Passant Rabie

Passant Rabie is an award-winning journalist from Cairo, Egypt, who recently relocated to New York to pursue a specialization in science journalism. Aside from stars and galaxies, she also likes trees, cats, and bicycles.
take flight
Ingenuity helicopter next flight: NASA isn't done with the Mars copter
Passant Rabie
The short but successful flight will set the stage of future exploration of other planets. But what happens to Ingenuity now?
lift off
NASA: Mars helicopter brings us into “the third dimension”
Passant Rabie
The little helicopter proved it could make history by flying on another planet.
look up
Lyrid meteor shower: When, where, and how to watch the biggest meteor shower of the spring
Passant Rabie
The Lyrid meteor shower kicks off the sky watching season.
go long
New Horizons: NASA's Pluto mission just hit a major milestone
Passant Rabie
New Horizons is going where few spacecraft have gone before.
What if our search for aliens goes horribly wrong? Astronomers weigh in
Passant Rabie
We are inching closer in our hunt for extraterrestrial life, but some think we should pump the brakes.
Does Venus have alien biosignatures? Why the biggest debate in astronomy burns so hot
Passant Rabie
A new study confirms the detection of phosphine in Venus' atmosphere, but does it hold clues to the planet's habitability? Scientists are torn over this question.
Go outside
Pink Moon: You need to see the first supermoon of 2021
Passant Rabie
April’s full Moon is one of two supermoons of the year.
Zombie stars study solves a cosmic radio signal mystery
Passant Rabie
NASA's NICER telescope detected giant radio pulses from the Crab Nebula and found more powerful energy signals than ever anticipated.
back and forth
How did Mars lose its water? It may be multiple choice
Passant Rabie
A new study suggests Mars didn't lose its water in one go. Perseverance could help build the case.
Ingenuity: What if the Mars helicopter falls over, crashes, or wimps out?
Passant Rabie
This tiny helicopter is a big test of the future.
bye bye bennu
Asteroid Bennu close encounter could help NASA predict a future apocalypse
Passant Rabie
The craft will leave Bennu in May, but on Wednesday it had one last close encounter with Bennu.
See how the Mars Perseverance rover stacks up against sci-fi robots
Passant Rabie
NASA's Perseverance rover is packed with highly advanced technology that makes the robot cooler than science fiction.
fully loaded
Perseverance is getting ready to hunt for ancient aliens on Mars
Passant Rabie
NASA's Perseverance rover is packed with a suite of scientific instruments designed to help it find ancient life on Mars.
time to fly
Watch the Mars helicopter unpack its tiny legs
Passant Rabie
It's time for the helicopter to make it on its own.
thank you, moon
Ever Given and 6 other reasons to be thankful for the Moon
Passant Rabie
The full Moon helped free the ship in the Suez Canal. It is also responsible for a lot more things than we may realize.
Most pristine comet ever found may reveal the secrets of alien star systems
Passant Rabie
The interstellar comet could inform us of other star systems.
stuck on you
Theia: An ancient protoplanet may be buried beneath the Pacific Ocean
Passant Rabie
Finally, scientists might be able to confirm how the Moon formed.
teenage kicks
Intermediate black holes: Scientists have found the cosmic object's awkward phase
Passant Rabie
Between stellar and supermassive black holes, there is an evolutionary phase of intermediate black holes.
Pentagon UFO report: 5 questions that every American needs to know
Passant Rabie
Five answers for your need-to-know questions.
different views
Astronomers release new images of black hole M87
Passant Rabie
The Event Horizon Telescope has released new images of black hole M87, revealing how it looks in polarized light.