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Funeral flowers for a neanderthal

The ancient people had healthy respect for their dead, reveals a new soil analysis.

Between 1951 and 1960, archaeologist Ralph Solecki unearthed ten sets of remains that changed the way we see Neanderthals, and one individual stood out from the rest: It was a corpse that appeared to be carefully lain to rest, adorned with flowers. Those ancient bones suggested that neanderthals had funerals and maybe even a sense of spirituality. New research published this week offers even more insight into this lost culture's concept of death.

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Wake up...

5 things to know about Dispatches from Elsewhere, AMC's trippy new "anthology"

"I had a sense that this changes everything." — Jason Segel

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Hello There

Clone Wars Season 7 may finally confirm the best Star Wars theory of all time

We caught up with the fan behind the greatest Star Wars fan theory in Reddit history.

Dais Johnston
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Super meta Black Mirror theory could mean an epic reveal in Season 6

The easter eggs add up to a haunting conclusion.

Black Mirror has never been afraid to venture into the unexpected. Most episodes of the Netflix anthology include twist endings, and Bandersnatch, the interactive mindbending special, even included a storyline allowing the viewer to directly speak to the main character. This didn't just break the fourth wall, it demolished it entirely. With Black Mirror Season 6 all-but-confirmed, it may be difficult to replicate that kind of curveball yet again, but a far-out new theory could explain how the next batch of episodes could question not just the shared universe of Black Mirror but our own reality too.

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How “n00b” became the nicest way to be mean online

There's nothing new about this popular internet slang.

Sergey Nivens
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not to point fingers

What's the point of fingerprints?

Surprisingly, nobody really knows what fingerprints are for.

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Fingerprints are those little ridges on the tips of your fingers. They’re essentially folds of the outer layer of skin, the epidermis. The “prints” themselves are the patterns of skin oils or dirt these ridges leave behind on a surface you’ve touched.

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Beat it

Why the benefits of "binaural beats" may be bunk

These "digital drugs" have limited effects, new study shows.

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When you hear two slightly mismatched sounds, an odd thing can happen. You start to hear a third sound, a rhythmic beat that does not exist. Don’t believe me?