This Batman-Themed E-Bike Is the Fastest You Can Buy and Costs As Much as a New Car

The Revolution W can hit a blistering 80 mph.

HPC's Revolution W e-bike

Batman may have the Batcycle to fight crime with, but Bruce Wayne needs something more subtle to get around on, like... Hi Power Cycles’ Revolution W e-bike, perhaps.

Hi Power Cycles (HPC) introduced its latest record-breaking e-bike, which was inspired by the public-facing side of Batman and claims to be the “fastest factory e-bike in the world.” HPC revealed the Revolution W in collaboration with Wayne Enterprises, as a way to pay homage to the first appearance of Batman in Detective Comics back in 1939.

HPC-built, Bruce Wayne-approved.


To earn the title of fastest e-bike you can buy, HPC designed the Revolution W to hit 80 mph. For reference, that beats out some of HPC’s own previous record holders, like the limited-edition Revolution XX that goes more than 70 mph. At those speeds, it feels like the only thing that distinguishes the Revoluton W from a motorcycle is the pedals. However, don’t forget that the U.S. federal speed limit for e-bikes only lets you hit 28 mph with pedal assist on the road. If you have your own private land like the Wayne Manor though, you’re in the clear.

Some Serious Kick

To achieve that absurd top speed, HPC put in a motor that can pump out 10,500 watts and 280 Nm, or 206 lb-ft, of torque. Even compared to performance e-bikes like Juiced Bikes’ JetCurrent Pro, the Revolution W has more than double the torque and far more power. Running HPC’s e-bike at top speeds may drain the battery faster, but if you use the throttle only at 20 mph, you can get up to 100 miles thanks to a 27.9Ah battery.

No matter how fast you’re going, the Revolution W should be a comfortable ride with 19-inch tires and front and rear suspension that gives you nine inches of frame travel. To match the performance, HPC used a frame that’s made of aerospace-grade aluminum and carbon fiber body panels. The Revolution W even has front- and rear-facing cameras built-in, along with a Bluetooth-compatible 5.5-inch color display.

The Price of a New Car

Unsurprisingly, this e-bike inspired by a fictional billionaire comes with an exorbitant price tag of $29,995 to match. The Revolution W will only come in black but is available for preorder now at Wayne Enterprises. If you’re sold on this ridiculously powerful e-bike, you’ll have to hurry since HPC is only making 27 of these. Since these e-bikes are custom-built to order, HPC said deliveries will take three to four months after ordering to get to customers.

The Maverick W is meant more for off-road trails but is much cheaper than the Revolution W.


If you don’t have that much money to throw at an e-bike, HPC’s Bruce Wayne collection also includes the Maverick W, an all-electric enduro mountain bike that’s much less powerful but still tops out at around 35 mph and has a max range of 60 miles. With those specs, it should line up well against McLaren’s recently announced off-road e-bikes. The Maverick W is still expensive at $17,995, but it’ll be more available since HPC plans to make 100 as part of a limited run.

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