Chrishaun Baker

Chrishaun Baker is a freelance critic, essayist, and screenwriter with an affinity for comic books, horror movies, post-punk and rap music. He spends a mind-numbing amount of time playing video games and his favorite movie of all-time is David Cronenberg's Videodrome.

Chrishaun is a Film and Television alumni at Western Carolina University, and his writing can be seen all over the web but most notably with the fantastic crew at Film-Cred.


Unlike Most Blockbusters, 'Oppenheimer' Could Actually Earn Its Epic Runtime

If anyone can justify straining your bladder, it’s Christopher Nolan.


Will There Be a 'Scream 7'? Everything We Know So Far About the Slasher Sequel

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'Daredevil: Born Again' May Take Place During A Surprising Time Period

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New Series Pulls 'Everything Everywhere' Stars into Another Multiversal Adventure

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'Everything Everywhere' Changed Oscar History — What Took So Long?

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'Colossal' Was a Funny and Thoughtful Look at Alcoholism. Also, There was a Kaiju.

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How 'The Long Goodbye' Gave Noir a Much-Needed Shakeup

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'Sorry to Bother You' is an Absurdist Call to Action

Boots Riley’s dazzling debut gives a middle finger to capitalism with the most WTF third-act twist.

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The New York of 'Taxi Driver' Has Changed, but its Angry Young Man is Eternal

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All These Years Later, 'The Terminator' is Still a Propulsive Shock

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A Lot of ‘80s Sci-fi is Dated. Videodrome Feels More Relevant Than Ever.

“It’s that time again. Time to slowly, painfully ease yourself back into consciousness.”