Go deep on Star Wars
Tinker Tailor Soldier Sith

The newest Star Wars show will steal Andor's best trick

From the moments before the original trilogy to centuries before.

Rebel With a Cause

The Andor finale brings us back to Star Wars' most influential music moment

This one music trick is rare in sci-fi, but the finale of Andor proved Star Wars has mastered it.


Ahsoka may return to a trippy Star Wars location

A new glimpse at the series suggests it will have a mystical bent.

A Head Start

Star Wars news reveals the next movie will avoid Rise of Skywalker’s biggest mistake

Good things come to those who wait.

Rebel With a Cause

Andor Season 2: Tony Gilroy reveals a huge time jump — and who survives it

Time keeps on slipping.

The Faithful Mantis

The Guardians Holiday Special has a secret Star Wars reference

It’s not just cameos and musical segments that connect the Guardians of the Galaxy to the world of Star Wars.

Rebel With a Cause

Star Wars theory reveals Luthen Rael's dark secret in Andor

He always seems to know a guy.

Rebel With a Cause

Andor's Season 1 finale employs a cinematic trick that goes back 88 years

When a funeral speech goes off like a bomb.

Canon Fodder

Andor’s post-credits scene ruins the best part of the Star Wars show

Did Tony Gilroy even write that scene?

Rebel With a Cause

Star Wars finally masters George Lucas' biggest weakness

There’s nothing like an inspiring speech.

Rebel With a Cause

How the Andor finale's best twist changes everything in Season 2

Cassian is finally becoming the man we know.

House of Mouse

How Bob Iger's return to Disney could change Marvel, Star Wars on streaming

When will there be Star Peace on streaming?

Rebel With a Cause

New Star Wars plot twist connects to The Last Jedi’s most controversial moment

Let's talk about Canto Bight.

Rebel With a Cause

Andor’s post-credits scene solves a 17-year-old Star Wars mystery

Andor has a post-credits scene. Did it need one?

Rebel with a cause

Andor Season 2 release date depends entirely on one Disney decision, creator reveals

It all depends on Disney.

Rebel With a Cause

Star Wars toy reveal disproves a tantalizing Andor finale theory

Sorry, Luthen Jedi truthers.

The Future of Sleep

The future of sleep

This week, Inverse brings you five stories that reveal what science currently knows about sleep, why we need it, and if we can hack our own slumber.

Dewey Saunders/Inverse; Getty

Three reasons why Elden Ring's Colosseum DLC won't be the last

There’s still more to see of The Lands Between.


15 years ago, the creator of Final Fantasy made his masterpiece

Criminally underrated.

Inverse Game Reviews

The Callisto Protocol completely falls apart in its final hours

Inverse Score: 6/10


'Warzone 2' sickos are mugging their fellow players in-game

Acquiring gear and loot can be a chore in 'Warzone 2.0.' That's why some players are using proximity chat to rob their opponents, with hilarious results.


One dirty trick makes Pokémon Scarlet and Violet way more fun

Not all those who wander are lost.

The Game Awards 2022

Geoff Keighley reveals the tech innovation that could change gaming forever

“Imagine one of these narrative games, but it's infinitely replayable, right?”

Cult of Nintendo

Nintendo needs to treat its older games with more respect

Golden oldies.

Game Recs

Vampire Survivors is the most euphoric indie shooter on Xbox Game Pass

Simple yet satisfying.


The future of Pokémon: 5 experts on VR, open worlds, and remakes

From fan-site founders to the voice of Ash Ketchum, 5 Pokémasters share their wishlists for the franchise after Scarlet and Violet.

Inverse Game Interviews

'Wild Hearts' devs aren't scared of Monster Hunter comparisons

'Wild Hearts' directors share more details about the game's unique Karakuri crafting system.

Inverse Game Reviews

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet isn’t the evolution you were hoping for

Inverse Score: 7/10


The ending of God of War Ragnarok, explained

Be wary of spoilers. (Did we mention the spoilers?)

Inverse Game Review

Among Us VR is a frantic masterpiece that's far better than the original

Inverse Score: 9/10


God of War Ragnarok is an incredibly epic sequel — with one big problem

Inverse Score: 8/10


9 years later, the best pirate game ever still hasn't been topped

A pirate’s life for me.

Game Anniversary

15 years ago, the best 3D Mario adventure changed video games forever

Out of this world.


Apple's new karaoke mode is in desperate need of a dedicated mic

Apple Music Sing lets you drop the vocals and sing along to a catalog of songs later this month. Just enough time for Apple to roll out a mic accessory.


This electric SUV from Scotland makes Tesla’s Cybertruck look sleek

Scotland’s Munro MK1 may compete against Tesla’s Cybertruck in a battle of boxiness, but the two will occupy different spaces in the EV market.


Google Stadia refunds are finally available. Here's how to get yours.

We’re closing in on the actual end of Google’s cloud gaming service, which barely made it to three years.


This tiny Xbox accessory is the biggest upgrade you can give your Series S

Seagate literally changed the game with its lineup of high-speed storage expansion cards.


Huawei's weird new smartwatch ensures you’ll never lose your earbuds again

The launch of the Huawei Watch Buds has been postponed, but the idea of a smartwatch that holds your wireless earbuds is genius.


How Tesla’s liquid-cooled charging could give the Cybertruck a huge edge

The improved liquid-cooling tech is expected to double the charging capacity of Tesla’s current V3 Supercharger.

The Future of Sleep

I wore three sleep trackers for two weeks and this is what I learned

The Apple Watch, Pixel Watch, and Oura Ring all promise deep insights into how we sleep, but can they actually help you get more rest?


How a startup full of ex-iPhone talent is trying to make phones obsolete

Humane, founded by ex-Apple talent, might be working on a laser projection system to that replaces our phones and tablets


Why Honda thinks hydrogen cars could dethrone battery-powered EVs

There’s still a lot of work to establish hydrogen fuel cell EVs as a real competitor in the growing EV market, but Honda thinks the tech is worth the investment.

Just Drop It

Your next Samsung phone could scoff in the face of concrete drops

Corning's updated Gorilla Glass is specifically designed to handle the ravages of a significant drop on concrete.


A four-door Corvette EV could shirk every rule in the sports car’s playbook

A new report suggests Corvette could launch as its own sub-brand, introducing a four-door model and an SUV — both of which are expected to be EVs.


If Elon Musk made a smartphone, it would absolutely sell out

Will the world’s richest man close out the year with a potential smartphone announcement? Probably not, but that hasn’t stopped him from tweeting about it.


One of this year's hottest EV companies will tackle electric bikes

Polestar has plans to build its own e-bike with the help of Allebike.


Why Spotify Wrapped should be all year round

Streaming services love to package up the data they collect on us as end-of-year reviews, but why isn't that available all year round?


Sony’s new wearable makes your metaverse avatar more lifelike

The Mocopi only uses six sensors positioned around your body to capture motion data so you can skip the mocap suit.


Everything you need to know about Apple’s iPhone 15

The iPhone 14 just came out but the rumors have already started for Apple’s iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, which will likely get USB-C and even better cameras.

Space News
Goodnight Moon

7 stunning images from Artemis I's final trip around the Moon

Now back to Earth!


Artemis I is on its way home from the Moon — after flying just 80 miles over the lunar surface

The first mission of the Artemis program has begun its lunar farewell.


Scientists could use a meteor-hunting technique to uncover dark matter

Do look up.


Cold Moon: You need to see the last Full Moon of the year this week

Named for the season's weather, the Cold Moon will herald the arrival of winter.


Astronomers spot an incoming small asteroid — and make a big breakthrough

That meteor, now known as 2022 WJ1, was first noticed by the Catalina Sky Survey.


Opinion: Artemis should be the last NASA mission to send astronauts to the Moon

NASA’s Moon mission may not be the heroic endeavor it hopes for.


Artemis I vs. Artemis II: How the NASA program will build off the successes of the first mission

The preliminary phase of the Artemis Program is underway. And the second will be quite different.


Venus is trapped in a ruinous cycle of volcano events — why is Earth spared?

When there’s enough of them, and when they’re powerful and prolonged, volcanoes can kill the planet that hosts them.

Far Out

Orion sets a new spaceflight record on Artemis Moon orbit

Artemis is living up to its inspirations.


NASA releases “extraordinary” Webb Telescope images of Saturn's most intriguing moon

The images show clouds in the atmosphere of Titan, a moon that looks eerily like early Earth.

This week in science

Mauna Loa eruption and more: Understand the world through 7 images

A giant awakens on the Big Island.

Far Out

NASA’s Artemis I mission just beat a 52-year-old spaceflight record

The NASA Artemis I mission is halfway done. Soon, it will try to photograph Apollo landing sites.

Future Of Sleep

These scientists sleep in the world's most extreme environments. Here's how they get a good night's rest

Inverse spoke to three experts about how they get a decent slumber deep in caves, high in the treetops, and even in orbit around Earth.


Look! New Hubble image displays a dazzling disco ball of stars

This glittering star cluster lives so close to the center of our galaxy that tidal forces are stripping away its outermost stars.


ESA wants to send a 50-pound rover to a tiny, strange Solar System moon

Never before has an exploration vehicle with wheels traveled on a small celestial body.


This 239-year-old technology could revolutionize astronomy

Balloons are for more than just birthday parties.

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Mind + Body
Fuck yeah, science

Scientists want to know why swear words share this one universal trait

What’s the difference between “damn” and “darn?”

Up in smoke

Does cannabis smoke really cause more lung damage than tobacco smoke? Flaws in a viral study.

“The study should be retracted, honestly.”


Sorry, stoners — doctors have bad news about the medical benefits of cannabis

Although cannabis (and cannabis-derived products, such as CBD) may be widely used for reducing pain, how effective it really is in doing this is still unclear.

Pet Bonds

We need to start treating grieving for our pets seriously — therapists can help

There's a social stigma against grieving pets, but researchers say therapists can help break it.

Sunday Scaries

Stressed-out stomach? Try 2 psychology hacks to boost gut health

For very stressed people, “the holidays can push their bodies into the red zone.”

Mind and Body

This commonly overlooked health problem can have serious consequences — here’s how to spot it

Humans need 2.4 micrograms of B12 daily, which is just one ten-millionth of an ounce.

Mind and Body

This strange idea could help explain the mysterious symptoms of IBS

Despite its prevalence, this common gastrointestinal condition is still poorly understood.

Future Of Sleep

Nightmares have plagued humans for millennia — do we finally know how to tame them?

“You do live with one foot in dreamland.”

Mind and Body

Why a debunked TikTok about toxic tampons exposes a more dangerous truth

Despite its unsupported claims, a viral TikTok video raised key questions about tampon ingredients and menstrual health.

Sunday Scaries

How to manage the holiday season when you're an introvert

“This type of structure can provide relief for introverts.”

Mind and Body

Why the body’s own cells could unlock new methods to treat disease

In The Song of the Cell, Siddhartha Mukherjee explores the body’s building blocks and their therapeutic potential.

The Future of Sleep

Can you become a morning person? Sleep scientists say it's possible

Night owls and early birds might always clash, but your circadian rhythm is absolutely trainable.

Mind and Body

To eat your recommended fruit and veg every day, try this one simple hack

Keep it on!


Machine learning could translate thoughts to speech in near real-time

This groundbreaking research could help people with disabilities talk again.


Are food sensitivity tests accurate? Here's the truth from an immunologist

“These tests are all marketing and no science.”

Sunday Scaries

Happiness study reveals a critical difference between two types of people

If we want to understand life satisfaction, we need to understand past happiness.

Inverse Recommends

20 years ago, Christian Bale made a sci-fi box office disaster — and a secretly great action movie

If you need an emotionless sci-fi world, don’t call Spock. Call Bale.

Inverse Recommends

David Fincher excels at crafting creepfests, and this just might be his masterpiece

The film that kickstarted the women-led psychological thriller craze remains the genre’s strongest product.

Last Call

If you’re tired of sprawling superhero franchises, a Netflix indie has the antidote

Forget cinematic universes. Sit down for a fascinating and heartfelt standalone superhero story.

Inverse Recommends

David Leitch’s latest thriller is the perfect cure for the winter blues

There’s a lot of fun to be had with this Brad Pitt-led action flick.

Inverse Recommends

Patrick Stewart steals the show in this intense punk rock thriller

Few movies are as unbearably intense as this wild 2016 ride.


Netflix's most inscrutable time travel show is still worth puzzling out

A gamble on a twisty mind-bending thriller paid off in spades.

Inverse Recommends

Horror movies just don’t get more iconic than this

Last Call

You only have one day left to watch the best erotic thriller of the decade on HBO Max

Last Call

Why Freddy vs. Jason is still the gold standard of horror movie crossovers

Watch it now before it disappears from HBO Max.

Last Call

How Vin Diesel tried (and failed) to take down James Bond

Diesel, Vin Diesel


Steven Soderbergh’s only sci-fi movie is better than you remember

The filmmaking icon proved himself a master of any genre with this 2002 film.

Inverse Recommends

One of A24’s least-seen movies is also one of its most intriguing

This sci-fi romance combines the dystopia of The Giver or Brave New World with a touching love story.

Last Call

Steve Spielberg's secret horror classic is about to leave HBO MAX

Last Call

Roland Emmerich's most ridiculous movie isn't quite as funny as it used to be

“For years, we operated under the belief that we could continue consuming our planet's natural resources, without consequence. We were wrong.”

Island escape

Escape Academy DLC proves summer vacation isn't just for slacking off

This satisfying tropical adventure ramps up the difficulty.

Inverse Recommends

Before Wakanda Forever, one shocking horror movie put Tenoch Huerta on the map

"We see that America's reached a boiling point. Hatred like that can't be contained. You'll burn your cities to the ground."