This Bamboo E-Bike Can Fold Up in Just Seven Seconds

The Tom is built with bamboo and as few plastic parts as possible.

TOM folding e-bike made of bamboo

There’s a more sustainable way to get to work. ToMove introduced Tom, its folding electric bicycle that’s built using recyclable materials, via Kickstarter. The Tom was meant for commuting around a city since its design lets you fold it up and carry it with you on a bus, train, or car.

E-bikes with a foldable design aren’t new. Neither is a folding e-bike that’s built with sustainable materials. However, the Italian startup is hoping to attract potential riders with its unique folding mechanism that packs it down to something tall and narrow, akin to rollable luggage.

The Tom only weighs 44 lbs so you can wheel it around easily.

ToMove / Kickstarter


The Tom packs a 750 Wh battery that gets around 31 miles of range and can charge from 0 to 100 percent in about three hours. It tops out at 27 mph with its 500W motor and can handle hills up to 18 degrees. The Tom’s battery also acts as a power bank that can recharge your devices.

ToMove included a double suspension and adjustable handlebars for a more comfortable ride. The Tom can stop on a dime with its hydraulic disc brakes and has turn lights to help navigate a hectic downtown. From its folded state, you can unfurl the Tom and get to riding in less than seven seconds.

The Tom’s top speed of 27 mph is plenty fast for getting around a city.

ToMove / Kickstarter

ToMove went with recyclable materials to build the Tom, including an aluminum frame and bamboo body, with as few plastic parts as possible. In total, the Tom weighs around 44 lbs. Like most e-bikes, you can pair it with your smartphone to get more capabilities, like geolocating your Tom, alerts if someone tampers with it, battery level checks, and even ordering spare parts.


ToMove is producing the Tom through crowdfunding but reached its goal of nearly $8,800 in an hour. At the time of publishing, the Tom is close to $90,000 in funding with 59 backers already, still with two weeks to go.

ToMove will start deliveries of the Tom later this year.

ToMove / Kickstarter

Eventually, the Tom will retail for $2,999, but it’s currently available for around $1,747 on Kickstarter. ToMove says it’s currently in the final development phase for Tom, meaning there won’t be any major changes coming. The folding e-bike is expected to start production later this year in October or November, with deliveries to backers shortly after that.

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