The Video Games Issue

Video Games Issue
Year In Games

The 4 best sidekicks of 2020 reveal why PS5 is winning the console war

Inverse readers have spoken.


You need to play the best space shooter ever for free on Switch ASAP

Ancient Japanese religion blasts into the future.


Video games are inspiring a new crop of home and garden DIY projects

HGTV meets HDMI.


Cyberpunk 2077 pulled from PlayStation Store: Why it's totally unprecedented

Here's what we know, and what happens next.


4 ways Cyberpunk 2077 has already changed the video game industry

The disastrous release is a reckoning for game development.


Xbox exec reveals the 1 reason Game Pass is better than Netflix

Sophisticated Gamer

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con joystick replacement kits are the best value in gaming

Get ready for console surgery.

This is the Way

These Mandalorian Xbox controllers are cuter than Baby Yoda

These special-edition handsets aren't available in stores.

Inverse Game Reviews

Immortals Fenyx Rising makes Assassin's Creed look old and bloated

Inverse Score: 7/10


Why we love 'Spider-Man: Miles Morales'

A triumph.


Inverse's favorite games of 2020

All killer, no filler.

Year in Games

2020's most controversial video game reveals the worst thing about fandom

A perpetual motion machine of outrage.

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Inverse Codex

'Skate 4' release date, trailer, developer, and more for EA's skateboarding game


Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is the dramatic conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy starring the bald-headed and totally menacing Agent 47. Here's how to get started, learn the basics. We've also got walkthroughs, guides, DLC, updates, glitches, features, and interviews.

Launch Guide

Everything you need to know about The Medium's launch

When does the first true Xbox Series X console exclusive launch?


Resident Evil: Maiden is the best video game demo since Silent Hills P.T.

We need more like it.

Game Theory

'GTA 6’ release date: GTA 5's best month ever means 1 thing for the sequel

Game Recs

You need to play the best battle royale game for free on Nintendo Switch ASAP

The best battle royale game out there is also the unlikeliest one.

Inverse Game Reviews

The Medium is an innovative Xbox exclusive with 1 terrifying flaw

Inverse Score: 6/10

Inverse Codex

Genshin Impact's Nintendo Switch port is "coming soon." What you need to know.

What you need ot know.

Inverse Codex

Everything we know about HBO's The Last of Us TV series

Will The Last of Us become HBO's next big hit?


The best Star Wars game should be rebooted by 1 of these studios

A new Knights of the Old Republic game is reportedly in development.

Your soul is mine

Everything we know about the R-rated Mortal Kombat reboot on HBO Max

Get over here! And learn all about what may be the most violent Hollywood movie of 2021.

Inverse Codex

Everything you need to know about Animal Crossing's Festivale event

Animal Crossing's latest event brings a colorful party to the game.