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The Future of Mental Health

Inverse takes a deep dive into the technologies that may transform the way we think about and address mental health and where humanity could go if we succeed.

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The Real Reason Finland Is The Happiest Country In The World

ByThe Conversation and August Nilsson

People in the happiness and harmony groups thought less about power and wealth and more about broader forms of well-being.


This Common Adaptation Could Be The Key To Happiness

ByBruce Hood, Sarah Jelbert and The Conversation

Creating consistent positive habits in the face of all of life’s other demands is not a trivial request.


The Gold Standard For Measuring Brain Activity Has Been Around For 100 Years

ByGiridhar Kalamangalam and The Conversation

It is 10 years before the scientific community accepts Berger’s work, birthing the field of electroencephalography, or EEG for short.


Not All Stress Harms Us, But Finding The Amount That Does Is Crucial

ByThe Conversation and Lawson R. Wulsin

A psychiatrist describes the point where motivating stress starts to take a toll on health.


New Twin Study Reveals A Potential Brain-Gut Connection

ByThe Conversation and Mary Ni Lochlainn

Could the microbes in our gut hold the key to preventing cognitive decline in our ageing population?


Meditation Is Perfect for VR Headsets but Headspace’s Gamification Makes Me Gag

ByJames Pero

Can meditation be gamified? Headspace seems to think so. But should it be?


This Specific Type of Sleep Could Help Protect You From Dementia

ByAndrée-Ann Baril, Matthew Pase and The Conversation

We monitored and analyzed the sleep of people aged 60 and over to see who did — or did not — develop dementia. Here’s what we learned.


Is Ozempic An Antidepressant? Preliminary Studies Suggest It Could Be

ByMiriam Fauzia

Dulaglutide, a chemical relative of drugs Ozempic and Wegovy, reduced symptoms of depression in mice.


Scientists Debunk the Idea That Smiling Makes You Happy

ByThe Conversation and Amber Dance

A new analysis looks closely at happiness research — and doesn’t find much to smile about.


Can Covid-19 Lead to Cognitive Decline? Here’s What the Evidence Actually Shows

ByZiyad Al-Aly and The Conversation

A large and growing body of evidence details the many ways Covid-19 leaves an indelible mark on the brain.