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Longevity Hacks is a regular series from Inverse on the science-backed strategies to live smarter, healthier, and longer using the latest exercise, wellness, and sleep science.

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Longevity hacks

Longevity hack: Study supports an extra workout perk from coffee

Coffee before exercise helps you feel the burn (literally).

Longevity hacks

Longevity hack: One kind of food might be risky for brain health

To keep your brain healthy, avoid this staple of Western diets.

Longevity hacks

Gut discovery explains another crucial aspect of health

Cells that help us absorb nutrients change based on what we eat.

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Exercising leads to unexpected benefits deep in your bones

Movement stimulates bone regeneration and strengthens the immune system.

Longevity hacks

To live longer, scientists recommend eating this ‘5-a-day’ mix

Cheat death with the correct amount of fruits and vegetables.

Live long and prosper

Scientists may have finally figured out how to reverse aging in the brain

Just one more piece of evidence that a bowl of fruit won’t do you any harm.

Longevity hacks

Lab-grown human muscle is teaching us how to live longer

Researchers discover exercise can counteract the toll of chronic inflammation.

Longevity Hacks

Landmark study reveals 1 factor links gut health and long life

Longevity hack

To physically age slower, show some self-control

For healthy aging, self-control appears to be an "active ingredient."

Longevity hacks

Two tweaks to the Mediterranean diet make it especially healthy for men

The green Med diet may be even better than its precursor.

Longevity Hacks

Protein study reveals a powerful effect on fat-burning

Extra protein could give people a "metabolic advantage."

Longevity hacks

To 'grow young', one action matters more than others

The most powerful longevity hack has nothing to do with diet and exercise.