Ayaneo’s New Android Gaming Handheld Has a Screen That Rival Flagship Phones

For a better mobile gaming experience.

Ayaneo Pocket Evo gaming handheld

Ayaneo already has plenty of handheld gaming PCs to choose from, but now it’s growing the list of Android options, too.

The handheld maker offered a vague look at its latest device, called the Pocket Evo, during its recent product showcase.

Ayaneo’s previous Android handhelds are no match for the Pocket Evo’s display.


This isn’t the first time Ayaneo has made an Android device — it announced the Pocket S in November and the Pocket Air previously — but the Pocket Evo stands out in other ways, namely its seven-inch display that has a 120Hz refresh rate. It’s rare to find an Android gaming handheld with that fast of a refresh rate since a majority of mobile games top out at 60Hz. Still, that means Ayaneo’s flagship Android device should handle fast-paced mobile gaming as smoothly as high-end smartphones, like Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra.

A Display Like No Other

Thanks to an OLED display with a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, the Pocket Evo can run everything from graphics-hungry mobile games like Genshin Impact to retro and indie games. While the 120Hz display may seem like overkill at the moment, you can hook the Pocket Evo up to a console or PC for a smooth gaming experience.

Besides the display specs, Ayaneo didn’t divulge any details on the internals. We expect the Pocket Evo to match or outclass the Pocket S on specs, which was similarly described as Ayaneo’s “Android flagship handheld.” For that, the Pocket Evo should at least start with 12GB of memory, 128GB of memory, a Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 chip, and a 6,000 mAh battery. On top of that, the Pocket Evo will need extra features like Hall effect joysticks and triggers, fingerprint unlock, and gyroscope and vibration compatibility if Ayaneo plans to stick to its premium design philosophy.

This Won’t Be Cheap

Ayaneo didn’t mention the release details nor the starting price of the Pocket Evo as part of its teaser, but the company is planning a live demo of its next Android handheld later this month. Considering its expensive product lineup including its sleek Game Boy remake called the Pocket DMG, you should expect a steep price tag with the Pocket Evo too. If the Pocket S’ starting price of around $600 is any indication, Ayaneo’s upcoming flagship Android handheld should be more expensive than that based on the display upgrades alone.

If you don’t feel like waiting, the Pocket S is starting shipments soon.


It’s less clear as to when Ayaneo wants to release the Pocket Evo since the company tends to go through Indiegogo crowdfunding with its handhelds. For reference, Ayaneo is only about to start shipping the Pocket S after first announcing it eight months prior. Don’t forget that the company has a live demo scheduled, so the Pocket Evo might be closer to production than we think.

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