Eric Francisco

Eric is a film and journalism graduate of Rutgers University. Specializing in the nerdy side of pop culture, he has also written for Geekscape and TheDishh. He's still hoping to be bitten by a radioactive spider.
Inverse Interview
'Blood of Zeus' Season 2 release date depends on one Netflix metric, creators reveal
Eric Francisco
Charley and Vlas Parlapanides reveal what the future holds for Netflix's anime hit about the Greek myths and legends.
Cold War Heating Up
'Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War' release date, trailer, story, more
Tomas Franzese, Eric Francisco and Just Lunning
Your squad's assignments will be doled out by ... Ronald Reagan?
These are the ways
'Mandalorian' stunts: The secret backstory behind the 5 best fight scenes
Eric Francisco
Emmy-winning stunt coordinator Ryan Watson walks through five of The Mandalorian's greatest stunts from Season 1.
Inverse Review
'Blood of Zeus' review: Netflix's best (American) anime ever
Eric Francisco
Gorgeous and violent, Blood of Zeus reveals where the emerging scene of American-made anime is headed.
The Power Rangers just became Marvel's next big rival
Eric Francisco
The nearly 30-year-old franchise has finally become something it never was before: Original.
Straight Outta Cold War
Call of Duty's Joseph and William Bowman reveal may change the whole story
Eric Francisco
When does this game take place, anyway?
Last Call
You need to watch the best sci-fi trilogy on Netflix before it leaves this week
Eric Francisco
The first three movies in the Underworld series aren't just perfect for Halloween, they're amazing relics of a time in action cinema gone by.
Last Call
9 horror movies on Netflix you need to watch before they leave next week
Eric Francisco
It's the season of scares, and Netflix has nine must-see horror and dark fantasy titles to watch before they leave the streaming service.
8-bit week
Nintendo Power Glove: The unexpected second life of a "failed" accessory
Eric Francisco
It sold at retail for just a year, but its impact is still felt today.
Inverse Codex
'Lovecraft Country' Season 2 renewal, release date, trailer for HBO's genre-bending thriller
Eric Francisco
When will it be time to return to Lovecraft Country?
The Superhero Issue
How to make a comic book — according to three superhero experts
Eric Francisco
Step 1: Be clear — and fun!
Last Call
You need to watch the best sci-fi war movie on Netflix before it leaves this week
Eric Francisco
This most realistic movie about an alien invasion ever made.
Your Turn to Roll
Critical Role: 2020 "turned everything on its head" for the D&D phenomenon
Eric Francisco
Ahead of the October 20 release of The World of Critical Role, Travis Willingham and Liam O'Brien reflect on a "hell year."
'Scare Me' ending explained: "We feel entitled as a gender," director says
Eric Francisco
Writer/director/actor Josh Ruben and co-star Aya Cash unpack their exploration of toxic men in the Shudder exclusive Scare Me.
'Call of Duty' beta start time: How to play this weekend on PS4, Xbox and PC
Eric Francisco
All you need to know to be ready for the open beta of 2020's most explosive game.
Kaiju Killers
'Monster Hunter' movie trailer, cast, release date for the video game film
Eric Francisco
Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich and Thai icon Tony Jaa team up to kill monsters in Monster Hunter, based on the Capcom games.
Rev It Up
'Call of Duty: Warzone': How to get leaked Jigsaw and Leatherface skins
Eric Francisco
To celebrate Halloween, Call of Duty is getting a crossover with Saw and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
'Snake Eyes' 2021 costume leak reveals how it fixes the G.I. Joe movies
Eric Francisco
2021's Snake Eyes may have a costume that makes up for G.I. Joe movie sins of the past.
Kitty Boots
'The Batman' set photos leak reveals a wild Tim Burton connection
Eric Francisco
The cat's out of the bag...
'Spider-Man 3': Doctor Strange leak reveals a shocking villain
Eric Francisco
The presence of the Sorcerer Supreme in 2021's untitled Spider-Man 3 may offer a clue at the real threat awaiting Spidey.