This Game Boy Clone Has an OLED Screen, a Joystick, and a Touchpad

The Ayaneo Pocket DMG could be one of the fanciest Game Boy remakes we've seen yet.

Ayaneo Pocket DMG

Another next-gen Game Boy is on the way.

Ayaneo finally revealed a complete look at its upcoming retro gaming handheld, the Pocket DMG. We first saw teaser images for Ayaneo’s reimagining of the classic Nintendo handheld in November. It’s been quiet since then, but Ayaneo just shared some initial details for its premium Game Boy remake, which could rival Analogue’s Pocket.

According to Ayaneo, its Pocket DMG will feature an OLED display with quadruple the resolution of the original Game Boy. On top of that, the handheld will have modern features like a joystick and even a touchpad, similar to the Steam Deck. Think of it like the Game Boy you grew up with, but if it never got discontinued and continued to evolve three decades later.

So far, the Ayaneo Pocket DMG will come in white.


And black.

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A Game Boy With Modern Inputs

Starting with the unique button layout, Ayaneo included a joystick and a touchpad with the Pocket DMG. For more modern games that were originally played with two joysticks, you’ll shift your thumbs towards the lower half of the handheld. For retro titles, you can move your hands back up to the classic D-pad and A, B, X, Y, button setup. We get joysticks are a divisive design choice, but this feels like a clever configuration that elevates the Game Boy’s original design by giving users the best of both worlds.

Otherwise, you also get your standard Start and Select buttons. At the back, Ayaneo claims it’s solved the “imperfect shoulder button experience of vertical handhelds” but didn’t clarify exactly how its design was better than the clunky ones on current handhelds that are often prone to breaking.

Ayaneo didn’t detail the Pocket DMG’s specs yet, only teasing that it could handle “high-performance retro games and mainstream Android games” with ease. The handheld maker added that the Pocket DMG would be the “ceiling” in terms of performance for vertical handhelds and gets a cooling system to pair with that power. At least we know these games will look a lot better with its OLED display that has a 1,240 x 1,080 resolution.

Ayaneo’s Pocket DMG still has callback design features like an on/off switch.


And a volume wheel.

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This Won’t Be Cheap

Ayaneo still hasn’t revealed the cost or release date of the Pocket DMG, only teasing that it will announce more info at a later date. Judging by the specs revealed so far, we don’t expect Ayaneo’s Game Boy remake to be as affordable as others, like Anbernic’s RG35XX Plus. On top of that, Ayaneo has a reputation for making premium handhelds with price tags to match, like its flagship Ayaneo Kun which currently goes for $1,129.

Alongside the Pocket DMG reveal, Ayaneo revealed several other upcoming products as part of its Remake branding that brings back retro product designs like the original Macintosh or the classic NES console. We’re hoping that the Ayaneo Pocket Micro, inspired by the Game Boy Micro, represents a more affordable option compared to the Pocket DMG.

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