mystery solved
Scientists finally figured out what that gel-like stuff is on the Moon
Passant Rabie
This was likely the result of a meteorite impact.
6 of nature's smallest dinosaurs
JoAnna Wendel
Not all dinosaurs were massive, terrifying proto-birds.
8 stunning pictures of comet NEOWISE, and how you can see it
Passant Rabie
Sky enthusiasts across the world are sharing in this comet's journey through outer space.
The Abstract Podcast
Undiscovered stories of weird space discovery
Inverse Staff
In this episode, we discuss the unexpected surprises in the universe that astronomers continue to find.
This is what the universe would look like if you had x-ray vision
Passant Rabie
Astronomers are using this x-ray map to figure out how fast the universe is expanding.
Teeth time
400-million-year-old fish reveals new clues to how humans got teeth
Nina Pullano
"Nobody expected to find teeth so deep on the evolutionary tree."
Dolphin Diet
15-foot-long skeleton reveals 23-million-year old apex predator
Nina Pullano
Researchers uncovered a complete, prehistoric dolphin skeleton.
Helping Paw
The first report of "bystander effect" in animals shines a light on police brutality
Nina Pullano
Rats behave oddly like humans when they see a peer in distress.
The secret's in the stars
The universe is expanding — and we may finally know just how quickly
Passant Rabie
This is a crucial way to understand in more detail how the universe evolved.
team building
Robot scientists have solved the biggest challenge in chemistry
Sarah Wells
Prepare to meet your new lab mate.
The Abstract
Life lessons from untold Covid-19 stories
Inverse Staff
In this episode, we discuss “vet detectives” and NASA recruiting participants for isolation studies.
galactic mystery
Where does the Milky Way get its energy? Scientists may have found the answer
Passant Rabie
A new study provides clues to how much energy flows through the center of our galaxy.
Best Nest
Images reveal 5 scientifically amazing bird nests
Nina Pullano

These birds build nests that dazzle through design.

On Mars, the NASA Curiosity rover begins a new era of exploration
Passant Rabie
The robot explorer will reach its destination by fall.
wait, what?
A new exoplanet discovery has astronomers confused over its very state
Passant Rabie
Is it a large, unusually dense planet or the remains of a gas giant?
Spider Boom
Nature's creepiest crawler is thriving as climate change warms the Arctic
Nina Pullano
Recent research reveals the latest example of spider behavior changed by warming temperatures.
Astronomers have found the source of life in the universe
Passant Rabie
We're all made of stars.
Scientists find a 237-million-year-old miniaturized origin for giant dinosaurs
Nina Pullano
Being small "may have helped this group to flourish."
Hi Neighbor
Bear vs. human conflicts will get worse unless we adapt — study
Emma Betuel
Humans must develop a "social tolerance" for predators.
Inverse Daily: The center of the Solar System?
Greta Moran
Also in this edition: An update on Hyperloop, a new Abstract podcast, news about dog years, and the latest 'Not Sports' column.