Cheat death with the correct amount of fruits and vegetables.

steak frites

This futuristic lab-grown steak may solve 1 major problem with meat

"Looks like meats back on the menu, boys!"

Green Eats

Carbon footprint study reveals 1 'recommended' diet is bad for Earth

"Human food systems are a key contributor to climate change."

Earth 2.0

3 transformative technologies that will revolutionize the planet

The next agricultural revolution is coming.

Sugar, sugar

40-day experiment reveals what happens to your brain when you give up sugar

“The first few days are a little rough.”


Which plastic bottle size is worst for the environment? Study reveals a surprising answer

This should change how you shop for soda forever.

check please

Neanderthal gut microbiome debunks 1 big myth about paleo diets

Mind and Body

Scientists debunk a long-held theory about dieting

Forget what you thought you knew.

Perk Up

5 ways drinking coffee can improve your life

Mind and Body

5 foods that boost brain function

Heating up

Scientists debunk long-held theory about spicy food

Why "Darwinian Gastronomy" can't explain the popularity of spice.

Hit the ground running

Long-distancing running: Optimum performance comes to down to 5 vital factors

It's all about the right foods in the right amounts.


40 cheap, weird products on Amazon you'll get so much freakin' use out of

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

video games
Stone cold

Genshin Impact's Vishaps and Where to Find Them event, explained

*any relation to J.K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is only in jest.

Inverse Codex

The Airship map will take Among Us where it has never gone before

InnerSloth will add all new tasks, map mechanics, and more.


Here's exactly when to watch the Genshin Impact Version 1.4 livestream

Watch it live.

Game Guides

4 easy ways to grind for Legendary loot in the Outriders demo

How to get the best gear Outriders' demo has to offer.

Sophisticated Techie

These Adidas fitness headphones can do everything

The fitness-forward RPT-01 Bluetooth headphones maintain high-quality sound.


Every PlayStation 5 exclusive game coming out in 2021

The final countdown

Every Final Fantasy game, ranked from worst to best

Inverse Codex

Everything you need to know about Battlefield 6

Battlefield reclaims the field.

Inverse Codex

Everything we know about Genshin Impact version 1.4

The wind is picking up.


'Diablo 4' Rogue class: Developers talk abilities, factions, and quests


'FF7 Remake' Part 2: 'Intergrade' trailer hints at 4 major changes

Game Guides

Hu Tao build transforms Genshin Impact's worst hero into a formidable ally

Give Hu Tao the tools to be spooky.


NASA’s Mars 2020 rover takes its first test drive

"We can do so much more."

NASA / JPL-Caltech

Two weeks after landing on Mars, its newest robot inhabitant has already gone for its first stroll.

On Friday, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory announced mission engineers have — among other milestones — taken the Perseverance rover out on a test drive. The Mars 2020 rover only drove a few feet — a total of six-and-a-half meters, according to Anais Zarifian, Perseverance mobility test bed engineer.

Not Sports
Not Sports

A circus act turned extraordinary sport is making its case for the Olympics

“Things are about to get real.”

Mind and Body

Why a 120-year-old game is the future of sports

“If you're able to combine the strength of women and men in your team, then you really have the best opportunity.”

Who let the dogs out

Skijoring: Where human and dog athletes work as one

Not Sports

Inside the gutsy counterculture of the American skibiking scene

Not Sports

The quirky sport of cup stacking is surprisingly intense

How the best make it look like "juggling air."

Not Sports

Dodgeball's transformative journey from gym class to world class

The future of dodgeball might look nothing like its past.

Not Sports

Why Slamball's founder thinks the topsy-turvy sport may finally succeed

Is the world ready for Slamball?

Not Sports

Meet the dog surfers who have reached "a new plateau"

"I think the spirit of surfing opened her up to new experiences."

The Abstract Podcast

From Space Invaders to Floor Is Lava: The evolution of gaming

In this episode, we discuss the many ways gaming continues to reinvent itself.

Not Sports

How parkour's creative culture withstood a decade of controversy

Not Sports

Bodyboarding's chaotic quest to be more than a 'sleeping giant'

"We were actually making surfing look like it was the poor cousin of bodyboarding."

Not Sports

Underwater hockey players explain why it’s so easy to forget to breathe


SpaceX Starship SN10: 5 images reveal pure destruction

Krishna Singhamahapatra / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images