Here’s how the Arecibo Telescope helps us study the universe
JoAnna Wendel
We'd know so much less about the universe without this massive telescope
Ice Giants
5 reasons why we should send a spacecraft to the Ice Giants
JoAnna Wendel
The inner solar system is overrated.
Rainforest frogs make a case for successful love triangles
Nina Pullano
It's official: Every type of four-legged animal has threesomes.
chill baby
Baby galaxy discovery changes what we know about the early universe
Passant Rabie
Located 12 billion light-years away, the galaxy is a Milky Way lookalike.
Extreme heat has a surprisingly severe effect on mental health
Harriet Ingle
Scientists are only just starting to scratch the surface of the complex ways heatwaves affect us.
solar salt
NASA mission unveils a strange world in the asteroid belt
Passant Rabie
The dwarf planet Ceres is possibly still geologically active.
What is an earthquake swarm? California's tremors explained
Nina Pullano
The chances of a big quake on the West coast are "significantly greater than usual."
Deep Down
Blue Hole: The strange ocean phenomenon scientists are exploring
Nina Pullano
Meet the "Green Banana."
6 Stunning views of Uranus and Neptune
JoAnna Wendel
The solar system's Ice Giants don't get a lot of robotic visitors, but Voayger 2 captured some amazing images.
Conspiracy theories
Scientists debunk a common theory about coronavirus
Polly Hayes
How exactly do we know that this virus has a “zoonotic” animal origin and not an artificial one?
Ice giants
New tool unpacks the mysteries of the Solar System's biggest weirdos
David Grossman
Scientists are working to unravel the mysteries of Uranus and Neptune.
look up
You need to see the Perseid meteor shower light up the skies this week
Passant Rabie
NASA says Perseids is a can't-miss opportunity.
Let the sunshine in
One simple strategy is essential to stop the spread of coronavirus indoors
Susan Roaf
An architectural engineer explains what must be done to save lives.
Blood Brothers
Dolphin study could lead to strategies for slowing down human aging
Nina Pullano
Similarities between humans and dolphins could help us delay the process of getting older.
New Pioneers
Juli Lawless knows no bounds
Maddie Bender
At Made In Space, she’s changing the game of aerospace technology.
A massive change is coming to the Himalayas
Ann Rowan
In the world of glaciology, the year 2007 would go down in history.
Why doesn’t our memory serve us well in this pandemic?
Celia Harris and Catherine J. Stevens
We are all living through a major historical event, a once-in-a-century pandemic that has radically changed how we work, learn, travel, socialise and spend our free time.
Why one type of dog can smell Covid-19 with a 100 percent success rate
Susan Hazel and Anne-Lise Chaber
What does a pandemic smell like? If dogs could talk, they might be able to tell us.
Don’t blame cats for destroying wildlife
William S. Lynn, Arian Wallach and Francisco J. Santiago-Ávila
Are cats really to blame for the worldwide loss of biodiversity?
Lockdown had a counterintuitive effect on mood, new evidence shows
Mark Fabian, Roberto Foa and Sam Gilbert
From June 2019 to June 2020, YouGov surveyed a nationally representative sample of around 2,000 respondents each week across Great Britain. It asked them to report on 12 mood states: happiness, contentment, inspiration, optimism, energy levels, sadness, apathy, stress, boredom, frustration, loneliness, and fear.