The U.S. Senate is trying to steal your privacy while no one's looking.
David Grossman
(Yes, that is what's happening.)
Tesla's latest product perfectly captures how Elon Musk uses the internet
Mike Brown
The company's latest merchandise highlights its CEO's link with internet communities.
Knowledge is power
The EPA rejects the science, endangers public health, and ignores the law
H. Christopher Frey
By keeping an outdated fine particle air pollution standard, the EPA is enabling pollution that causes premature death..
Gold: The one question you need to answer before you make a big purchase
Jacqueline Gerson, Austin Wadle and Jasmine Parham
About 15% of world gold production is from artisanal and small-scale mining. They often are poorly policed and weakly regulated.
Cuba's river transformation came down to one key factor
Paul Bierman and Amanda H. Schmidt
And it could help to clean U.S. rivers.
Vampire myths originated with a real blood disorder
Michael Hefferon
The concept of a vampire predates Bram Stoker’s tales of Count Dracula — probably by several centuries.
An alarming stat about frogs may lead them to extinction by 2035— study
H. Resit Akcakaya, C. Can Bilgin and Kerim Çiçek
Amphibians such as frogs, toads, newts and salamanders, are the world’s most threatened group of vertebrates. Of the 6,800 species assessed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, 41% are classified as threatened. The main threats to their survival are well known and include disease, pollution, habitat loss and climate change.
Prisoners in US suffering dementia may hit 200,000 within the next decade
Rachel Lopez
Prison officials are bracing for a silver tsunami that will flood correctional facilities with elderly and often vulnerable prisoners.
5 tips for restarting high school sports
Phillip D. Levy and Tamara Hew-Butler
Along with the revival of professional sports comes the yearning for a return to amateur sports – high school, college and club.
Covid-19 has claimed a new victim in your city: Recycling programs
Brian J. Love and Julie Rieland
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the U.S. recycling industry. Waste sources, quantities and destinations are all in flux, and shutdowns have devastated an industry that was already struggling.
The lives of medieval monks can teach us how to master social distancing
Michael A. Vargas
Catholicism has a long tradition of seeing being alone as a source of healing, not isolation.
Best YA Sci-fi books: 10 great novels with queer protagonists
Molly Horan
Even if you can't celebrate Pride like usual, these books will keep you going all year long.
Universal basic income: Elon Musk responds to pilot programs in U.S. cities
Mike Brown
The Tesla and SpaceX CEO has weighed in on the news that a series of American cities, including Los Angeles, may trial a basic income.
the future
It's time to abolish gendered government IDs
Natalie Wallington
Having an M or an F on one's ID can create more problems than it solves.
Sports in the time of Covid-19
Nick Lucchesi
Football fans raise their drinks as they stand on ladders to peer over a wall as they watch a Czech First League match between Bohemians 1905 and FK Jablonec at Dolicek Stadium on June 14 in Prague. Matches are closed to the public.
Grown at Home
Plant school: The most helpful TikTok propagation videos
Nina Pullano
Want to grow a snake plant? TikTok can help.
Plant propagation: TikTok has become lush with plant hacks
Nina Pullano
Horticulture experts support the trend.
Safe supply
Why did activists give out free cocaine? Stunt addresses “drug poisoning crisis”
Ali Pattillo
"Step up and address the issues that are killing us."
Elon Musk is right to call out Donald Trump over flawed visa logic
Mike Brown and David Grossman
President Trump suspended foreign work visas, a dramatic move that has been criticized by tech firm leaders.
Not Sports
Shin-kicking: A game created to troll 17th-century puritans is still thriving
Emma Betuel
The Cotswold Olympick Games have existed for more than 400 years. A perennial favorite is shin-kicking. Inverse asked experts what makes a champion shin kicker.