Tesla’s Cybertruck Has a Big Problem With Its Massive Windshield Wiper

Surprise, surprise, another serious Cybertruck issue.

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Cybertruck owners can’t seem to catch a break and reports of the Tesla pickup’s comically large windshield wiper not working aren’t making things look any better.

Over the last few weeks, Cybertruck owners have been reporting that their windshield wipers stopped working. It may not seem like an immediate road hazard, but you won’t have much visibility when there’s anything more than a light drizzle while driving. When taken to a Tesla Service center, owners were told that a faulty motor was responsible, but that they would have to wait for the replacement part. Tesla has reportedly temporarily halted deliveries for the Cybertruck, as seen on social media.

This windshield wiper issue comes just a couple of months after a massive recall surrounding the Cybertruck’s accelerator pedal that could get jammed. Before that, the Cybertruck’s sharp frunk got a software update to detect obstructions but still managed to close onto some people’s fingers.

Dangerous Visibility When Raining

It may not be as scary as a stuck accelerator pedal, but a windshield wiper that doesn’t work still poses some danger when it’s raining. One Cybertruck Owners Club forum user said that they had to stick themselves out of an open window to drive their Cybertruck to a safe place when it started raining after picking up their new Tesla. According to most accounts from Cybertruck reservation holders, deliveries were pushed back at least a week. However, some owners reported that their windshield wipers work just fine, as seen below.

As usual, Tesla hasn’t issued any official notice about this windshield wiper issue yet. Instead, several firsthand accounts on social media from owners are piling up. While the reason is still officially unknown, DriveTesla reported that the blame could fall on the supplier of the Cybertruck’s windshield wiper motors.

A Second Recall Might Be on The Way

Considering how serious this issue can be for Cybertruck owners, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Tesla issue its second recall for its pickup. Tesla is no stranger to recalls since it recently issued one to resolve that previously-mentioned accelerator pedal issue. The simple fix for this amounted to adding a screw to secure the cover of the accelerator pedal so it wouldn’t slip out and get jammed — something that most owners could handle themselves.

However, fixing a windshield wiper motor isn’t as simple. In the meantime, most Cybertruck owners are left waiting for the replacement part to arrive at Tesla Service centers. Others have found a workaround that requires applying a water repellent as a bandaid solution. Whether this windshield wiper motor becomes a recall or not, Tesla is truly testing the patience of Cybertruck owners with the number of issues they have had to deal with lately.

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