One of the Most Affordable Folding E-Bikes Is Getting a Big Overhaul

The best part: No price increase!

Lectric XP Lite 2.0 folding e-bike in lavender

E-bikes — especially folding ones — keep getting better without ballooning in price.

Take Lectric’s new XP Lite 2.0 e-bike. It upgrades one of the most popular entry-level folding e-bikes with an improved motor, a color display, and an optional battery boost while still keeping the original $799 starting price tag. Pound for pound, this combination of improved features and affordable pricing is why people are choosing Lectric over other e-bike brands.

The XP Lite 2.0 still starts at $799.


Almost Double the Range

The standard version of the Lectric XP Lite 2.0 gets 45 miles with its 7.8Ah battery, but there’s a long-range option that uses a 14Ah battery for up to 80 miles of range.

As for performance, the XP Lite 2.0 also has a “Stealth 24” motor, which Lectric claims is 400 percent quieter but can still hit a top speed of 20 mph.

If you want an even smoother ride, there’s a premium JW Black trim that adds on a belt system made by Gates Carbon Drive. This system means a much quieter drivetrain and fewer maintenance issues compared to traditional designs, like dropped or snapped chains. Electric motorcycles like Zero Motorcycles have used them, so the belt system can definitely handle the abuse from an e-bike.

Rounding out the upgrades, the XP Lite 2.0 has front and rear hydraulic brakes for more responsive stopping, a color LCD display, and BMX-inspired handlebars.

The XP Lite 2.0 will now come in five colors.


Now Available in Lavender

Lectric already opened preorders for the XP Lite 2.0 on its website and will start shipments in July. For anyone looking for a more colorful option, the e-bike is available in Lavender Haze, along with the previous choices of tan, blue, and white. The upgraded JW Black version with the Gates Carbon Drive fittingly comes in black and starts at $899, with an optional battery upgrade for an extra $200.

As mentioned earlier, the XP Lite 2.0 starts at the same $799, so it keep its place as one of the most affordable foldable e-bikes on the market. At this price point, the XP Lite 2.0 beats out some other foldable e-bikes, like Ride1Up’s Portola and the even more expensive RadExpand 5 from Rad Power Bikes.

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