Passant Rabie

Passant Rabie is an award-winning journalist from Cairo, Egypt, who recently relocated to New York to pursue a specialization in science journalism. Aside from stars and galaxies, she also likes trees, cats, and bicycles.
Moon bounce
NASA Artemis timeline: Launch dates, mission goals, for America's Moon-bound flyer
Passant Rabie
These are the crucial hurdles NASA needs to clear in order to send humans back to the Moon in 2024.
Far Out!
On the far side of the Moon, China's lunar lander makes a game-changing discovery
Passant Rabie
"It’s a completely different world."
Supernova watch
Is Betelgeuse going to explode? Star's brightening tells a different story
Passant Rabie
"Although the present dimming cycle seems over, it will be very important to see what happens next."
Houston, we've had a problem...
Breathtaking video lets you see the far side of the Moon like the Apollo 13 astronauts
Passant Rabie
This is what the astronauts saw on their perilous journey home.
Creative accounting
Why do we have leap years? Illuminating video exposes truth about Earth's wonky orbit
Passant Rabie
If we did not have leap years, it would "ruin our lives."
NASA's Mars InSight: 10 incredible findings from its first 10 months
Passant Rabie
Initial data paint a picture of a turbulent planet marked by unexpected seismic activity and weather.
Asteroid attack
Scientists reveal 3 steps to defend Earth from catastrophic asteroid impacts
Passant Rabie
It is time to get serious about our plans to save the world.
Better late than never
NASA's Juno corrects a 25-year-old misconception about Jupiter
Passant Rabie
The gas giant's atmosphere contains way more water than scientists previously thought.
Inverse Codex
Betelgeuse: All the supernova questions and answers -- from astronomers
Passant Rabie
“I think about Betelgeuse all the time.”
The ‘Pale Blue Dot’: On its 30th anniversary, why it's important to stare back at ourselves
Passant Rabie
This iconic image will still give you chills — 30 years later.
Space plans
NASA eyes trips to Venus, Io, and Triton: From hellish to tame
Passant Rabie
The proposed missions will unlock mysteries of the Solar System.
Close encounter
Deformed object in the Kuiper Belt defies planetary formation theory
Passant Rabie
Arrokoth is weird — it is also proving revelatory.
One small step
Countdown to Mars 2020: NASA rover makes final journey before July launch
Passant Rabie
NASA's Mars 2020 rover is getting ever closer to its goal: Discovering evidence of life on the Red Planet.
Pew Pew
Human missions to Mars will use lasers to communicate with Earth — NASA
Passant Rabie
The new technology is a much needed upgrade for deep-space communication.
Moon Shot
NASA reveals the 2 things you need to qualify for a trip to the Moon
Passant Rabie
The space agency is recruiting astronauts for the Artemis missions. Do you have what it takes?
In 2021, NASA's flying telescope SOFIA might lose its wings
Passant Rabie
After 10 years of observing the Solar System, this aircraft-borne observatory may be grounded for good.
Mind the gap
Time-lapse video captures massive iceberg breaking off glacier in Antarctica
Passant Rabie
The video provides a startling visualization of the effects of rising sea temperatures — and what happens when an iceberg shatters.
NASA set for $25 billion budget boost, bringing manned Moon and Mars missions closer
Passant Rabie
“We soon will launch American astronauts on American rockets from American soil for the first time in nearly a decade."
NASA/ESA video shows explosive Solar Orbiter launch, starting its journey to the Sun
Passant Rabie
It was a fittingly spectacular send-off.
Light it up
NASA Solar Orbiter: 10 science instruments to transform our understanding of the Sun
Passant Rabie
Inverse breaks down the tools aboard NASA's Solar Orbiter and what they will tell us about the Sun.