Eric Francisco

Eric Francisco is the senior entertainment reporter at Inverse. If a movie or TV show has superheroes, alien worlds, kung fu, or John Cena, he's your man to make sense of it all. A year after a chance encounter during his internship at Late Night with Seth Meyers put him on a path to journalism, Eric joined Inverse in 2015 as one of its first hires. He now reviews new releases that make up your Netflix binge weekends while also reporting on geek pop culture trends, like the controversial Comicsgate movement, the resurgence of Dungeons & Dragons, and Asian-American representation. His pull quotes have been featured for movies and TV shows such as Now You See Me 2 (2016), Venom (2018), Child’s Play (2019), and WandaVision (2021). Before the pandemic, Eric attended New York Comic-Con nine years in a row. Follow Eric on Twitter @EricFrancisco24, where you'll see him yelling about the New Jersey Devils. You may also run into him on the virtual battlefield of Call of Duty: Warzone, but only after hours.

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