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Herd Immunity: Do you even understand it?

A scientist breaks it down.


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3 magical builds to win every Spellbreak match

Spellbreak the mold.

Spellbreak has become the latest battle royale to captivate gamers. You play as a battlemage in a ruined land where you wield magical gauntlets that control the familiar elements of fire, ice, lightning, earth, air, and ... poison.

Like all battle royales, a storm circle gradually closes in, forcing players to fight each other to the death. But because everyone gets a starting gauntlet element and can pick up a secondary during the match, along with a slew of other items, customizing your ideal build can be quite the task — especially when you can hover around like Iron Man, cast two different attacks from each gauntlet, and combine elemental effects for explosive results.

Here are the three best builds in Spellbreak right now to help you prep for victory.


What the very expensive Snyder Cut reshoots hint about the DCEU

What is WarnerMedia really investing in the DC franchise?

One of the most baffling things about the DC Universe isn't a comic book reboot. It's the price tag for necessary reshoots of the 2017 superhero movie Justice League, coming to HBO Max as Zack Snyder's Justice League.

After a summer where movies like Mulan and Tenet (both released under drastically different methods) barely broke even coming out in the Covid-19 pandemic, one can't help but speculate on the wild decision-making behind the director's cut of a 2017 movie — and how it factors into the big picture for the DC cinematic franchise.

In other words: There must be more to the DC franchise if WarnerMedia is willing to spend oodles of money to redo a three-year-old movie that wasn't popular (40% on Rotten Tomatoes) to begin with. But what is it?


6 PlayStation 5 launch titles worthy of the hype


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Saturn's chaotic moon may be a lot younger than we thought

The bizarre world of Titan may not have formed that long ago.

Saturn is a busy planet. The gas giant is known for its mysterious rings made up of comets, asteroids and broken rocky objects, and has the largest number of moons of any other planet in the Solar System, beating Jupiter by three more moons.

Saturn's many moons are believed to have formed around the same time as the Solar System, at least 4 billion years ago. However, a new model suggests that the orbiting moons may be a lot younger than previously thought, with some forming only a couple of million years ago.


6 likely contenders for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter 77

A new reveal for Fighters Pass 2 may be just on the horizon, but who?

An ad in Japan seemed to indicate that the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character to be released as part of the Fighters Pass 2 may be right around the corner. As such, we're all left to wonder who Fighter 77 might actually be. There are still five more characters slated to join the fray before the end of 2021, but who?

Looking at the games Nintendo is putting out in the near future along with sparse comments from developers, the following 6 characters seem like extremely likely inclusions for Fighters Pass 2.