Why Vicki Draves' story is so powerful, 72 years later
Eric Francisco
Seventy-two years ago, Vicki Draves made history as the first Asian-American woman to win an Olympic gold medal. It wasn't the only challenge she had to overcome.
Flight-shaming: The campaign that made Swedes give up flying for good
Avit K Bhowmik
Everybody flygskam!
An interview with Jane Goodall
Clive Phillips
Jane is an icon of our era. Among her groundbreaking discoveries are that chimpanzees have personalities, use tools, have wars and can eat meat
Now is a perfect time to talk to the climate change denier in your life.
eMedia Patch, Laura McGuire and Geoff Beattie
Here's why.
3 misconceptions people have about millennials and money
Ali Pattillo
A finance advisor debunks three myths.
Pacita Abad: She made so many men angry 36 years ago -- and changed history
Eric Francisco
Pacita Abad: An innovative artists from the Philippines got a whole lot of dudes angry three and a half decades ago today. And she changed history in the process.
Amrou al-Kadhi and quantum physics explain the world, including gender
David Grossman
A writer and drag queen explains the connections between gender and subatomic particles.
Pet-friendly houseplants: 5 that are safe, 5 to avoid
Nina Pullano
Looking for a new houseplant and have pets? Consider this list first.
A terrifying deepfake rewrites history into a horror story
David Grossman
Two filmmakers make history a toy, and offer a warning for the future.
Researchers are furious that their Covid prisoner data is being used to mislead the public
David Grossman
Manipulated research would have you believe the exact opposite of what scientists found.
"Was it a hate crime?" A new study finds that a crucial factor divides people
David Grossman
Scientists found that a person perceives a hate crime differently if they are shown to hold racist views about the victims.
Take me out to the ball game
Baseball in the time of Covid-19
JoAnna Wendel
Baseball season is back -- but the stands are empty.
I’ve been talking to conspiracy theorists for 20 years. Here are my six rules of engagement.
Jovan Byford
Coronavirus conspiracy theories fuel anti-vaccination protests.
Posture: how to feel more powerful and confident
Poppy Brown
Holding wide, expansive postures – known as power poses – were once thought to boost confidence by producing hormonal changes and making us feel psychologically more powerful.
Wooden skyscrapers could transform construction
Warren Mabee
All over the world, architects and engineers are crafting cutting-edge skyscrapers from one of the most renewable and sustainable materials available to humanity — wood.
to the moon
Dilhan Eryurt: Why we owe so much to the astrophysicist
Passant Rabie
The work of the late Turkish astrophysicist was vital to landing humans on the Moon.
Is the Covid-19 cure really "worse than the disease?" Here’s what science has found.
Olga Yakusheva
The coronavirus pandemic catapulted the country into one of the deepest recessions in U.S. history, leaving millions of Americans without jobs or health insurance.
5 must-read novels on the environment and climate crisis
Ti-han Chang
Since the start of lockdown, more of us have taken to our bicycles, grown our own vegetables and baked our own bread.
Affluence is killing the planet
Thomas Wiedmann, Julia K. Steinberger and Manfred Lenzen
Lifestyles of the rich and harmful.
Twitter Hack 2020
How secure is your Twitter password after such a massive hack?
Jake Kleinman
Twitter is facing its biggest hack in recent memory. What went wrong?