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How to unlock Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5's newest guns

Gear up, soldier. Two new weapons are unlockable through the Season 5 Battle Pass for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.


Lock and load, soldiers: Season 5 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and its battle royale spin-off Warzone is finally here. Available for free in this season's Battle Pass, players get the chance to unlock two hype-worthy new weapons to add to their arsenal.

Here's a look at the two new guns that are available and how much grinding is required to get them.


Ammonium nitrate: Beirut explosions underscore the need for better regulations

How regulating ammonium nitrate can prevent future explosions.

Blasts in Lebanon's capital have left at least 135 people dead and more than 5,000 injured, overwhelming hospitals during a global pandemic. Lebanon has subsequently declared a state of emergency.

The source of the explosions, which happened on Tuesday, appears to be a chemical called ammonium nitrate.

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The best rock-paper-scissors players know how to win without luck

The best rock-paper-scissors players around can sniff out an amateur before they say "shoot."

If you thought you can't be bad at rock-paper-scissors, you're dead wrong. The World Rock Paper Scissors Association makes it clear that you don't have to be anything more than an "armchair athlete" to become a pro, but the best can sniff out an amateur before they even say the word "shoot."

Ever wonder what it’d be like to work in another country? Prepare for a learning curve. There's not only a language barrier, as even the English speakers will likely communicate differently, but also a cultural one.

Here is a quick look at office cultures from nine countries.


SpaceX's spacesuits will revolutionize space travel



Smash Bros. Ultimate’s 8.1 update fails to fix the game’s biggest problem

Online Quickplay could eventually get better, but not this time.

Nintendo Japan

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans received a surprise 8.1.0 update Tuesday night that added Small Battlefield as a new stage and claimed to improve the game's infamously spotty online Quickplay mode. Competitive Smashers have long hoped for a patch to make online play less laggy since the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has made in-person tournaments impossible. Unfortunately, the version 8.1.0 update to Smash Ultimate landed with a thud.