Food science

New study reveals an unintended side effect of intermittent fasting

Researchers challenge the assumption that this popular diet regimen promotes healthy weight loss.

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In the ever-evolving pursuit of living longer and healthier, we know diet plays a pivotal role. In recent years, scientists have also focused on the potential of intermittent fasting — a diet regimen that hinges on when you eat, not what you eat.

New research, however, suggests it can't deliver on what some intermittent fasters are looking for when they adopt it as an eating pattern.

A former Grand Theft Auto producer has raised millions to create a science-fiction game that could compete directly with Grand Theft Auto 6. Former Rockstar Games North President Leslie Benzies secured $41 million in funding to develop his independent studio's debut project: Everywhere.

The Telegraph reported Tuesday that Benzies' studio, Build a Rocket Boy Games, has gathered a number of deep-pocketed investors to fund the sci-fi open-world adventure that has only been teased through cryptic website updates thus far. But now, this slightly nerdier GTA alternative could create a turf war with GTA 6.


A new Covid-19 study on cats and dogs has good news for their owners

"There is currently no evidence that cats or dogs play a significant role in human infection."

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Scientists still don't fully understand how coronavirus is transmitted, in humans or animals.

But a new study gives an important update on two animals close to many of our hearts that can catch Covid-19: cats and dogs.

You can do it

The psychology behind breaking bad habits

It comes down to three easy steps.

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Game Guides

How to get all 8 versions of Ash's Pikachu in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Finally, one of the greatest anime characters of all time joins your party.

For more than two decades, Ash and Pikachu have been gaming's most dynamic duo, and now The Pokémon Company is giving you the chance to claim that exact version of the Pokémon in Sword and Shield.

There are eight copies of Ash's Pikachu to collect, all of them come with a different cap that was once worn by Ash during his journey. Here's how you catch 'em all.

it matters

Scientists calculate the total sum of all matter in the universe

By studying the greatest structures in the universe, scientists reveal exactly how much of the universe we still can't fully account for.

Planets, stars, and other cosmic objects are made up of matter, as are the atoms that exist even in our own bodies. But matter is not all that makes up the universe, and on the cosmic scale it is hard to determine exactly how much is normal matter, and how much is something else.

In a team of scientists from the University of California, Riverside claim they have made the most accurate measurement of the amount of normal matter in the universe — and it is just 31.5 percent.