glow up

Scientists detect an unexpected, beautiful aurora in the Solar System

It turns out many more objects in the universe may experience their own Northern Lights than scientists suspected.

Young Innovators

Meet the “most powerful” team in Science Olympiad

The Troy Science Olympiad team has won 13 national championships, and they’re not stopping anytime soon.

green thumbs

Can planting a trillion trees really help Earth? It's complicated

Scientists explore where it makes most sense to plant carbon-sequestering trees to fight climate change.

New normals

"Cascading disasters": soccer-ball sized cameras are cataloging the burning American West

"People like to say that [events like these] are unprecedented. I would say that in this time of extreme climate, everything is precedented."

Aurora watch

equinox 2020: why you need to pay attention to the start of fall tomorrow

It only happens twice a year, but this curious celestial phenomenon signals beauty throughout the globe.

The Abstract Podcast

Solar storms, anti-solar panels, and the future of clean energy

In this episode, we discuss what the Sun’s energy is capable of — and how solar power technology can improve on its limitations.

Is anyone out there?

The 4 most promising worlds for alien life

The ingredients necessary for life exist beyond Earth.


Covid-19 statistics: 5 common errors armchair experts make

A statistician explains what a lot of people are getting wrong.