This Affordable E-Bike’s Swappable Battery Gives It Range That’s Hard to Beat

Lectric does it again with an affordably-priced e-bike.

Lectric's XPress e-bike

Lectric has delivered on another e-bike that looks perfect for daily commutes.

The e-bike maker, known for its affordably-priced offerings, is back with the XPress, its first full-sized commuter e-bike. The XPress may not fold like its other popular options, but it maintains Lectric’s styling which is more akin to a regular bike.

Staying true to the brand, the XPress starts at $999, while offering up to 120 miles thanks to a removable battery design. For that price, the XPress’ range and power are ridiculous value. Even though Lectric’s XP 3.0 was a solid e-bike for daily commutes, the XPress is targeting those who don’t care for fat tires or portability.

The XPress will come in black for high-step and white for step-thru models.


Choose Your Motor

The XPress comes in two options, one that’s powered by a 500-watt motor and a 10.4Ah battery and another that uses a 750-watt motor and a 14Ah battery. The smaller battery gets you roughly 45 miles, while the larger battery delivers more power and up to 60 miles of range. Even better, Lectric’s batteries are easily removable so you can swap your dead battery for a fresh one to double your range to 120 miles.

You should notice a difference when pedaling hard on the XPress compared to other commuter e-bikes, thanks to Lectric’s PWR+ feature. The technology can manage power output based on how you’re pedaling, meaning you can get to the top speed of 28 mph more easily and with better control. When you do want a little extra boost, you can engage the thumb throttle below the handlebar.

The XPress should offer a more comfortable ride than any folding e-bike — Lectric drives that comfort home by adding a front suspension fork, seven-speed drivetrain, 27.5-inch tires, and hydraulic disc brakes. Of course, you still get the color LCD display that shows you all the necessary info and has a USB-A port.

You can easily replace the XPress’ batteries to get even more range.


A Smoother Ride for the Same Price

XPress models are available for preorder on its website, starting at $999 for the 500W model with less range. You can bump it up to the 750W motor, which starts at $1,299, and Lectric will throw in a spare battery worth $500 as part of its preorder promotion. You can order either model in High-Step or Step-Thru designs

With the same starting price as the popular XP 3.0, Lectric’s XPress gives those who want a more comfortable ride during daily commutes a better option. This is especially true if you don’t care that much about being able to fold down the bike to stow away better at the office or your apartment. Lectric says the XPress will ship in June.

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