Tesla’s Cybertruck Motor Upgrade Feels Oddly Like Another Recall

That’s not what Tesla is calling it though.

Tesla Cybertruck with wheel caps

Your Cybertruck might be due back in a Tesla Service Center once again.

Following the recent recalls involving the accelerator pedal getting jammed and the windshield wiper failing, Tesla wants certain Cybertrucks to be brought in for an upgrade to its electric motors. First reported by Electrek, Tesla reached out to early Cybertruck owners with a notice that it would swap out the electric motor that their Cybertruck originally shipped with for an improved version at their next service visit.

In typical fashion, Tesla didn’t explain what the motor upgrade entails.


Tesla has been vague about the reasoning and improvements that come with this upgraded Cybertruck motor, but then again it hasn’t been forthcoming with several aspects of its electric pickup, including its half-empty battery pack and its previously advertised Boat Mode.

Early Buyers Beware

It’s worth noting that Tesla said the current motor in Foundation Series Cybertrucks isn’t dangerous to drive with. It does, according to Tesla, have “improved efficiency and reliability,” though Tesla hasn’t explained the difference, or which of the Cybertruck’s two motors is being swapped out.

This motor upgrade only applies to early Cybertruck owners who opted for the Foundation Series models, which is the only trim available to order right now at $120,000. We were expecting Tesla to eventually offer other trims, which come with fewer features but start closer to $60,000, but the company recently sent out emails stating that it would continue offering only the Foundation Series until late 2024 thanks to the ongoing demand.

So far, Foundation Series Cybertruck owners have had their hands full with repairs and recalls. Seeing all of this, we’d argue it’s better to skip the Foundation Series so you can avoid all the initial kinks that Tesla has had to work out as of late.

To the Service Centers

The good news for existing Cybertruck owners is that this motor upgrade won’t cost anything, but then again, neither do recalls. We obviously can’t call this a recall outright since Tesla says there’s no defect with the motor, but it’s certainly odd for Tesla to “upgrade” cars of their own volition for no added cost.

So far it seems like only a select number of owners have been informed of the voluntary motor swap. We’ve yet to hear about the exact benefits, but we’ll get a better idea in a few weeks when some owners eventually get their Cybertruck back from the Service Center with an upgraded motor.

Another trip back to the Service Center for the Cybertruck.


On one hand, the upgrade could be seen as Tesla being proactive, but on the other, it’s less than ideal that Tesla shipped out the Cybertruck only to discover that the motor could be improved a few months later. Either way, it looks like Cybertruck owners are in for another visit to Tesla’s Service Centers again.

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