Ancient Australians May Have Used the Great Barrier Reef to Survive Even Earlier Than We Thought

BySean Ulm, Ian J. McNiven, Kenneth McLean and The Conversation

The deepest cultural material was found nearly two meters below the surface, in levels we radiocarbon dated to around 6,500 years ago.


The Real Reason Finland Is The Happiest Country In The World

ByThe Conversation and August Nilsson

People in the happiness and harmony groups thought less about power and wealth and more about broader forms of well-being.


This Brain Trick Could Be Key To Mastering Your New Year’s Fitness Goals

ByThe Conversation and Danny Weathers

An activity streak has the power to compel behavior, and marketers have taken note.


This Radical Discovery About The Human Psyche Could Fundamentally Change Psychology

ByRichard O'Connor and The Conversation

What another person sees or believes appears to affect what participants report they can see, believe, or remember about a situation.


Marvel’s Worst Sequel Fumbled a Killer Premise

ByLyvie Scott

The MCU hasn’t always known what to do with Thor, and his second solo adventure suffers the most for it.


'Our Flag Means Death’s Fierce Fandom Is Changing the Way TV is Made

ByDais Johnston

What is happening to the fan and creator dynamic?

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Ancient Tool Discovery Could Redefine a Chapter of Early Human History

ByThe Conversation and Shadreck Chirikure

Discovery of a half-a-million-year-old wooden structure shows we’re wrong to underestimate our ancient relatives.


A Spider-Man Spinoff Kickstarted the Sonyverse — and Accidentally Created a Queer Icon

ByLyvie Scott

How do you make a Spider-Verse without Spider-Man? A little queer subtext and a lot of Tom Hardy might just be the answer.


These Two States Were Once Considered Perfect Climates — Now They Are The Most At Risk

ByThe Conversation and Henry Knight Lozano

This vision of an “American Italy” captured hearts and imaginations across the U.S.