Jake Kleinman

Jake Kleinman is the Deputy Editor at Inverse where he oversees features, special issues, and recurring columns and franchises. He also writes regularly about movies and television.

Jake was previously the senior entertainment editor at Inverse and before that the video games editor at Mic. As a freelancer, his work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Vice, Lifehacker, Laptop Magazine, and elsewhere.

His favorite superhero movie is Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.


Lost Jumped the Shark by Breaking Its Most Important Rule

15 years ago, the show’s most anticipated season premiere marked the beginning of the end.

The wrong way

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28 Days Later is still the greatest zombie story of all time — and it’s not even close

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10 Million Fireflies
10 Million Fireflies

How Brad Pitt beat the odds to make an underrated zombie classic

This surprisingly divisive movie should be considered a genre staple.

Pandora's Box
Cancel Culture

The secret Netflix metric that got 1899 canceled — and could ruin TV forever

Here’s why Netflix will never have a Parks and Rec of its own.


What if 1899 was just bad?

How one Netflix decision may have doomed 1899 — and the entire company.

Wakanda Forever

Black Panther 2's Disney Plus release date revealed — and it’s worse than expected

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The Inverse Awards 2022

Meet the Inverse Scene Stealers class of 2022

These eight actors stole the spotlight in our favorite shows and movies of the year.

Scene Stealers 2022

How Ismael Cruz Córdova became the toughest elf in all of Middle-earth

The Rings of Power breakout star was rejected (three times) before finally getting the role.


Downsizing was ahead of its time — by about five years

Alexander Payne’s sci-fi flop has gone from prescient to downright realistic (with one big exception).

Scene Stealers 2022
Don't bet against him
The Inverse Awards

Ralph Macchio takes his victory lap

“I think that it can go on,” the Karate Kid and Cobra Kai star tells Inverse. “You get a feeling when you overstay your welcome.”

The Inverse Awards 2022

The 10 best monsters of 2022

This year, psychological horror was no longer enough.