Katie MacBride

Katie MacBride is a health science reporter for Inverse. She covers mental health, the pandemic, drugs, and basically anything that affects the body.

Prior to joining the Inverse team, she wrote for Vice News, Rolling Stone, The Daily Beast, and Playboy, among other publications. In 2018, Katie was a story and field producer for Weediatrics, a documentary about the pediatric use of medical cannabis. In 2015, she and some friends started Anxy, a magazine about mental health.

Prior to her forays into journalism, Katie was a public librarian. When she’s not working, Katie can be found hanging out with her dog, rewatching TV shows she’s seen a million times, reading, and going to Lake Tahoe as much as humanly possible. She also spends way too much time on Twitter, where you can follow her @msmacb.

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