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Star Wars Week

Count Dooku is the Disney+ Star Wars spinoff we deserve

Do it!

Star Wars Week

Star Wars ripoff Space Mutiny is peak '80s cheese in the best possible way

It's so wonderfully crappy, it's mesmerizing.

Star Wars Week

9 photos that prove the Revenge of the Sith premiere was peak early 2000s

These unexpected faces are a naughties nostalgia bomb.

Star Wars Week

Star Wars theory: Why Palpatine's first big appearance is still his best

More than 1,200 Inverse readers weighed in on the peak moments from the galaxy's favorite scheming old coot.

star wars week

George Lucas reveals a shocking connection between Yoda and Baby Yoda

How do you talk to a puppet? The answer is simple: There is no puppet.

Star Wars Week

How Robot Chicken got George Lucas to make fun of Star Wars

"It seems entirely improbable, but that’s the great thing about George Lucas," Seth Green told Inverse.

Star Wars Week

Rise of Skywalker Easter egg reveals a shocking Empire Strikes Back connection

He's undergone quite the transformation.

Star Wars Week

4 huge ways Empire Strikes Back changed the rules of Star Wars starships

A brief history of lightspeed.

Star Wars Week

5 things you didn't know about the best scene in Empire Strikes Back

You don't have to be a die-hard fan to remember this iconic moment.

Star Wars Week

6 reasons why a goofy bootleg is the best version of Revenge of the Sith

"Do not want!"

Star Wars Week

Star Wars theory: Hilarious prequels moment explains a Palpatine mystery

Say what you will about Sheev, the man commits to a look.

Star Wars Week

We asked 1,300+ Star Wars fans who Palpatine was afraid of. Here's what they said.

Inverse readers share their takes on which Jedi strikes the most fear into Sheev's cold Sith heart.

The Way

Fans are fiercely split on a Moff Gideon mystery in Mandalorian Season 2

This guy has a lightsaber and he's after Baby Yoda, but can he use the Force?

Wren & Stimpy

Mandalorian Season 2 theory confirms a huge Sasha Banks rumor

Who is Sasha Banks playing? This convincing new theory could confirm one popular guess.

The Way

Mandalorian Season 2 trailers are hiding a secret bigger than Baby Yoda

What do we actually know about this season?

Snow big deal

The Mandalorian Season 2 could set up Taika Waititi's new Star Wars movie

The director may borrow a few things from his old project for his own movie.

Boba Fett? Boba Fett? Where?

The new Mandalorian Season 2 trailer could be teasing Boba Fett

The newest trailer didn't give much away — or did it?

Warp Speed

Star Trek just became more like Star Wars in one major way

In Discovery, getting around the galaxy isn't like dusting crops...

The Way

Mandalorian Season 2 may revive a strange part of '90s Star Wars game canon

Remember the good old days when Gamorreans would fight in boxing rings?

Custom Games

Star Wars: Squadrons multiplayer needs to add 1 thing to become truly powerful

This is how Star Wars Squadrons multiplayer improves. With thunderous applause.

Last Call

You need to watch the best sci-fi comedy ever before it leaves Hulu this month

Mel Brooks set out to parody Star Wars. He did so much more.

The Way

Mandalorian Season 2 theory: Forgotten Star Wars villain explains Baby Yoda


Palp Fiction

New Star Wars comic brings back a shocking Sith villain from Episode IX

Vader vs. Ochi? Sign me up!


Star Wars prequels theory finally explains Obi-Wan's weirdest decision

Was it cruelty, cowardice, or a masterstroke of genius?