What you need to know about Biomutant, the apocalyptic kung fu fable

More animal than man.

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THQ Nordic is the king of third-person action games. With classics like Red Faction: Guerilla, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated, and Darksiders under their belt, any new third-person action game from THQ Nordic is an exciting prospect. Biomutant is a whole new third-person action IP, complete with compelling gameplay, numerous talking critters, and whimsically named guns like "Flurp."

So what exactly is Biomutant? Here's everything we know.

When is the Biomutant release date?

Biomutant will be released May 25, 2021.

In January 2021, THQ Nordic said in an interview that the game was planned to be released in the 2021 fiscal year, beginning in April 2021. Sure enough, the eventual release date was shortly thereafter.

Is there a trailer for Biomutant?

Yes! You can watch a gameplay trailer from 2020 below.

From the trailer, we can see the game's signature mash-up of kung fu-centric cinematics with animals. For example, where we see the fighter's silhouette as they train in the moonlight. As the trailer continues, we get an idea of how the world has changed, like the large red turtle-like creature with buildings on its shell.

In the next few shots, we're given a glimpse at the diverse fighting styles to be found in Biomutant including kung fu, grappling hook-fu, and gun-fu.

The trailer also grants a glance at the varied landscapes and fauna to find in Biomutant such as the verdant forests and arid black deserts. These locations are seemingly home to hostile creatures like Flightfluff Jetspurt, a giant ravenous rabbit, confirming that many hybrids can be found in Biomutant.

The trailer showcases Biomutant's vast array of weaponry like using an old oversized toothbrush for combat. We also get a look at the vendors who sell these items and where they can be found throughout the world.

Lastly, the trailer provides a look at the vehicles that will be available in Biomutant. For example, the giant robot squid that will presumably be available for underwater adventures.

What's the gameplay like for Biomutant?

Developer Experiment 101 calls Biomutant a “post-apocalyptic kung fu fable RPG.” We also know it's a completely open-world game.

Gameplay previews of Biomutant have been scarcely available. Other than the above trailer, which debuted during the IGN Summer of Gaming in 2020, the last extended preview occurred at Gamescom 2018.

From what we saw, you'll be able to create your own critter who will lead the story in a Destiny-style manner. You can change everything from appearance to fighting style. You'll be able to use a diverse arsenal including simple things like guns and more futuristic items like mechs.

A shot of the Biomutant mascot.

THQ Nordic

In a now-deleted interview between a YouTube channel and the Biomutant developers, they compared the gameplay to that of Devil May Cry via mixing ranged and melee attacks. This gives a small point of reference for where the game might go upon release.

As you're playing, there's also a deep crafting system to enjoy, letting you make new weapons and armor. It's unclear if this system has limitations and if you'll be able to find better items from looting than crafting.

What's the story for Biomutant?

If the gameplay doesn't interest you and you're just in it for a gripping story about some mutant critters, Biomutant might be the game for you. From what we know, It takes place following a massive oil flood that forever changed the world. It's up to you to save the world by uniting everyone to take a stand against oil, barring it from further damaging the world.

Biomutant will supposedly focus on helping a central tree called the Tree of Life in regaining its vitality. You'll achieve this by uniting disparate tribes across the world and curing the Tree of Life's roots on your journey. The setting sounds similar to the Netflix series Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts. Perhaps give that show a gander to check if Biomutant might be for you.

Biomutant will reportedly release after April 2021 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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