Passant Rabie

Passant Rabie is an award-winning journalist from Cairo, Egypt, who recently relocated to New York to pursue a specialization in science journalism. Aside from stars and galaxies, she also likes trees, cats, and bicycles.
sky gaze
You need to see the Strawberry Moon tonight and tomorrow night, June 4-5, 2020
Passant Rabie
June's full moon will light up the skies this weekend.
look up!
You need to see this elusive planet in the sky before it "disappears" this week
Passant Rabie
The planet will reach its greatest elongation and become visible in the sky after sundown.
tiny but mighty
The tiny satellite that could: This small sat has broken a huge record
Passant Rabie
We always believed in you, buddy.
round and round
New visual shows how a hypnotic swirl creates supermassive black holes
Passant Rabie
A computer simulation suggests a different origin for black holes.
the ringer
Martian moon holds clues to an ancient ring around the planet
Passant Rabie
For most of its history, Mars may have sported a prominent ring.
cosmic messenger
Interstellar object Oumuamua may be a giant chunk of hydrogen ice
Passant Rabie
A new origin story could help explain the object's odd properties.
cosmic outburst
Watch two jets burst from a black hole at 80% the speed of light
Passant Rabie
The explanation for it may break your brain.
50 days to launch: The Mars Perseverance rover must solve one big mystery
Passant Rabie
SHERLOC and WATSON will be investigating Mars' habitability.
cosmic siblings
Bennu and Ryugu may have come from the same asteroid collision
Passant Rabie
A new study explains their odd spinning-top shapes.
Precious Cargo
These photos reveal what's inside SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule
Passant Rabie
Two more sets of hands are needed for science on the space station.
oh, there it is
Scientists solve the mysterious case of the universe's missing matter
Passant Rabie
A new study used fast radio bursts to detect missing matter.
crash into me
Ancient galactic collision may have birthed our Solar System
Passant Rabie
The crash led to thousands of stars being born, one of which was the Sun.
These trippy Martian visuals hold clues to why the planet lost its atmosphere
Passant Rabie
A small spacecraft mapped the electric currents around Mars for the first time.
And it burns
Astronomers observe rare 'cosmic ring of fire' for the first time in the early universe
Passant Rabie
The unusual galaxy challenges galactic formation models.
Keeping Up With The Kosmos
The Wolfe Disk is the J. Lo of galaxies
Passant Rabie
Stay up to date with the latest cosmic gossip from across the universe.
NASA didn't discover a parallel universe — but here's what one would look like
Passant Rabie
The events that sprouted this claim are still unsolved anomalies.
that's hot
NASA's Parker Solar Probe will change what we know about our Sun
Passant Rabie
The spacecraft is about to break its own record for closest man-made object to the Sun.
all by myself
Tired of self-isolating at home? NASA wants you to isolate in Russia for 8 months instead
Passant Rabie
The spaceflight simulation study will prepare astronauts for the Moon and Mars.
lone wolfe
Discovery of the "Wolfe Disk" tests the theory of galaxy formation
Passant Rabie
Galaxies may have formed much faster in the early universe.
Lil cutie
Images reveal the first glimpse of a baby planet being born
Passant Rabie
The European Southern Observatory captured a dense disc of dust and gas, revealing signs that a planet may be forming.