Robin Bea

Robin is Inverse's card story editor, based in Pittsburgh. They spend more time making characters for RPGs than actually playing them.

Game guides

How to add Arceus, Diamond, and Pearl Pokédexes to Pokémon Home 2.0

You can now transfer Pokédexes from the latest Pokémon games.


God of War: Ragnarok update proves TLOU 2 changed Sony forever

Accessibility is finally getting the attention it deserves.

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Game Guides

Apex Legends Mobile Fade abilities, gameplay tips, and best team comps

Apex Legends Mobile’s first exclusive character is all about speed.

Goddess of Rot

You Died. Wild Elden Ring mod pits Malenia against every other boss

6 jaw-dropping moments from a 40-minute video of Malenia fighting every other boss.

Upside Down

Every Stranger Things monster from Dungeons and Dragons

If you know Dungeons & Dragons, you may have a head start on Stranger Things.

Game on

12 more intriguing games coming to Xbox Game Pass in May 2022

Game Pass subscribers have a buffet of great indie games this month.


The 10 best Black Mirror episodes ever, ranked

Here’s where to start with Black Mirror before Season 6 arrives.

Games of 2022

2022 game releases: The 14 biggest games launching this summer and fall

There’s still plenty left to look forward to in 2022.

Take Your Time

Starfield delay is the best news about the game yet

The industry learned its lesson after Cyberpunk 2077.

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13 stunning games featured in the Nintendo Indie World Showcase

The rest of 2022 is looking bright for indie games on Nintendo Switch.

The Rules of Time Travel

10 best time travel movies ever, ranked

The complicated history of time travel in 10 movies.

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Nintendo confirms 7 huge Switch games coming later this year

Nintendo lays out its plans for the rest of the year.


Behold! This incredible Boba Fett watch has a sky-high price to match

You’ll need to save some major credits for this one.

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Star Wars Day

8 can’t-miss Star Wars Day video game sales

Star Wars day is over, but you still have time to pick up some great Star Wars games.

Elder Scrolls

Elder Scrolls 6 needs to learn from the series’ most ambitious game

Morrowind is unfamiliar, unforgiving, and unforgettable.

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