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James is Inverse’s Senior Gear Editor and spends his time crafting stories with words and lots of pretty pictures. Sometimes, he also reviews viral internet things you probably shouldn’t buy — and some that you should! When he’s not at work, staring intensely into a glowing rectangle (computer monitor), he can be found at home, staring into a separate, more enjoyable, glowing rectangle (the TV). Send him a line if you want to argue intensely about chicken wings.


If Tesla’s Cracked Cybertruck Window Decal Is a Joke Then We’re the Punchline

From meme to merchandise.


What Exactly Is the Cybertruck’s Max Range?

Tesla’s top-of-the-line Cybertruck trim, the Cyberbeast, might actually get close to its promised 500-mile range but with one notable caveat.


Nothing Removes New Messaging App That Made Green Bubbles Appear Blue on iPhone

Contrary to Nothing’s claims, the Chats app was not end-to-end encrypted.

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Carl Pei Has Nothing To Lose

We went to London to get a firsthand look at Nothing’s design studio and talk to the people waging a battle against an army of boring gadgets.


Apple’s RCS Adoption Won’t Spell the End of the Green Bubble After All

After long last, Apple is easing its restrictions on Android messages, but green bubbles are here to stay.

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Humane Finally Reveals Everything About Its $699 Phone-Killing Ai Pin

Here’s a detailed look at how the Ai Pin works.


Why Apple's Black MacBook Pro Has People Losing Their Minds

It has less to do with an aesthetic and everything to do with rarity.


Apple’s 24-Inch iMac Adds the New M3 Chip for a Big Performance Bump

A modest upgrade to Apple’s iMac bumps the M1 processor up to the newly unveiled M3.


Google Pixel Buds Pro Review: I Lost an Earbud, a SIM Card, and My Sanity

Lost earbuds, lodged SIM cards, and a whole lot of dropped charging cases.

Mixed Reality

The Quest 3’s Best Secret Feature Is Giving Your PS5 a Giant Screen

With some messing around you can bring PS Remote Play to your Quest 3.


EVs Are About To Get Really Weird at Japan’s Biggest Car Show

Honda, Nissan, and Toyota are playing catchup in the EV world, but what they lack in real-life EVs they’re making for in imagination.

Mixed Reality

People Are Freaking Out Over the Quest 3's New Mixed Reality Piano Teacher

And I can't say I blame them.


Toyota's New EV Concept Looks Like the Boxy Sci-Fi Van We Deserve

Boxy, fun, and futuristic.


Analogue Is Giving Us the 4K N64 We Never Had

The details are sparse, but the idea itself is enough to have us on the edge of our seats.


You Can Now Buy A Cybertruck-Inspired Electric Scooter

Cyberscooter anyone?


Why It’s Impossible for Me To Leave My iPhone for Google’s Fantastic Pixel 8 Pro

Even a great Google phone can’t pry me away from the one iOS feature that has us all handcuffed.

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Jbuds Mini Review: Tiny Earbuds Are Great if You’re Okay With Big Compromises

Jlab’s Jbuds Mini earbuds make being small the big attraction.


Google's New Pixel 8 Opens the Floodgates to Generative AI on Smartphones

Pixel phones have long been playgrounds for the latest and greatest AI, but the next step will be a big one.


5 Things You Need to Know About Ford's New F-150 Lightning Flash

Ford's new Lightning trim is taking a tech-forward approach to electric trucks.


Meta's Quest Headset Is Still VR's Best Chance at Getting Big

Even with Apple in the mix and the Quest Pro out of the gate, the Quest 3 is the headset to beat.