Razor’s New Off-Road E-Bike Is Built to Tackle Your Roughest Adventures

The Rambler TRL can handle trails or regular city commuting.

Razor Rambler TRL

Razor is venturing further into off-road terrain with its latest Rambler TRL electric bicycle. While most of its electric scooters and e-bikes have been designed for paved roads, Razor’s latest e-bike can handle bumpy trails and tricky terrain just as well.

Even though the Razor brand still evokes some nostalgia for us, it’s not just the scooter brand we remember from our childhoods. The company has, more recently, delved into more adult-oriented options, including its Rambler e-bikes, cargo e-scooters, and standup e-scooters. Razor isn’t just making kids’ toys anymore.

The Rambler TRL e-bike is another solid option for adults in Razor’s lineup.


Ride How You Want

Razor equipped the Rambler TRL with a 750W hub-driven motor that lets you top out at nearly 20 mph. You can use either the electric pedal assist or the twist throttle to help you hit that max speed, which you’ll see on the dashboard display that shows you your speed, battery life, and power level.

The e-bike’s 750W powertrain is powered by a 46.8-volt battery pack, which should give you a range of up to 16.6 miles. While that’s not the most impressive range, Razor says that should give you about 50 minutes of riding on a full charge.

To make sure you’re comfy while you’re hitting off-road terrain, the Rambler was built with 20-inch knobby tires and a lockout feature that lets you adjust between a stiff- or soft-feeling suspension. There’s even an adjustable suspension fork that you can finetune to really customize how your off-road riding feels.

Embrace your adventurous side and plow through that stream.


More Affordable Than You Think

You can already order the Ramble TRL on Razor’s website, starting at $1,299.99, which may seem steep, but for an off-road bike, isn’t an unthinkable price tag.

Looking at other similar e-bike options, the Rambler TRL could even be a bargain. Razor’s e-bike may not be able to match the top speed of Juiced Bikes’ HyperScrambler 2 or the range of the UBCO’s e-bikes, but you’re also not shelling out $3,499 for it.

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