Inverse Daily: The most ferocious dinosaur in history

Plus: How more men can feel better.


Greetings from my car. I’m in a parking lot, waiting the mandatory 15-minute period after receiving my second vaccine shot. (Team Pfizer.)

While I wonder how the next 24-48 hours will play out with my own personal health, allow me to share these four brand-new stories reported on by our team. I’m Nick Lucchesi, editor-in-chief at Inverse, and this is Inverse Daily.

Keep scrolling to learn something new about the most ferocious dinosaur in history and why an official confirmation about a UFO sets up an interesting summer. We’ve also got an interview with the man who walked away from a winning position in the Kansas City mayoral race a few years ago and analysis of a major personnel move that is shaking up the video game industry.

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2019 Navy UFO video: Everything you need to know. The Pentagon recently confirmed a leaked video showing three unidentified aerial phenomena, which they have included in its ongoing investigation, writes Passant Rabie:

Greg Eghigian has been studying the history of supernatural and paranormal phenomena in an academic setting for years, but he says the events of this month are galvanizing UFO believers in historical style.

“There's no question that this has really given new light to the UFO movement, and UFOlogy in general,” Eghigian, a professor of history at Penn State University who is writing a book on UFO sightings, tells Inverse.

The past few years have brought mysterious lights in the sky back into focus. Leaked videos show military planes engaging with seemingly alien aircraft that perform maneuvers far beyond the standard fighter jet.

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T. rex study debunks a misconceptionBryan Lawver reports that the T. rex may have walked at a more leisurely pace than scientists previously thought, according to new biomechanical research on dinosaur movement:

You may think you know how dinosaurs moved from pop culture, but a new study suggests the mighty T. rex may have moved at a more leisurely walking speed than you imagined.

In a study published Wednesday, researchers from the Netherlands shared their findings on the likely walking speed of the T. rex. They arrived at their conclusion through 3D reconstruction.

See the 3D images and read the full story.

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The bottom line is the growth that can come from getting help is worth it, says Kander of therapy.


How more men can feel better Jason Kander was in the thick of the election race to be the next Kansas City mayor in 2018 when he dropped out because of PTSD-related mental health. His story shows why more men should seek help but they don't, writes Katie MacBride:

Men have the statistics piled up against them: In 2019, the CDC found that 7.2 percent of men had gone to therapy. The number was 11.7 percent for women, a 4.5 percent difference.

Let’s unpack those stats for a second. There are 161 million men in the United States, and 4.5 percent of that population is 7.2 million men. That’s the entire Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan area. Imagine that many more dudes going to therapy to help them be better for themselves and the people around them.

So, how do we — how do you — get there?

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The more you know:

Kaplan is a 19-year veteran of the company who formerly served as a game director on World of Warcraft.


Jeff Kaplan's departure throws Overwatch's future into turmoil Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan announced this week that he's parting ways with Blizzard, leaving fans stunned, reports Giovanni Colantonio:

Blizzard veteran Jeff Kaplan has parted ways with the company after 19 years. Kaplan was best known for his work on the Overwatch series and had been actively serving as game director on the upcoming sequel.

This is more bad news for Blizzard, which has seen a wave of high-profile departures in the past few years. Kaplan had been one of the higher-profile faces left at the company, so the abrupt announcement of his imminent departure leaves many questions open about the future of Overwatch, its sequel, and Blizzard as a whole.

Here’s exactly what happened and what implications it has for Blizzard’s future.

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