The Future of You

This week, INVERSE explores the tantalizing advancements in personal health. Is menstruating optional? What’s the most optimal way to work out? Will the next computer live inside our brains? Welcome to the Future of You.


Thomas Oxley Wants to Transform Our Brains’ Relationship With Computers Forever

Will the next wearable device live in your brain?

Persona Week 2023

14 years later, I still can't forget the most underrated Persona love story

“As long as you understand, I don’t need anything else.”


How a goofy Nintendo prototype changed video games forever

Paving the way for a massive success.

Accessibility Matters

Nintendo can't ignore the most important trend in gaming anymore

The family-friendly brand needs to get on board with accessible gaming.


Ubisoft proves the most important trend in video games didn’t happen overnight

“No one is questioning or needs to know why we’re making games accessible these days.”


Six classic stories that could become video games in 2023

The Hardy Boys are finally entering the Public Domain.

The Inverse Awards

'Elden Ring' is undeniably Game of the Year — and that’s a problem

The Inverse Awards

The best boss battle of 2022 proves this Nintendo shooter is an all-time classic

An Inkredible end to the trilogy.


Naughty Dog's next game will be like Star Wars in one surprising way

Episodic video games? Groundbreaking!

The Inverse Awards 2022

The best video game romance of 2022 breathes new life into a timeless theme

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 wins best romance of the year... in my heart.

The Inverse Awards 2022

The best video game smooch of 2022 makes me feel less alone

The depiction of love in Signalis is heartbreakingly beautiful.


Ramattra is Overwatch's most important new character in years

Devs say Overwatch 2 is “beginning to answer” some of the franchise’s biggest questions.

Game Adaptation

There is only one person who can play Kratos in Amazon’s God of War series

I’ll be the judge of this.

Game Theory

The Last of Us Part III needs to move on from Ellie

Let it go.

Game Theory

Zelda Triforce theory reveals a shocking Tears of the Kingdom twist

Unknowable power!

Apocalypse Now

Elden Ring director reveals the surprising reason FromSoftware loves grim settings

Don’t expect From games to get happier.

Game Previews

One Piece Odyssey could finally be the epic game the series deserves

Sailing into the unknown.

Lost in space

Snow Moon 2023: You Need to See February's Bright Full Moon This Weekend

The Snow Moon will light up the sky just as a green comet exits stage left.


Look: Astronomers Find a Potentially Habitable Exoplanet With a Violent Past

Guaranteed vampire-free.


Scientists Created A New Type of Ice — It Could Also Exist On Distant Moons

A recent experiment yielded a frozen surprise.


Exclusive: NASA Explains How the Voyager Missions Could Live Until 2035

Saving a few watts of power here and there could buy the spacecraft a little more time to tell us about interstellar space.


Look: An Iceberg Twice the Size of NYC Just Broke Off Antarctica

The A-81 iceberg is the latest chunk to split from the Brunt Ice Shelf.


65 Years Ago, America Launched Its Most Pivotal Space Mission Ever

Explorer 1 marked the entry of science into what had been a military affair.


Look! New JWST Shows a Billion-Year-Old Spiral Galaxy in Stunning Detail

Spiral galaxy LEDA 2046648 shows up in stunning detail against a background of even more distant galaxies.


Astronomers Find a Supernova Runt — and Discover an Unexpected Origin

A real package deal.


Green Comet and More: 5 Skywatching Events You Can't Miss in February 2023

Webb Telescope

NASA Finds the Culprit Behind a Webb Telescope Malfunction: Powerful Cosmic Rays

An instrument on the James Webb Space Telescope suffered an interruption on January 15, and the likely culprit was a cosmic ray.


If Alien Life Exists on an Ocean World, It May Follow These Chemical Rules

A recent study suggests some enzymes may not work well in the oceans of Enceladus and Europa — but they come very close.


Astronomers Use a New Method to Identify Eight Candidate Alien Signals

A machine learning algorithm just spotted eight interesting signals in SETI data, and it weeded out millions of false positives.


NASA-funded study to research if bacteria could help form building materials on Mars

Since the 1990s, several architectures have been drafted for crewed missions to Mars, all of which have emphasized the need for keeping launch mass low.


This nuclear-powered X-ray “flashlight” may help scientists probe the Moon for water

The technology will beam onto the Shackleton Crater and the Sea of Tranquility.


Physicists demo a sci-fi-inspired laser that mimics a classic UFO trick

Star Trek and Star Wars fans have been waiting for this moment.


This concept spacecraft could swiftly send a one-ton spaceship to the edge of the Solar System

A new idea proposed by researchers from UCLA envisions a twist on the beam-sail idea.

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Mind + Body
Future Of You

Why It’s Finally Time To Stop Obsessing Over Counting Steps For Health

Counting steps isn’t the secret to good health, and while we’ve become obsessed with counting our steps, we should probably stop.

Future of You

Why the future of periods could be none at all

A growing body of evidence suggests continuous birth control is an option more people who menstruate should be given.

Mind and Body

Why Is My Skin Worse in Winter? 5 Conditions Dermatologists Watch out For

A handful of skin conditions can develop or worsen in response to the cold.


Is the Bivalent Covid-19 Booster Still Worth It? Here's What the Latest CDC Data Shows

When taken in conjunction with other studies evaluating bivalent boosters against omicron subvariants, the CDC’s data is promising.


Thomas Oxley Wants to Transform Our Brains’ Relationship With Computers Forever

Will the next wearable device live in your brain?

Longevity Hacks

Swapping Cigarettes for Vaping May Help You Quit — but There’s a Catch

A study shows that changes occur at the RNA level in the lungs.

Mind and Body

Does the Best Workout Exist? Exercise Scientists All Agree on One Thing

Here’s what researchers say about the most optimal ways to exercise.

Mind and Body

The Future of You

This week, Inverse explores the future of personal health. Is menstruating finally optional? What’s the most optimal way to work out? And will the next computer live inside our brains? Welcome to the future of you.

Sunday Scaries

How to take advantage of a bad mood

Science can explain the unique abilities linked to feeling sour.

Book Excerpt

How does the placebo effect take hold? A doctor explains two influential factors

In this book excerpt, Kathryn Hall, an expert on placebos, considers the ways that expectations and learning affect our response to them.


Is alcohol bad for your health? Here's what the science actually says

U.S. dietary guidelines for alcohol intake are two drinks or less per day for men and one drink per day or less for women.

Longevity hacks

Cutting back on deli meats may lower your risk of this chronic illness

Why is everything delicious trying to kill us?


Can spicy food boost our gut health? Here's what the science says

Foods that help the microbiome flourish could provide a host of health benefits.

Sunday Scaries

Cyclic breathing: Why experts say just 5 minutes a day can reduce stress

Inhale, exhale.

Mind and Body

Do detox diets work? A dietician breaks down the murky science

What you should know to avoid a slew of negative side effects of detox diets.

Check, please!

Can spicy foods cure colds? A neuroscientist reveals the encouraging truth

Spicy food does nothing against the rhinovirus, but it can ease symptoms.

Inverse Recommends
Inverse Recommends

Signs is Remembered as M. Night Shyamalan’s Alien Movie, but it Has a Human Heart

Before you check out Knock at the Cabin, revisit the director's last take on the end of the world.


A Lot of ‘80s Sci-fi is Dated. Videodrome Feels More Relevant Than Ever.

“It’s that time again. Time to slowly, painfully ease yourself back into consciousness.”

Inverse Recommends

After Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe Obviously Had to Play a Farting Corpse

Radcliffe gives the best performance of his career in this outrageous, boundary-pushing romp.

Inverse Recommends

Long Before The Fabelmans, Spielberg’s Catch Me if You Can was Being Misinterpreted as Sentimental

Beneath the bad guy is a sad guy.


If The Last of Us Made You Bawl Your Eyes Out, You Need to Revisit This Zombie Rom-Com

“There's a lot of ways to get to know a person. Eating her dead boyfriend's brains is one of the more unorthodox methods, but...”

Inverse Recommends

A Delightful New Hulu Show Finally Figured Out the Superhero Sitcom

A coming-of-age comedy, but with superheroes.


Final Destination 2 Perfected the Art of the Gross-Out Kill

The long-running franchise only exists for one reason, and this was its masterpiece.

Last Call

Chinatown Is Still a Thrilling, Clear-eyed Portrayal of the Arrogance of Power

Important, controversial, and incredibly influential, this contentious classic remains as chilling as it was in the 1970s.

Last Call

A 2011 Jake Gyllenhaal thriller reinvented the time travel movie

The Quantum Leap meets Groundhog Day flick you didn’t know you needed.

Last Call

Jurassic Park III saw the series try monster horror. Maybe it shouldn’t have.

With director Joe Johnston replacing Steven Spielberg, the beloved franchise upped the ante on monsters... and little else.


Sci-fi legend René Laloux’s final movie is his most opaque — and maybe his best

It doesn’t get weirder than this.

Inverse Recommends

The Master was called a movie about Scientology, but it’s about so much more

Paul Thomas Anderson’s study of the perfect victim is also a reminder that anyone can fall pray.

Inverse Recommends

Michael J. Fox’s strangest movie remains a stupid, ridiculous joy

"Give. Me. A. Keg. Of. Beer."


Maze Runner: The Death Cure helped kill the YA dystopia. Can it help revive the genre too?

“Just follow me and run like your life depends on it. Because it does.”

Last Call

David Cronenberg made the best Stephen King adaptation you probably haven’t seen

The forgotten thriller is the perfect entry point for curious fans afraid of Cronenberg’s gruesome reputation.


Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is a flashback to the strange excesses of 2013

It may be one of the dumbest movies ever made, but you sure won’t forget it.


Razer’s lightest gaming mouse takes a heavy toll on your wallet

Is Razer's ultra lightweight Viper Mini Signature mouse worth $280?

Future of You

The 10 Best Fitness Trackers To Kickstart Your Health Goals in 2023

From smartwatches to standalone trackers, quantifying your health and fitness has never been easier.


How To Use TikTok’s AI Effects To Make Yourself Into a Manga Character

TikTok dance trends not your thing? Perhaps turning yourself into AI art is more your speed.


Nissan’s Convertible EV Concept Looks Like It’s Straight Out of Tron

We’re liking what we see from Nissan so far.


GM Is Using Netflix To Spread the EV Gospel

In a partnership neither company describes as product placement, GM EVs will be deliberately featured across Netflix's shows and movies.


Garmin’s new Vivomove Trend is a smartwatch that’s designed to look dumb

The Vivomove Trend’s watch hands will move out of the way when you start using the smarwatch’s touchscreen.


Samsung’s Galaxy S23s Feel Comfortably Familiar

With modest upgrades and design changes, Samsung’s Galaxy S23 line is more similar to last year’s phones than different.


Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra is Gunning for the Smartphone Camera Crown

After all these years and smartphone generations, cameras are still the battleground for smartphone supremacy.


Samsung Can’t Resist the Call of the Metaverse

In its annual Unpacked event, Samsung teased an upcoming XR partnership with Google that will yield new mixed-reality hardware.


Samsung’s High-End Galaxy Book 3 Ultra Laptop Is a Gaming Powerhouse

The Galaxy Book 3 Ultra is Samsung’s most powerful laptop yet, but there’s also a 2-in-1 and a more traditional laptop.


Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra will Test the Limits of Smartphone Cameras

Samsung's new S23 smartphones series aim to be "premium" from top to bottom, starting with a giant camera sensor on the Ultra.


Logitech is Trying to Reinvent Video Calls Using an Optical Illusion

Project Ghost, a new telepresence concept Logitech is building with Steelcase, relies on the "Pepper's ghost" illusion to make video calls feel more like in-person conversations.


Why Mercedes-Benz’s Self-Driving Milestone is a Big Deal for Autonomous Cars

The German automaker is the first to receive level 3 driving certification in the U.S.


A Foldable iPad Is Proof That Apple Has Outgrown Its Wait-and-See Mentality

Rumors and predictions point to the launch of an Apple foldable far earlier than the company traditionally enters new product categories.


Exclusive: Nothing Phone (2) confirmed for U.S. release in late 2023

Nothing CEO Carl Pei tells Inverse the next phone will be “more premium,” the U.S. is the top priority in 2023, and how they’re investing heavily in software development.

how to

How to lock down your iCloud with Apple's Advanced Data Protection

Turning on Apple’s new Advanced Data Protection feature is easy and could help protect sensitive information in the event your account is hacked.