Giovanni Colantonio

Giovanni Colantonio is a Gaming Writer at Inverse, covering the broad world of video games. Coming from a long history with the industry, Giovanni brings a wide range of institutional knowledge to his writing to provide wider context on the latest gaming news. He specializes in critical analysis and is always trying to dig deeper into the bigger themes and stories games can offer. Giovanni has written for sites like Digital Trends, Fanbyte, and more. He comes from a film background, studying Cinema & Photography at Ithaca College, and is a video producer who's specialized in gaming for over a decade. He previously was Segment Producer on Speedrun, Polygon's daily gaming show for Quibi. He's the self-proclaimed "best in the world" at Tetris 99, despite only having four wins to his name. You can follow Giovanni on Twitter @MarioPrime and listen to his video game podcast Left Trigger Right Trigger on your podcatcher app of choice.

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Gran Turismo 7 release date, trailer, pre-order details, and game modes

Sony's flagship racing series is coming to the PS5 in 2022.

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Tribeca Games: Every film that inspired the 8 official selections

This year’s Tribeca Festival features 8 indie games. The developers have revealed which films influenced their games.


Biomutant reviews expose the worst thing about brand Twitter

THQ Nordic had a particularly aggressive response to early Biomutant reviews.


E3 2021 hasn't even started yet, and it's already exhausting

This year's E3 is competition with dozens of digital events and it's a mess.

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Everything you need to know about Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate

A 12th game is one way to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Dragon Quest.

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How to easily solve every rotation puzzle in Biomutant

Stuck on a toilet or microwave?

How to Watch

What to expect from the Horizon Forbidden West State of Play

After a long wait, we're finally getting more details on Horizon Forbidden West this week.

E3 2021

Square Enix E3 2021: Final Fantasy, 'Forspoken,' and 3 more games to expect

All eyes are on Square Enix after recent rumors that its E3 2021 lineup may have leaked.

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You need to play the most fun multiplayer game of 2021 for free ASAP

EA has a potential hit on its hands with Knockout City, though it's business model could be a problem.

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The 8 most anticipated games of E3 2021

E3 is back and our expectations are unreasonably high.


Resident Evil 9 needs to steal a brilliant idea from the best JRPG series

The Yakuza series has split in two based on gameplay. Capcom should do the same for Resident Evil.


Subnautica 3? Director answers Below Zero sequel questions

Subnautica: Below Zero director David Kalina says a sequel will “almost definitely” happen.

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Everything you need to know about Nakatomi Plaza coming to Warzone

Die Hard's iconic Nakatomi Plaza is joining the ‘80s action this season.

Game Theory

'Resident Evil 9' theories: Nine possible titles for the 'Village' sequel

How will 'Resident Evil 9' fit an IX into its title? There are surprisingly a lot of options.

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Deathloop is Sony's secret weapon in the exclusivity arms race

“The one that got away” for Microsoft is a GOTY contender.

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Everything we know about Resident Evil 9

Resident Evil Village offers some teases for a sequel, so let's talk.

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'Subnautica: Below Zero' director on making the ocean feel even more alien

The goal of 'Subnautica: Below Zero' is to enable players to explore the world. We spoke to game director David Kalina on the recent game and the series' future.

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Everything you need to know about Mario Golf: Super Rush on Nintendo Switch

The latest Mario Golf game introduces some exciting series firsts.

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How to get a custom Shepard with Mass Effect Legendary Edition face codes

Want to get your old face back for Legendary Edition? Here's how via face codes.

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Resident Evil Village's Ethan Winters is the worst game hero of all time

Ethan Winters, the star of Resident Evil Village, is a hapless buffoon. I hate the man.