Longevity Hacks

Longevity Hacks

Landmark study reveals 1 factor links gut health and long life

Longevity hack

To physically age slower, show some self-control

For healthy aging, self-control appears to be an "active ingredient."

Longevity hacks

Two tweaks to the Mediterranean diet make it especially healthy for men

The green Med diet may be even better than its precursor.

Longevity Hacks

Protein study reveals a powerful effect on fat-burning

Extra protein could give people a "metabolic advantage."

Longevity hacks

To 'grow young', one action matters more than others

The most powerful longevity hack has nothing to do with diet and exercise.

Longevity hacks

Stressed out? Study pinpoints a form of exercise that relieves anxiety

Pushups, lunges, and squats build muscle and boost mood.

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Endurance exercise study illuminates the link between muscles and health

"The result is completely new."

Longevity Hacks

To improve mindfulness, sleep this many minutes extra per night

A new study adds a potentially life-changing benefit to snoozing.

The Abstract Podcast

Breaking bad: How to create positive changes that stick

In this episode, we discuss how to crush bad habits and create new routines that lead to better health.

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Science reveals the perfect time to drink coffee for a healthy metabolism

"Knowing this can have important health benefits for us all."

longevity hacks

One type of exercise has 6 brain boosting effects

"Exercise makes you happy and focused."

heating up

Can baths improve your health? Scientists find a surprisingly positive effect

"Aside from diet and exercise, heat therapy might be promising."