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Physicists Just Mapped A Stellar, Galactic Burp of Astronomical Proportions

ByDoris Elín Urrutia

“That’s a lot of gas!”


Two Years Ago, the Playdate Proved a Good Gimmick Can Thrive Despite the Switch’s Dominance

ByIan Carlos Campbell

A handheld with a crank seemed dumb at first, but using it to control games is what makes the Playdate stand out.


The Apple Vision Pro’s Dirty Secret

ByJames Pero

Spatial video is giving anyone with an iPhone 15 Pro or Vision Pro the means to make first-of-its-kind amateur VR porn.

Canon Fodder

Has Canon Ever Really Mattered in 'Fallout'?

BySarah Milner

Lore… lore never changes.

Lost Legends

Two Upcoming Star Wars Movies Could Secretly Be Connected

ByDais Johnston

The future could reveal the ancient past.


How the Game Boy Shaped Nintendo’s Future

ByMo Mozuch

The story behind its success still feels familiar three decades later.

Inverse Recommends

'The Jinx Part Two' Recaptures the Original Documentary’s Strange, Dark Charm

ByDais Johnston

Robert Durst’s unsettling tale finally ends.


What Causes Hoarding? New Research Suggests It Can Start in Childhood

ByThe Conversation and Victoria Ruby-Granger

Throwing out your kids stuff might make hoarding worse.


Rogue Waves: New Tech Captured This Elusive, Freakish Phenomenon In Ocean Waves

ByAlessandro Toffoli and The Conversation

Stories of unimaginable mountains of water as tall as ten-storey buildings have populated maritime folklore and literature for centuries.

Reel Science

David Cronenberg’s Freakiest Sci-Fi Movie Is Hiding Some Bizarre, Real Science

ByJohn Wenz

Overshadowed at the time by The Matrix, eXistenZ floundered at the box office but went on to become a cult classic.