Jackson Chen

Jackson Chen is a part-time News Writer for Inverse covering consumer tech topics including cameras, electric vehicles, outdoor tech, and more. While the latest Leica or Tesla is always exciting, it’s the weird and wonderful consumer tech products like a portable microwave or a keyboard with an interactive screen that keeps him coming back.

Before Inverse, he was writing about digital privacy, real estate, and local news as a freelance journalist. Before venturing into freelance work, Jackson had his byline in Real Estate Weekly, DNAinfo, and Manhattan Express. His bylines can also be seen in Brooklyn Paper and City Limits. Jackson earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism from State University of New York College at Purchase.

When not working, Jackson can usually be found falling at the skatepark, falling at the climbing gym, or falling asleep regardless of location. When he’s feeling real adventurous on the weekends, he can be found on cliffsides shooting photos or actually climbing.

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Originally Published: 

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