7 New AI Features That Samsung Galaxy Fans Need to Know About

These Galaxy AI tools could be enough of a reason to upgrade.

Samsung Galaxy AI on Galaxy Z Fold 6

Samsung’s Unpacked event brought the grand reveal of the latest Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 foldables, and while it mostly played it safe on the hardware front, it did introduce some impressive AI features to make the experience feel fresh.

Some of the Galaxy AI features build upon what was first introduced with the earlier Unpacked event this year that debuted the Galaxy S24 models, but some tap even further into generative AI to add more image creation, translation, and more. Here are seven of the must-know AI features that are coming to Samsung’s latest foldables.

1. Composer

Composer could be a crucial tool for followers of the Inbox Zero philosophy.


It takes forever to nail the right caption for your Instagram post or the correct tone for a work email. Samsung’s Composer feature tucked away in the keyboard can at least give you a decent starting point, generating suggested text based on certain keywords.

2. Sketch to Image

AI is here to make up for your lack of drawing skills.


This Galaxy AI feature is a serious blessing for those of us who can’t scribble anything beyond stick figures. Galaxy smartphone users can simply sketch what they’re picturing as best they can and Sketch to Image will fill in the gaps, offering refined versions of whatever you drew.

3. Interpreter’s Conversation Mode

No need to worry about not speaking the language of a foreign country you’re planning to visit.


Interpreter is getting a big upgrade with a new conversation mode that lets two people see individual translations on both the cover and main screens of Samsung’s latest foldables. The Interpreter feature was already impressive, but adding it to the Samsung foldables form factor is the perfect match.

4. More Live Translate Compatibility

Live Translate won’t be limited to Samsung’s native calling app.


Samsung introduced Live Translate with its Galaxy S24 models, letting users translate phone calls in real-time. With the latest update to Galaxy AI, you can use the new feature with third-party apps like WhatsApp and not just with Samsung’s native phone app.

5. Portrait Studio

Samsung’s latest foldables get the Midjourney AI-generated portrait treatment.


With the Portrait Studio feature, Samsung has fully embraced generative AI that transforms your selfies into different art styles. You can choose from sketch, watercolor, 3D cartoon, or comic designs to some extra punch with your profile pics.

6. Suggested Replies

No more leaving people on read with Suggested Replies.


You can use Suggested Replies to whip up a simple response without ever opening your Galaxy Z Flip’s cover screen. Galaxy AI will analyze your latest received messages and offer you a few tailored replies to choose from. Finally, spam messages for the people.

7. Photo Ambient

See what the weather is like with a quick glance at your Galaxy Z Flip 6’s AI-powered wallpaper.


Instead of a boring static image, Galaxy AI can check the time and weather to add some life to your wallpaper with the Photo Ambient feature. If it’s nighttime, your background will dim, and if there’s inclement weather, you’ll see animations of rain or snow.

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