Eric Francisco

Eric is a film and journalism graduate of Rutgers University. Specializing in the nerdy side of pop culture, he has also written for Geekscape and TheDishh. He's still hoping to be bitten by a radioactive spider.
Oscar Hunting
2 hours ago
Vin Diesel's Bloodshot borrows one idea from DC's most controversial movie
Eric Francisco
The Groot actor's first live-action superhero role has something other comic book adaptations don't.
Bee Afraid
17 hours ago
'Candyman' 2020 trailer, release date, cast, plot for the Tony Todd sequel
Eric Francisco
Jordan Peele writes the sequel to this '90s horror classic.
Collect them claws!
18 hours ago
‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Funko Pop reveals a major supervillain spoiler
Eric Francisco
This isn't even Kristen Wiig's final form.
Inverse Reviews
2.25.2020 7:00 AM
‘The Invisible Man’ is a new horror classic you must see to believe
Eric Francisco
Creepy, clever, and engrossing, Elisabeth Moss stars is the unseen hit of the spring.
Evening, Commissioner.
2.24.2020 9:38 PM
Jeffrey Wright's ‘The Batman’ research hints at an unexpected Jim Gordon
Eric Francisco
Will good ol' Commissioner be even older and weirder?
Seeing Red
2.24.2020 6:12 PM
'WandaVision' set leaks reveal a connection to 1 of Marvel's best comics ever
Eric Francisco
The Disney+ series will take after a key Marvel Comics title, and that could reveal a lot about the plot.
Set Leaks Strike Again
2.21.2020 9:30 PM
'The Batman' set leaks: There's a good reason Pattinson looks like that
Eric Francisco
You might not like the way he looks, but it's not totally Matt Reeves' fault?
2.21.2020 8:06 PM
'Mortal Kombat 11' Spawn DLC release date, character design, and everything to know
Eric Francisco
Todd McFarlane's coolest anti-hero of all time will join the brutal fighting game very soon.
The Crimson Grasshopper Strikes Again
2.21.2020 7:45 PM
Roberto Gómez Bolaños: Why Chespirito was an entertainment pioneer
Eric Francisco
Google celebrates the Mexican pop culture icon, Chespirito.
Natural 20
2.21.2020 4:59 PM
'Onward' review: D&D meets 'Weekend at Bernie's,' and it's a critical hit
Eric Francisco
Pixar levels up in fantastic love letter to Dungeons and Dragons.
2.20.2020 6:36 PM
'Westworld' Season 3 trailer debunks a major theory about Aaron Paul
Eric Francisco
'Westworld' is going where it's never gone before. Really.
Damn Dirty Apes
2.20.2020 5:22 PM
'Planet of the Apes 4' 2020 release date, trailer, cast, and more on the Disney sequel
Allie Gemmill and Eric Francisco
A reboot? A sequel? Here's what we know about the future of the acclaimed dystopian sci-fi series.
Last Call
2.20.2020 4:45 PM
You need to watch Tarantino's best story before it leaves Netflix next month
Eric Francisco
Quentin Tarantino's masterpieces of the 2000s are leaving the popular service soon. Watch them now.
I Am Bloodshot
2.19.2020 6:14 PM
'Bloodshot' Movie Trailer, Release Date, Cast for Valiant's Vin Diesel Film
Eric Francisco
Welcome to the Bloodshot Cinematic Universe...
Give Nat a Sword
2.19.2020 5:52 PM
'Black Widow' Taskmaster leak sets up a major Marvel Phase 4 character
Eric Francisco
How did Taskmaster learn how to use a sword?
King of the Gods
2.17.2020 3:05 PM
'New Gods' movie to be DC's trippiest and most "personal" yet, writer says
Eric Francisco
The man behind Batman, Vision, and Mister Miracle gives a preview of the next big DC movie.
Morphin' time
2.16.2020 8:04 PM
How 'Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid' finally got good
Eric Francisco
nWay's Steve Kuroki opens up about how a Power Rangers video game found its own power.
Heroes Never Die
2.16.2020 7:00 PM
Messing with the Meta: How Overwatch pros are gearing up for Hero Pools
Eric Francisco
At the Overwatch League's 2020 opener, several pros reveal excitement and concern over the new Hero Pools system.
Samurai Showdown
2.14.2020 6:29 PM
Castlevania Season 3 trailer brings the vampires to uncharted territory
Eric Francisco
A new breed of terror goes to eastward in the new trailer for 'Castlevania.'
2.14.2020 5:40 PM
'Batman' movie release date, trailer, cast, and plot for the Pattinson reboot
Jake Kleinman and Eric Francisco
Meet your new Dark Knight.