This Cargo E-Bike Has An Impressive Range That Can Outlast Some EVs

Plus, it’s made for off-roading.

Tern's Orox cargo e-bike

Most cargo e-bikes like the UBCO 2x2 we recently reviewed get around 50 to 75 miles of range. It’s more than enough if you’re riding around in a city. But what if you want to take an e-bike on a real adventure that stretches beyond the perimeters of downtown? Tern has just the long-range e-bike for you.

Tern’s latest premium e-bike, the Orox, can tackle off-roading while carrying all your gear. On top of that, the Orox runs on two batteries, which translates to more than 186 miles of range. Anywhere near 200 miles on a single charge is below average these days for an EV, but we don’t see those kinds of range numbers with e-bikes.

The Orox will start at $6,499 and will be available starting in April.


Dual-Battery Design

The nearly 200-mile range is thanks to the Orox’s chassis that fits two 800 Wh batteries and an efficient motor design. You can even pack an extra battery and quickly swap out a dead one for an immediate 100-mile boost. Since the Orox is meant to travel off the beaten path, Tern designed a frame pack to better insulate the batteries so they can keep up in colder temperatures.

To better suit the environment you’re planning to ride in, the Orox has a unique frame and fork that let you swap between 26-, 27.5-, and 29-inch extra-wide tires. Whether you’re charging through snow, sand, mud, or dirt, the burly fenders should help deflect any debris away from the bike and yourself. Tern says the Orox has a max weight of 462 pounds on the road and 397 pounds when you’re off-roading, so you could even have someone join your adventure in the back seat.

The Orox will have no problem keeping up with your next adventure.


Tern Orox Cargo E-Bike Price and Release Date

You can order the Orox in medium or large frames since the bike was built to accommodate anyone from 5’1” to 6’5”. The Orox’s capability, combined with its top-of-the-line range, will cost you since it starts at $6,499. We’re firmly in the premium e-bike category with that price tag, but it’s justified since it’s hard to find an e-bike that can offer incredible range, off-road capabilities, and cargo capacity. Tern says the Orox will arrive at bike shops in North America and Europe in April, with other markets to follow.

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