The Superhero Issue

The 2021 Inverse Superhero Issue challenges the most dominant idea in our culture today.

New stories are added daily, October 11-22, 2021.

Takeia Marie

The Superhero Issue

A letter from the editor

Roxane Gay introduces the 2021 Inverse Superhero Issue.

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The Superhero Issue

What’s wrong with wanting to be saved?

Just because I’m a Black, queer, woman, and ostensibly un-Christian doesn’t mean I don’t want a Sky Daddy to come and make things easier for me.

The Superhero Issue

Superhero stories have a disability problem

In both our real and superhero-filled worlds, the fear of anything imperfect and different is seen as something to fix or destroy.

Emilio Lopez

The Black Superman paradox

The Superhero Issue

In defense of supervillains

“I want to know what it is that a superhero can offer me, what problem a superhero solves for a skeptical black queer woman with a book and a customer service job. I want to know what I need a superhero for, exactly.”

“I like to call myself Marvel trash.”

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We, the Super Ones

Black women are already superheroes, even if Hollywood doesn’t see it.

Takeia Marie

The Superhero Issue

Afrofuturist and horror writer Tananarive Due: “Invite more Black creators to the table”

The award-winning author discussed her work as a pioneer of horror, how she got her start, and the future of Afrofuturism.

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The Superhero Issue

The Batman screenwriter reveals the secrets of his cerebral approach to the Dark Knight

Mattson Tomlin, writer of 2022’s The Batman and Batman: The Imposter, explains why Gotham needs Batman.

The Superhero Issue

Lashana Lynch doesn’t want to be the next James Bond. She’s thinking bigger.

“We’ve been focusing on James Bond for so long,” Lynch tells Inverse. “Who else is here?”


“I feel like I’m a different person.”

Carlos Adama

The Superhero Issue

What if the Avengers weren't white?

Illustrator Takeia Marie reimagines the Avengers to reflect “overlooked parts of the world.”

“I always wanted Snake Eyes to be Asian.”

The Superhero Issue

Who's the best superhero of all time? Science reveals the surprising answer

Spoiler alert: It’s not Batman.

Warner Bros.

Superheroines and the monstrous feminine

The oral history of The Infinity Gauntlet, Marvel's game-changing comic event

30 years ago, Marvel redefined comics and superheroes forever. Here’s how.

The Superhero Issue

How Mark Hamill helped make the trippiest sci-fi superhero movie of the ‘90s

Cyborg superheroes, evil aliens, and Luke Skywalker: why The Guyver still rules on its 30th anniversary.

The Superhero Issue

Is Captain America bisexual? Why a queer Steve Rogers matters

This Marvel fan fiction is more important than you think.

The Superhero Issue

How Captain Planet inspired a generation of Millennials to save the world

“You all are now Captain Planet,” says Barbara Pyle, who helped create the eco-friendly superhero. “You are now the superheroes.”

The Superhero Issue

Africa's first kid superhero is “liberating” a generation of fans

Super Sema has a chance to inspire a new generation with its positive outlook on science and technology.

The Superhero Issue

The real science of Poison Ivy reveals an even deadlier real-life villain

This misanthrope is more relevant than ever.

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