Reduce, Re-shoe, Recycle
10 hours ago
Can you recycle shoes? 4 climate-friendly ways to trash your old sneakers
Nina Pullano
Sneaker drop offs, upcycling, and more: How to green your next Spring Clean.
2.21.2020 1:30 PM
A Nazi drug is having a U.S. resurgence
Richard Gunderman
During World War II, it played a sinister role in the Nazi war machine.
2.20.2020 11:42 PM
Sex in space: Can tech meet astronauts’ intimate needs?
Simon Dubé and Dave Anctil
Astronauts, despite their rigorous training, remain humans with needs.
Asteroid attack
2.20.2020 10:13 PM
Scientists reveal 3 steps to defend Earth from catastrophic asteroid impacts
Passant Rabie
It is time to get serious about our plans to save the world.
Take a break
2.20.2020 7:14 PM
How one weird fish's incredible ability to suspend aging could help humans
Nina Pullano
The African killifish may be the best hope we have for reversing — or even halting — the aging process.
2.20.2020 7:12 PM
“Super-archaics:" Meet the humans who may have mated with your ancestors
Sarah Sloat
These ancient humans were likely the first inhabitants of Eurasia.
The bees knees
2.20.2020 7:00 PM
Bumblebees and humans share one key complex trait, new study suggests
Sofia Quaglia
“We are not 100% sure what exactly they use it for."
A hole new world
2.20.2020 1:00 AM
"Wonder gases" of the 1920s are doing something unexpected today
Karen Smith
The full extent of their impact is now being felt.
2.19.2020 11:04 PM
The science of cooking with beer
Madeline Muzzi
Cooking with beer is tricky, but if you follow a few basic scientific laws, it can be a tasty exercise.
Better late than never
2.19.2020 9:57 PM
NASA's Juno corrects a 25-year-old misconception about Jupiter
Passant Rabie
The gas giant's atmosphere contains way more water than scientists previously thought.
Icy Pete
2.19.2020 9:19 PM
Viral video researcher reveals the fascinating glacier science behind it
Nina Pullano
The acoustics are cool, but the scientific discoveries that come from ice cores could be planet-saving.
2.19.2020 9:15 PM
2 beers and a little science can make a slammable chicken
Madeline Muzzi
Beer can enhance food in two ways: The alcohol's chemical abilities and the flavor — pilsner, in my case — can elevate your dish.
Lion Eyes
2.19.2020 7:00 PM
Can better tracking save India’s endangered lions?
Nina Pullano
Indian researchers come up with a new way to count and track Asiatic lions — one of the world's most-endangered big cats.
2.19.2020 5:26 PM
Diet supplements: 5 poisonous ingredients that have been found in them
C. Michael White
The vast majority of consumers are confident dietary supplements are safe.
A matter of matter
2.19.2020 4:05 PM
Scientists may be on the verge of finally unraveling mystery of antimatter
Sofia Quaglia
"The sheer existence of humans shows that our Standard Model is wrong."
Armpit diaries
2.19.2020 5:01 AM
Trillions of tiny organisms may have shaped humanity in 3 ways
Emma Betuel
The story of our species may be in your armpit, a new theory suggests.
Inverse Codex
2.19.2020 3:17 AM
Betelgeuse: All the supernova questions and answers -- from astronomers
Passant Rabie
“I think about Betelgeuse all the time.”
Future Adults
2.18.2020 11:30 PM
Report reveals the 10 best countries for kids to grow up in now
Nina Pullano
How well does your country protect kids from climate change and other threats?
Start fresh
2.17.2020 1:00 PM
Where to recycle plastic bags near you? Your guide based on where you live
Nina Pullano
These ubiquitous plastics can not go in your bin a home. But recycling them is not impossible.
2.17.2020 3:00 AM
People without the smelling part of their brain can still smell — and it's puzzling scientists
Thiago Arzua
Scientists thought you needed an olfactory bulb to smell — then they discovered two unique women