Lectric’s One Premium Is the Lightest E-Bike With a 750-Watt Motor

The company known for its budget-focused e-bikes is... still known for its budget-focused e-bikes.

Lectric One e-bike

One of the most alienating things about e-bikes is the price. It’s possible to get an e-bike on a budget, but the compromises can range from irksome to downright scary. Given all the headlines about e-bike fires, do you really want to skimp out on a proper battery? Methinks not.

In that sea of premium prices, however, Lectric has made a big name for itself by consistently selling solid bikes at a price that more people can afford, and in that endeavor, its new premium bike is no different.

The Lectric One

While $2,000 may seem steep on the surface, once you start to inventory everything the Lectric One comes with, that price really starts to feel unbelievable.

Lectric’s new bike comes with a Pinion gearbox which alone costs about $1,500. The inclusion of that premium gearbox (and Pinion’s “Smart.Shift” technology) is meant to give riders an automotive-like smoothness to riding.

On top of that, the Lectric One also comes with a Gates Carbon Drive belt, which uses a carbon fiber-reinforced belt. Lectric says the drive should be nearly maintenance-free as well as “quiet, smooth, and strong.” For the record, those two components — if you were buying them on your own — would already run you well over the $2,000 cost of the Lectric One.

On top of that, Lectric also says that the Lectric One, which comes with a 750-watt Stealth M24 rear hub motor, is the lightest bike to use a 750-watt motor. According to Lectric’s website, the Lectric One and its alloy frame weigh 55 pounds altogether.

There will be two battery options, a 10.4Ah and a 14Ah lithium-ion battery, which Lectric says will get riders about 45 miles and 60 miles on a single charge respectively. You can ride the Lectric One as a Class 1, 2, or 3 e-bike, which means you can expect speeds of up to 28 mph.

Other features include a backlit, heads-up color LCD display, hydraulic disc brakes, a brake-activated taillight, and also — exclusive to the pre-order launch — front and rear fenders, and a rear rack.

Lectric One Pre-Order

If this deal seems too good to be true, well... You better believe it. Selling functional and well-reviewed e-bikes at a highly competitive price has been the company’s claim to fame from the beginning, and I can only assume the Lectric One is no different.

Sure, there are plenty of e-bikes you could spend $2,000 on, but you’d be extremely hard-pressed to find a single one with parts as premium as the Lectric One. I’ll reserve my judgment on whether the Lectric One is as smooth and premium as the company claims for if/when I ride one, but right now the numbers don’t lie: This is another good deal from a company fixated on offering good deals. You can preorder the Lectric One here.

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