Like looking in a mirror

The oral history of Face/Off, Nicolas Cage’s inexplicable sci-fi masterpiece

“In the very first couple of days, we literally sunk a boat.”

Alex Glandien

What’s the best way to wash your face? Dermatologists explain the science of clean skin

Rinsing with water is likely not enough.

Summer sun

You are probably applying sunscreen wrong. Skincare experts explain how to best use it.

You're also likely not using enough.


How does social media affect body image in men? The dangers of Instagram, explained

Facebook has admitted to making body image issues worse for one in three teen girls, and boys are suffering as well.


Doctors say how to untangle mental and sexual health

Medical professionals unravel the complex link between sexual and mental health.


What mental health experts say people get wrong about divorce

Is a “painless” divorce possible? Experts say that’s the wrong question.


What causes Muscle Dysmorphia? Symptoms, treatment, and more

An apparent rise in Muscle Dysmorphia among men is worrying experts because the disorder can be dangerous


Can men get postpartum depression? Experts and dads reveal the truth.

“He was in the NICU for a month. By the time he got home, we had already been through the wringer.”


Questioning your sexuality? Bisexual men say one action is critical

Men discuss the mental health challenges of being bisexual in a binary world and offer advice on how to process your sexuality.


Ask this one simple question to people who might be “addicted” to video games


3 insights men say they wish they knew before their infertility diagnosis

1. Talk to someone about your diagnosis.


How do single dads start dating? The one vital question to ask

“Don't put undue pressure on yourself, but also don't let your behavior be guided by fear.”


Imposter syndrome: The one vital question men have to ask themselves

Here’s how to identify what you may be experiencing, what causes it, and what to do next.


The one vasectomy side-effect men don’t expect

“Several times things got so severe that I broke down in a kind of panic.”


Is your workplace toxic? Experts reveal the one thing you can do to fix it

Research shows toxic workplaces can be devastating to mental health.


There’s "one simple phrase" experts say works on conspiracy theorists

What to do when your friend has been radicalized.


Questioning masculinity can make you happier and smarter

The data is clear: rigid ideas about gender can be terrible for your mental health.

Open World 🎮

Genshin Impact fans urge developers to add more melanin to the game

Here we go again.

Gamer food

10 video game characters with Big Cheez-It energy

But is it extra-toasty?

Inverse Gaming Interviews

Fire Emblem devs reveal the surprisingly honest reason they made Three Hopes

An unexpected sequel.


How Ace Attorney spawned one of the most enduring character ships ever

No objection here.

Inverse Game Reviews

AI: The Somnium Files - nirvanA Initiative is a pervy, philosophical masterpiece

Inverse score: 9/10

Game Recs

You need to play the surprise indie hit of the summer ASAP

A hell of a good time.

Gamer Alert!

Known gamer Ted Cruz would love these 6 pay-to-win games

He has games on his phone.

Inverse Gaming Reviews

Diablo Immortal is one of the decade's biggest gaming letdowns

Inverse score: 4/10


The agony and ecstasy of PlayStation trophy hunting: "It's a huge drop of serotonin”

A passion for platinum.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in 10 stunning images

It’s happening!


Halo Infinite's Juneteenth "Bonobo" skin is a shocking failure by Microsoft


Summer Game Fest 2022

Street Fighter 6 adds a brilliant feature every fighting game needs to copy

Finally, a game for people who suck at Street Fighter.


Soul Hackers 2 preview: Finally, a cyberpunk game that doesn't suck

Stylishly streamlined.

Summer Game Fest 2022

Sonic Frontiers is an oddball throwback in the best possible way

Let’s get somber.


Tales of Arise producer on the secrets behind 2021’s best video-game romance

Warning: Spoilers ahead!


Xbox app for Samsung smart TVs proves the future of games is already here

Netflix of games, indeed.




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Mind + Body
Mind and Body

Monkeypox: 4 charts predict how the outbreak will end

Opinion: What we know about the history of other infectious diseases makes it possible to analyze likely future scenarios.

Sunday Scaries

Why one unappealing emotion can make you happier in the long run

Here’s why you should treat anger like thirst.


Are self-driving cars safe? The tipping point rests on a psychological illusion

Opinion: Adopting autonomous vehicles is a question of psychology as much as of technology.

Check, please!

Why does spicy food make you sweat? A neuroscientist breaks it down

The body isn’t in actual harm, but it responds as if it is.

Leg Day Observer

Weight training: What is the ideal rep range for your goals?

Rep ranges, like most topics in lifting, can be explained by progressive overload.


How to spot a liar using a classic mathematical trick

Opinion: Can mathematics distinguish lying from a genuine misunderstanding?


Male birth control is at our fingertips. Will we ever grasp it?

A safe and effective topical gel has come the closest to commercial sale of any hormonal candidates so far. If it doesn’t get picked up, that’s everyone’s loss.

All that jazz

How music makes you feel may depend less on your brain than scientists once thought — study

Western concepts of how music should make you feel can obscure fundamental truths about human perception.


What’s the best way to wash your face? Dermatologists explain the science of clean skin

Rinsing with water is likely not enough.

Sunday Scaries

Why scientists think these dietary supplements may help treat depression

While probiotics alone aren’t the cure, they could help as an add-on to other treatments.

Check, please!

What makes eggs organic? A USDA expert cracks open the complicated answer


Leg Day Observer

Why “micro workouts” can have significant mental and physical benefits

There are advantages to fitting short bursts of exercise into your day.

Seeing is believing?

7 trippy optical illusions that reveal how your brain perceives reality

Things aren’t always how they appear.

Mind's eye

Look: This black hole illusion reveals an innate evolutionary instinct

An image that looks like a black hole can make your pupils grow to anticipate a sudden onset of darkness.

Mind and Body

What is hybrid immunity? Two experts explain the mix of vaccination and infection

With more people vaccinated and the virus still circulating, many people are developing “hybrid immunity”

Longevity Hacks

These 90-plus-year-old women reveal the secret to living a long, happy life

Looking on the bright side of life is backed by science.

Exploring Mars

Cosmic rays could erase evidence of past life on Mars

Amino acids don't last long near the Martian surface.


The best defense for humans against radiation on Mars may be a rustic mix of ice and dirt — study

Radiation may be the biggest threat to humans living on another planet.


NASA rover discovers one of the "most active sources" of dust devils on Mars

Jezero Crater has particularly high levels of dust and wind activity.


Human settlements on the Moon will depend on answering two fundamental questions

“We need to get our brains wrapped around the potential damage we’re facing.”


Life on Mars: A critical tool in the search for aliens is delayed

Opinion: We won’t give up on the search for life on Mars.


“Door” on Mars? A planetary scientist explains what you really see in the viral image

For all the fuss it caused, it is only about a foot high.

This week in science

Ingenuity’s longest flight and more: Understand the world through 7 images

Boeing's Starliner finished a critical test while NASA's Ingenuity rover achieved its longest flight.


15 years ago, 1,000 space experts sketched out humanity’s future on the Moon

The Global Exploration Strategy is a blueprint for understanding space policy today.


Watch: Ingenuity just set a record for the longest and fastest flight on Mars

Behold, the helicopter’s fastest and longest excursion over the Martian surface.

This week in science

NASA InSight shutting down and more: Understand the world through 9 images


NASA announces the end of its Marsquake-hunting lander

Martian dust is bringing a unique Martian mission to an end.


NASA's ailing Mars lander captures the biggest Marsquake yet

While Insight may soon go offline, Mars decided to give it at least one last show.


China finds recent water flows on Mars, with big implications for alien life

China's Zhurong rover found geologically recent water on Mars, billions of years after it should have been gone.

This week in science

Webb Telescope alignment and more: Understand the world through 7 images


This radical architecture style could make future cities good for your health

Plus: NASA wants your take on their Mars sample return plans.


Mars scientists discover a puzzling impact crater on the Red Planet

Most craters are circular shape due to material ejecting out in all directions as a result of an impact.

Sunspots are typically no real reason to worry, even if they double in size overnight and grow to twice the size of the Earth itself.

That’s just what happened with Active Region 3038 (AR3038), a sunspot that happens to be facing Earth and could produce some minor solar flares. While there’s no cause for concern, that does mean a potentially exciting event could happen — spectacular auroras.

Mind and Body

Monkeypox: 4 charts predict how the outbreak will end

Opinion: What we know about the history of other infectious diseases makes it possible to analyze likely future scenarios.

koto_feja/E+/Getty Images

The first case of monkeypox in a human was reported in 1970 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Since then, there have been many monkeypox outbreaks, but they have been self-limiting, with chains of human transmission ending without establishing epidemics.

The current outbreak, however, is different. There is more human-to-human transmission, and it is over a much broader geographical area. In mere weeks, monkeypox has spread to 37 non-endemic countries, with over 2,600 cases. So, what is likely to happen to monkeypox in the following weeks and months?