The Innovation Issue


The Future of Designing Our World

Designers across technology, fashion, architecture, and entertainment are working to make that future as beautiful and enticing as it is sustainable and innovative.

ByInverse Staff

The Best Air Purifiers May Be Made From 2 Unusual Houseplants


Mushrooms Are the Future of Design — These 3 Luxurious Uses Prove It

Future Cities

One Urban Design Fix Could Make City Dwellers Happier and Healthier

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The Absolute Best Gear for Shooting Your First Short Film

ByIan Carlos Campbell

Everything you’ll need, from screenwriting software to lights.


Everything We Know About 'Honkai: Star Rail' Version 1.1 So Far

ByJess Reyes

The next stop on the Astral Express.


Everything We Know About The Last of Us Multiplayer Game

ByJoseph Yaden

Naughty Dog has been busy.


Meta’s Quest 3 Is Shaping Up To Be a Major Leap for VR

ByIan Carlos Campbell

We could have another VR hit on our hands.


Tesla Is About To Make Charging Ford EVs a Lot Easier

ByJackson Chen

Tesla is planning to open up its Supercharger network to all Ford EVs starting in spring 2024.


Webb Telescope Spies a Huge Water Plume Coming from Saturn’s Most Intriguing Moon

ByDoris Elín Urrutia

Behold a spectacular geyser plume from Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus.


'Guardians 3' Theory Reveals James Gunn's Secret Message to Marvel Studios

ByLyvie Scott

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 could be even more personal than we thought.

Long Covid

These 12 Symptoms Can Probably Reveal If You Have Long Covid

ByMiriam Fauzia

We might finally have a definition of what Long Covid really is.

Game Theory

'The Last of Us 3' Probably Isn't Naughty Dog's "New Single-Player" Game

ByWilla Rowe

Time to take a cue from Uncharted.


Elden Ring DLC Leak Hints at a Surprising Bloodborne Connection

ByJoseph Yaden

Shadow of the Erdtree may be Elden Ring’s only expansion.


Marvel’s Biggest Sequel Has Become Its Most Troubled Production

ByEric Francisco

The writer’s strike has impacted a beloved superhero’s greatest weapon.

Artificial Intelligence

"Risk of Extinction" From AI Is as Big a Threat as Nuclear War, Tech Experts Warn

ByMolly Glick

More artificial intelligence doomers have joined the chat.


40 Years Later, Mark Hamill Explains a Massive Star Wars Mistake

ByDais Johnston

The franchise isn’t perfect, but we can always force flubs to go away.


This Humble Virus Could Revolutionize How We Treat Genetic Diseases

ByMolly Glick

It's time for bacteriophage T4 to shine.

Last Call

Making a Time-Travel Rom-Com Isn’t Easy. This Movie Proves It.

ByJon O'Brien

Time Freak is a fun if slightly problematic take on the subgenre.

Star Wars

Star Wars' Biggest Lightsaber Mystery Could Reveal A New Kind Of Jedi

ByRyan Britt

Orange is the new green.