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Impressive Falcon 9 milestone proves SpaceX’s future is bright

SpaceX has reached an incredible milestone with its Falcon 9 rocket. The success bodes well for its future goals and missions.

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Impressive Falcon 9 milestone proves SpaceX’s future is bright

SpaceX has reached an incredible milestone with its Falcon 9 rocket. The success bodes well for its future goals and missions.


Liftoff! SpaceX set an incredible milestone with its Falcon 9 rocket over the weekend after it successfully flew a booster for the 10th time.

On May 9 at 2:42 a.m. Eastern time, the Falcon 9 launched from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. The mission launched the 28th batch of Starlink satellites, used for SpaceX’s under-development internet service that promises high speeds and low latencies regardless of local infrastructure.

Although SpaceX’s Starlink missions have become routine, this one was anything but. The mission marked the first time the firm had successfully re-used a booster for the 10th time. Re-using the rocket is a key element of SpaceX’s goal to reduce the costs of spaceflight, but it also enables some of the firm’s more ambitious plans like more frequent flights and crewed missions to Mars.

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“I can see why Epic might think they need some help from their fanbase.”

- Mikael Jakobsson, MIT Game Lab Research Scientist

With E3 2021 on the horizon, the rumor mill is churning. We already know what companies will be at the show and we’re starting to see lots of “leaks” that coincide with that news. Some might just be educated guesses, like a recent Elden Ring teaser, while others could have legs.

The most recent example comes from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leaker Zippo, who posted a blog full of potentially exciting Nintendo news. While it’s full of details on previously announced games, the post features some unannounced news that would make fans very happy — if it’s true. While plenty of Nintendo leaks have panned out in the past, just as many turn out to be entirely false.

Where do Zippo’s rumors fall on the spectrum? Let’s go through each rumor and rank the plausibility of each on a five mushroom scale.

A major Assassin’s Creed Valhalla DLC is coming, and it brings Eivor to Ireland to face a druidic cult. There’s quite a bit that longtime Viking explorers may not know about the upcoming DLC, especially if they’ve fallen off from playing the game since its original November 2020 release.

Below, we outline all there is to know about the expansion including its release details, pricing, key features, plot info, and more.