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Richard Newby is an author and pop culture journalist covering film, television, comic books, and horror. His coverage has appeared at The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times, and Fangoria. He resides in Columbus, Ohio, with his wife and son, along with their cat and dog.


Thanos vs. Kang: Who Will Win Their Inevitable MCU Fight?

Kang the Conqueror’s power seems unparalleled... but can the Mad Titan stop him?

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Marvel’s biggest movie ever could finally make the X-Men MCU canon

Mutants are the perfect note to end the Multiverse Saga.

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The Multiverse Saga's big bad could further complicate the MCU

Will Kang be the Avengers biggest threat yet?

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Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie could beat Spider-Man: No Way Home at its own game

Will the Fantastic Four reboot establish the Council of Reeds in the MCU?

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Thunderbolts could be the Civil War sequel Captain America never wanted

When the Avengers are away, the Thunderbolts will play...

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Captain America: New World Order could challenge the morality of Marvel’s greatest hero

How will the Leader test the new Captain America?

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Daredevil: Born Again needs to ditch Frank Miller to succeed in the MCU

Which writers will the MCU’s Daredevil reboot pull from?

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Hellraiser’s David Bruckner and Jamie Clayton have such sights to show you

The director and star discuss reinventing Clive Barker's horror masterpiece for a new era.

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Will Agatha: Coven of Chaos feature one of Marvel’s oldest (and scariest) villains?

Agatha Harkness is coming back, but what other witches will join her?

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The MCU’s Ironheart will improve on the comics in one pivotal way

How will Ironheart set herself apart from Iron Man?

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Blade’s secret villain could set up the biggest conflict in MCU history

Will the rise of the Vampire Nation destroy the MCU as we know it?

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Loki Season 2 could resurrect one of the worst Thor villains of all time

Things may soon get zanier for Marvel’s God of Mischief.

Man out of time

12 years ago, Marvel told its greatest Captain America story — without Steve Rogers

Captain America: Reborn could be the blueprint for the MCU’s Captain America 4. Here’s why that matters.

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You need to watch the most underrated superhero thriller on HBO Max before it leaves next week

This uneven movie marked the end of an era.


17 years ago, DC copied Marvel — and told the worst Batman story ever

It should’ve been one of the greatest Batman stories ever told. The reality was quickly revealed to be something entirely different.


15 years ago, Marvel revealed its most ambitious crossover ever

Marvel played the long game... and it paid off.


38 years ago, Marvel made a shameless cash grab — and told its greatest story ever

It was supposed to sell action figures. It became so much more.

Let There Be...

29 years ago, Marvel unleashed Spider-Man’s scariest enemy ever

It may not be the best Spider-Man comic event, but it reveals a lot about Marvel in the early ‘90s.

47 years ago, Marvel turned its biggest failure into an unstoppable juggernaut

The X-Men were on life support. This comic gave mutantkind a second chance.


'The Batman' theory may reveal The Riddler’s terrifying true identity