Why Are Writers Striking? How AI Could Irrevocably Change Hollywood For the Worse

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Hollywood writers are literally raging against the machine.


New DNA Analysis Reveals an Untold Story of How Horses Spread Across the American West

ByThe Conversation, William Taylor and Yvette Running Horse Collin

Horses first evolved in the Americas around 4 million years ago.


'Street Fighter' Movie Reboot Continues Hollywood's Most Exciting New Trend

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Video game movies are all the rage, and now a classic brawler is getting a second chance.


Our Most Unexpected Horror Franchise is Tackling a New Hollywood Era

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The Real-Life Scandal Behind 'Barbie's Two Strangest Characters

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There’s only one Allan!


12 No-Brainer Products That Will Make Your Life Easier

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These home tech products relieve stress in ways you'd never anticipate.


Gwyneth Paltrow-Endorsed Ozone Therapy is "Fantasy at Best, Harmful at Worst,” Gastroenterologist Says

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First jade eggs in your vulva, now this.


Tchia Is a Cultural Marvel Worth Touring on PS Plus

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A coming-of-age story based on New Caledonia.


Half the World Cooks With Toxic Solid Fuels — But That Could Change

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The Sun’s rays could make for safer, more sustainable meals.


Darth Vader Deserved Better Than This

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After the Star Wars prequels, Hayden Christensen somehow made an even less coherent sci-fi movie.


Lost Never Solved Its Weirdest Sci-Fi Mystery, But This Episode Came Close

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No, we’re not talking about the numbers...

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Taste of the Holidays

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