Passant Rabie

Passant Rabie is an award-winning journalist from Cairo, Egypt, who recently relocated to New York to pursue a specialization in science journalism. Aside from stars and galaxies, she also likes trees, cats, and bicycles.
cosmic reflections
King's allusions to space travel expose a lasting inequality
Passant Rabie
Martin Luther King Jr. often reflected on our place in the universe, highlighting the need for equality among humans if we are to venture into the cosmos.
climate crisis
NASA data reveals the truth about Covid-19's effect on climate change
Passant Rabie
"This is the warmest decade in the historical record without any question whatsoever."
ancient pair
Scientists discover the oldest supermassive black hole, and it's too big
Passant Rabie
Scientists can't explain how the black hole reached this size.
listen close
Scientists detect ancient cosmic 'background noise' hidden in old data
Passant Rabie
These faint ripples in space-time are billions of years old.
better half
Solar wind study explains why the northern lights are so spectacular
Passant Rabie
This may also explain why there are more blackouts in the Northern Hemisphere.
search party
NASA is doubling down on its efforts to find alien life at Jupiter’s moons
Passant Rabie
Mission not accomplished.
New images reveal a neon-green zombie star under new light
Passant Rabie
Two dead stars came together to form this strange stellar being.
Pour one out
Astronomers finally get a glimpse at a galaxy on the verge of death
Passant Rabie
ID2299 is bleeding out gas.
cosmic navigation
Before NASA's biggest mission in decades, a critical update
Passant Rabie
Ahead of its upcoming Artemis mission, NASA is upgrading its navigation system so it can reach the Moon.
as the world turns
No, the Earth is not going to keep spinning faster, and here's why
Passant Rabie
Unlike most things in the year 2020, the planet's rotation was relatively stable.
Lucy in the sky
NASA is sending ‘Lucy’ to a mysterious celestial location
Passant Rabie
The first mission of its kind will explore the origins of the Solar System.
off the richter
NASA: Scientists may have unraveled the mystery behind sunquakes
Passant Rabie
Scientists are one step closer to figuring out the source of Sunquakes, and the answer may be lurking beneath the surface.
In memory
The heartbreaking human story behind NASA’s Cygnus ISS mission
Passant Rabie
Cygnus honors the legacy of an inspiring astronaut.
Bon voyage
6 essential facts about Perseverance's trailblazing Mars mission
Passant Rabie
It's been a long journey for this robotic astrobiologist.
Walkin' on the sun
Two new NASA missions will help protect Earth from the Sun's raging outbursts
Passant Rabie
There's the Extreme Ultraviolet High-Throughput Spectroscopic Telescope Epsilon Mission, or EUVST, and the Electrojet Zeeman Imaging Explorer, or EZIE.
look up!
The Quadrantids meteor shower: You must see the shining beauty this weekend
Passant Rabie
Starting the new year with cosmic fire streaks.
These celestial objects may be responsible for life in the universe
Passant Rabie
We really are all made of star stuff.
look up!
Full cold moon: When you can see the final full moon of 2020
Passant Rabie
The 'Cold Full Moon' will be the last of the decade.
Ryugu revealed
Japan release stunning first images of asteroid Ryugu samples
Passant Rabie
Wait, is that tin foil?
A magnetar is born
Scientists captured the birth of a magnetar for the first time
Passant Rabie
This is the result of a giant collision between two neutron stars.