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How to easily solve every rotation puzzle in Biomutant

Stuck on a toilet or microwave?

Are you stuck on a toilet? There’s a lot to do in Biomutant, including solving one repetitive type of rotation puzzle that occasionally involves ancient toilets. The game is packed with side-quests, loot, and collectibles. Of course, it wouldn’t be an open-world game without some obligatory puzzles like these sprinkled in, would it?

Biomutant doesn’t go particularly heavy on puzzles, but it has one very specific breed of them that reoccur through the game. Players will often bump into a series of rotation puzzles that require a lot of dial turning. These can be tricky to get the hang of, so here’s exactly how to solve them and how you can make them a little easier.

How to solve rotation puzzles in Biomutant

You’ll bump into this puzzle type pretty much anytime you interact with a piece of old-world tech as you traverse the apocalypse as an anthropomorphic critter. If you open a breaker box or find a microwave or toilet, you’ll be doing some variation of this puzzle. They might look slightly different from machine to machine, but they’re functionally the exact same.

A breaker box rotation puzzle in Biomutant.

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What you’ll usually see is a series of knobs that can be turned. When you look at the knobs, you’ll notice that they usually have two nodes with different colors on them (often white and yellow). This is essentially a color matching game. If there are two dials next to one another, you’ll want to line them up so their yellow nodes are pointing at one another. Turn the knobs so all colors are matched up and you’re done.

There are slight variations every now and again, like a record player where you’ll be moving a needle to the right spot rather than spinning nodes. Even in those instances, the same rules apply. If you see white, match it up with white. Yellow colors should point to each other.

How to make rotation puzzles easier in Biomutant

The trickiest thing about these puzzles is that you have a set amount of turns you can make. If you reach the limit, you’ll get booted out of the puzzle and be forced to start again. There’s no real consequence for failing. You might get a little electric shock, but you can always try again right after.

A rotation puzzle in Biomutant.

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There’s one way to make this a little easier to manage: Intellect. That specific stat determines how many turns you have during a puzzle. If your Intellect is low, you’ll pretty much get the bare minimum number of turns needed to complete the puzzle perfectly. If it’s higher, you’ll get extra turns. So if you’re particularly stuck on these, consider dropping some extra points into it on your next level up.

That goes the other way too. If these puzzles are elementary to you, you can pretty much ignore intellect entirety and focus on stats like Attack instead. Since there’s no penalty for failing, you can keep this stat relatively low throughout the game. Though there are a couple of tricky puzzles out there, so you might want to throw a couple in there to play it safe.

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