Passant Rabie

Passant Rabie is an award-winning journalist from Cairo, Egypt, who recently relocated to New York to pursue a specialization in science journalism. Aside from stars and galaxies, she also likes trees, cats, and bicycles.
cosmic souvenir
NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission just snagged a sample from Bennu
Passant Rabie
This is history in the making.
look up!
You need to see the Orionid meteor shower before it leaves the sky this week
Passant Rabie
Lighting up the night sky this week is the most prolific meteor shower of the year.
fly guy
An upcoming Venus flyby could help scientists look for signs of life
Passant Rabie
The spacecraft is on its way to its main target, Mercury.
Cosmic besties
The Moon may have acted as a protective shield for a young Earth
Passant Rabie
A shared magnetic field could have been key to supporting the origins of life on Earth.
they ain't heavy
Star cluster discovery stumps astronomers
Passant Rabie
Lurking in the Andromeda galaxy, a group of stars call into question fundamental ideas about how these stellar bodies form.
origin story
Scientists measure a key ingredient in star formation for the first time
Passant Rabie
This study fills a major gap in scientists' knowledge about how the universe' first galaxies formed.
look up!
You need to see Mars at opposition Tuesday night
Passant Rabie
This is the brightest the planet will appear to us for the next 15 years.
Scientists solved the mystery behind Pluto's snowcapped mountains
Passant Rabie
This process has never been observed before on any other planetary body.
near, far..
Astronomers studied the Sun as if it were a distant star for 1 incredible reason
Passant Rabie
The findings helped them understand solar flares that erupt from the Sun.
gravel pit
Most accurate model of Bennu reveals new details about this ancient space rock
Passant Rabie
NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission is getting ready to snag a piece of this rare asteroid.
life travels
New asteroid Bennu findings support theory of how life may have traveled to Earth
Passant Rabie
These rocky objects may have carried the building blocks of life to our planet.
Scientists debunk leading theory of why the Moon has a magnetic crust
Passant Rabie
Billions of years ago, the Moon's crust magnetized. Now, scientists think they know why.
ready to launch
NASA: A long-delayed telescope finally passes a “monumental milestone”
Passant Rabie
This golden spectator is ready for launch.
look up!
You need to see the Draconid meteor shower in the sky before it disappears this week
Passant Rabie
The meteor shower will peak on Wednesday night.
eyes on the prize
2020 Nobel Physics Prize honors two pivotal black-hole discoveries
Passant Rabie
The prize recipients helped change our view of the most mysterious cosmic beings in two fundamental ways.
Moon origin story had a major impact on the Earth's atmosphere
Passant Rabie
New research reveals the collision that possibly formed the Moon may also have cost the Earth a portion of its atmosphere.
is there an echo?
One of the strangest objects in space may be key to mapping the cosmos
Passant Rabie
The echo from a black hole's halo of light could help scientists chart a path through our universe.
cosmic distortion
Scientists measure gravity at the edge of a black hole for the first time
Passant Rabie
This proves that a picture of a black hole can be used to test the theory of gravity.
drop off
To land on a Martian moon, Japan is going to drop it like it's hot
Passant Rabie
Drop tests are currently underway at a lab facility in Germany.
black widow
Scientists discover six galaxies entangled in an ancient black hole's web
Passant Rabie
A new study hints at how the universe' mysterious behemoths grow to be so massive.