The 7 Fastest (and Scariest) E-Bikes You Can Actually Buy Right Now

Some of these can even be made road-legal.

Hi Power Cycles' Revolution X e-bike
Hi Power Cycles

E-bikes are a smart alternative when it comes to meeting your daily commuting needs, but sometimes practicality isn’t enough. There are those among us who have a need for speed and require an option that tops out at more than 20 mph — much more.

Speed demons are in luck, multiple companies are building some absurdly fast e-bikes that go so far as to hit top speeds of 93 mph.

At that point, we’re inching really close to what would be an electric motorcycle, but believe it or not you can still operate these electric bicycles with their pedals.

If you’re an electric mobility thrill-seeker, these are seven of the fastest e-bikes you can buy to embrace your most dangerous tendencies.

7. Delfast Top 3.0 (50 mph)

The Top 3.0 can still get up to a 200-mile range but in its more modest Eco Mode.


Considering how scary 50 mph on an e-bike feels, it’s shocking that Delfast’s Top 3.0 is one of the slower models on this list. Delfast ships its all-terrain e-bike as a road-legal model that’s limited to 20 mph but you can switch it to Unlimited Mode to unlock its true potential.

6. Stealth B-52 (50 mph)

The B-52 comes in the black camo design above or one highlighted by lime green accents.

Stealth Electric Bikes

Even though the B-52 can also hit 50 mph, Stealth promises a smooth ride on your off-roading days thanks to a suspension inspired by enduro bikes. The Stealth B-52 looks more at home on the trails, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take it for a quiet ride on paved roads.

5. Vector Vortex (50+ mph)

Vector says you can fit two people onto the Vortex’s frame.


In its stock configuration, the Vortex can go up to 50 mph and gets from 0 to 30 mph in less than three seconds. Unlike the others, Vector encourages its customers to tune its electric bike by swapping out the rear sprocket to go beyond its advertised top speed.

4. Hi Power Cycles Revolution X9 (65+ mph)

The Revolution X9 comes in bronze by default, but HPC allows for custom color options.

Hi Power Cycles

HPC may ship out the Revolution X9 as a Class 2 e-bike, but it can quickly transform into one that goes more than 65 mph thanks to a powerful 9,000W motor. If you choose to drive more conservatively, you can get up to 100 miles on a single charge with the Revolution X9.

3. Hallomotor FC-1 (71 mph)

The race red colorway is very fitting for the FC-1.


With a 71 mph top speed, we’re entering absurdly fast levels of e-bikes with the FC-1. Hallomotor’s website even adds a warning that this is “recommended for experienced cyclists only.” We couldn’t agree more, but at least there are solid front and rear hydraulic disc brakes to keep that speed under control.

2. Hi Power Cycles Revolution W (80 mph)

An e-bike Bruce Wayne would be proud to ride.

Hi Power Cycles

If you ever wondered what Bruce Wayne, the public-facing side of Batman, would buy if he wanted an e-bike, Hi Power Cycles has the answer. The Revolution W packs an even more powerful motor compared to the Revolution X9 seen above, allowing it to hit a blistering 80 mph.

1. Cyclone Big Boy (93 mph)

We can only describe the Big Boy as dangerously fast.


We’re not sure who needs to hit almost 100 mph on an electric bicycle, but Cyclone’s aptly named Big Boy lets you do just that. This heart-pumping e-bike has enough torque to match some EVs out there at 442 lb-ft, which means the Big Boy should be reserved for the true daredevils out there.

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