This Folding E-Bike Has a Game-Changing Top Speed and Range

A 70-mile range and a top speed of 34 mph is wild for a folding e-bike.

Juiced Bikes' JetCurrent Pro in action
Juiced Bikes / YouTube

Electric bike riders often face the dilemma of going with performance or portability. If you want an exhilarating ride, get ready to lug a heavy e-bike everywhere. If you want a foldable e-bike, don’t expect any thrills on your daily commute. However, Juiced’s new e-bike may not make you compromise on either.

According to Juiced Bikes, the JetCurrent Pro is its most powerful e-bike ever with a top speed of 34 mph with pedal assist and a range of more than 70 miles. That’s more than enough to get you to and from the office and might even be faster than jumping into a car for city commutes. We can’t forget all of that power is packed into a foldable design, so the JetCurrent Pro can be stored easily in your apartment’s closet or your car trunk — that is, if you can handle the bike’s 76-pound weight.

The JetCurrent Pro tops out at a terrifying 34 mph with pedal assist.

Juiced Bikes

A Better Way to Commute

Don’t let the JetCurrent Pro’s foldable design fool you, there’s still a lot of power in this thing — it runs off a 1,200W electric motor that pumps out 2,000W of peak power. Juiced Bikes says it can handle hills just as easily with 105Nm of torque. All of that performance is thanks to a new 19.2Ah battery that delivers more than 70 miles of range. The removable battery shows you the current charge level thanks to LED lights and even has a compartment to store an AirTag in case you ever misplace it.

For a reliable ride, Juiced Bikes threw on 20-inch knobby tires that can handle more than just paved roads. Even when you’re maxing the e-bike out, the JetCurrent Pro has a four-piston hydraulic braking system and a custom fork to ensure braking at high speeds feels safe and smooth.

To unlock the JetCurrent Pro’s top speed, you have to configure the e-bike to Class 3 through the LCD display. For safer riding at night, the e-bike comes with integrated headlights that double as a horn and alarm, along with brake lights and turn signals. And to round it all out, Juiced Bikes added a USB charging port, a rear rack that’s compatible with a Thule child seat, and front and rear fender kits to prevent any kickback to you or the JetCurrent Pro.

When folded up, the JetCurrent Pro can easily be stowed into a trunk or closet.

Juiced Bikes

Shipping in the Summer

You can already preorder the JetCurrent Pro in purple, blue, tan, or black on Juiced Bikes’ website. The upcoming e-bike is currently available with a preorder price of $2,499, but the company will raise the price tag to $2,799 when the JetCurrent Pro officially hits the market.

Juiced Bikes says its foldable e-bike will start shipping in June so you do have some time to consider if the JetCurrent Pro is worth it. There are plenty of foldable alternatives on the market already, including ones from Lectric or Ride1Up, but they might not match the JetCurrent Pro on performance.

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