These New E-Bikes Are Trying to Solve Electric Mobility’s Scariest Problem

Rad Power Bikes’ fire-resistant batteries are a welcome reassurance.

Rad Power Radster e-bike
Rad Power

When it comes to spontaneous fires, there’s no such thing as being too safe.

That’s why Rad Power Bikes introduced a new battery design called Safe Shield that will be making its first appearance with the company’s latest lineup of e-bikes. Along with its brand new Radster e-bike model, Rad Power Bikes is updating its RadWagon 5 and the RadExpand 5 Plus with this safer battery.

Incidents of fires caused by e-bike batteries have been growing, particularly in big cities where this form of transportation is more common. The chances of your e-bike catching fire are unlikely if you store and use it correctly, but we’re not opposed to adding that extra level of security like Rad Power Bikes is doing. At the very least, it’ll give you some more peace of mind when storing your e-bike’s battery in your apartment.

The Safe Shield batteries will give you up to 65 miles of range.

Rad Power Bikes

A Better Battery Design

The Safe Shield battery design works by wrapping each of its cells with a heat-absorbing resin that better protects it against corrosion and overheating. The resin layer not only stops overheating from spreading, but it can also stop a puncture or serious knock from ruining the battery’s integrity. Rad Power Bikes will have a semi-integrated version incorporated into its new Radster model, but external ones for its updated RadExpand 5 Plus and RadWagon 5 models.

For its Radster Trail model, Rad Power Bikes threw on some updated mid-fat tires and an upright riding position so it can give you a relaxed ride on both paved paths and off-roading. The Radster Road variant is more suited for city commuting with its narrower tires and larger handlebar sweep that’s meant to give you a more comfortable ride. The Road model even has full fenders and a chain guard to keep the dust off you during your daily commute. Both versions are expected to get 65 miles on a single charge and deliver some decent power with a 750W motor.

Along with the new Radster, Rad Power Bikes is updating the RadWagon 5 and RadExpand 5 Plus with the new battery design. The cargo e-bike now features a smaller frame and a lower center of gravity, while the folding e-bike gets more payload capacity, a better color display, and a hydraulic front suspension to better tackle bumpier roads.

The Radster Trail model gets wider tires for rougher terrain.

Rad Power Bikes

Deliveries Staring in April

Rad Power Bikes has put both models of its Radster e-bike up for preorder, both starting at $1,999, with the first shipments going out on April 10. If you want the updated RadExpand 5 Plus, it’s also available for preorder at $1,899 and will ship on the same date. The RadWagon 5 will get sent out to customers a week later on April 17, with the cargo e-bike starting at $2,199.

While the new Safe Shield batteries come with the updated models, Rad Power Bikes wants to make them available individually, too. The batteries can already be preordered for $599 but will start shipping on May 15. Just make sure you have the right battery for your e-bike.

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