Dais Johnston

Dais Johnston is a staff writer at Inverse covering Entertainment and Culture, particularly international media and social justice in media. Their work has previously appeared on BUST.com and The Belladonna. They have a degree in Theatre from Agnes Scott College, focusing on screenwriting and the elements of storytelling. As a military child, Dais grew up all over the world, giving a global perspective to the stories we all enjoy and what they have in common. They are also part of a zoom theatre troupe, the Cobalt Internet Theater, live-streaming table reads of classic TV and movie scripts.

From a leak to a flood
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Army of Thieves review: The best hope for the Snyderverse’s future

Zack Snyder’s not directing, but this Netflix heist-thriller follow-up to Army of the Dead expands the world he created.

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Night Teeth review: Netflix’s vampire thriller is Collateral meets Bright

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